Incomplete Love Story: Born to complete chapter 2


Hello everyone I am really happy seeing your responses I and my friend are happy so guys this was divided in half one so enjoy the chapter and do comment ???.. I had a question about one thing guys do you want villain for SwaSan if yes who then??? Keep reading and commenting.. Let’s stop my blabbering and start the chapter????????? my slot for this ff is weekends?

Incomplete Love Story:Born to complete Chapter 2


Episode Starts?

Night in MM

Sanskar – oh yes mom gave me Bhaiya dairy come on Sanskar you can read it


Today my first day in new college when I entered every girl went flat on me except one girl on who I got flat she was so pretty reading the book she was a beauty queen the college Saachi or Shona soon when I moved toward her the worst girl Muskaan ( played by Neelam said) we gave her a stupid reason and ran away to Shona but the bell rang and I am was sure next time I will meet Shona”


Sanskar – OMG Bhai also got a girl like that Kavita and also got a best friend like Sammy now sleep tomorrow is a big day you are buying for the first time something for a girl

He dozes up??


Swaraginikavita house

Kavita goes for some phone call and swaragini talk about their day in school and Swara tells about gift and asks suggestions too

Swara – rags can you tell me what to gift your best friend

Ragini – oho who is that

Swara – answer me dude

Ragini – ok you should ask your Heart and then decide

Swara – I love you ❤️

Ragini – love you 2❤️

Ragini and Swara were talking and Swara tells about Sanskar but calls him Sanku and tells he is her BFF

Swara – Sanku is the best friend I ever got??

Swaragini were chatting when Kavita entered and took away Swara revealing past which Made Ragini sad

Kavita – Swara why are you talking to her??

Swara – come on she is my sister

Kavita – step sister

Ragini – Kavita Lis

Kavita – I will tell you the past here right now

Shekar smd Janki loved each other very much and the families accepted as they were happy for the kids and Janaki became pregnant with twins she gave birth to them Swara and Kavita but destiny a new family shifted it was Anita family, Anita when saw Shekhar in Durga Pooja got flat on him and decided to propose him but that she came to know about Janaki too and decided to finish chapter of Janaki so she pushed Janaki out of the door and the Gadodia’s saw this and ran towards her and arrested Anita but then Sharmishtha came Anita sister and married Shekhar and they fell in love and she gave birth to Ragini when Swara came to know about her new sister she loved her like anything and Sharmishtha never discriminated in love and loved all three but when Kavita came to know about her mom death she was rude to Sharmishtha and decided to join a college in Kolkata and did a trick and called Swara too but she brought Ragini with her??


Kavita – because of your so called family we lost our mom.. Now get out and let my Shona sleep

Swara – Kavita

Kavita – shut up and sleep

Ragini – good night she leaves weeping and looks back?

Swara gives her a flying kiss as everytime she gives her a kiss on cheek but today she slept different




Next morning ⛱

SoUth City Mall in Kolkata

Sanskar was there in the mall in ladies section seeing dresses

Sanskar – what should I take shoes clothes or jewelry?? Let me ask this lady

Sanskar – excuse me aunty

Lady – yes beta

Sanskar – can you help me selecting for my BFF

Lady – beta hold your heart and imagine her you will get to buy what you want to

Sanskar – ok thanks

Sanskar imagines Swara and takes her a simple jewelry (I will reveal later what’s there)


New Market

The same happens with Swara and she takes something which I will reveal later


MM house

Sanskar calls Swara

Sanskar – be ready tomorrow at 9 AM

Swara – ok Sanku bye meet you tomorrow

Sanskar – bye Sammy

Swara and Sanskar go to sleep but Sanskar opens his dairy and starts reading

Screen Freezes at Sanskar reading????


Precap – SwaSan outings? and SaVa first official meeting ?


So everyone think what Swara gifted Sanskar?????

Keep reading I have it at advance so next will be on my birthday so keep reading ?????❤️?

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