Incomplete Love Story: Born to complete chapter 1


OK guyzz how are you all??? sorry for late updates so here we go with PART 1 hope you all like it!!!

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Incomplete Love Story:Born to Complete Chapter 1


Kolkata City – Maheshwari Mansion?

AP – Sanskar beta get up you need to go your new college and make new friends

Sanskar – mom why are you troubling me when I hate going why are you forcing me

AP – it’s for your benefit so now get up and come for breakfast

Sanskar – ok I am coming in 15 minutes

AP – come soon

AP leaves and Sanskar goes to get fresh up and goes down and and AP says

AP – Sanskar I want to give you something

Sanskar – what

Ap – I want to give you your big brother dairy to read after reading atleast you will believe in love

Sanskar – when did he write this

AP – when you were just a kid that time

Sanskar – ok anyway bye I have to go now

AP blesses him and he leaves from there and AP thinks
Please god I hope he gets a girl like Saachi, he looks like my Varun and I want a Saachi for him too

Saying all this she leaves for her work thinking of his first day☺️??


Collage ?

Sanskar enters and all girls are shocked and awestruck seeing him as he is in red shirt black sleeveless jacket with black pants!! The famous girl of collage Ms Kavita mehta goes to him..

Kavita – hey handsome

Sanskar – excuse me stay away from me sister

Kavita gets furious heating sister while all others laugh

Kavita was about to say something when she gets a call from he beloved sister

Swara – kavi are you going to come here

Kavita – aww my sister wait I am coming

Swara – good

Kavita – I will See you later

Sanskar – bye sister



Kavita – sorry my sister I am late!! Hello Swara (hugs her) hi Ragini

Swara – hi kavi and ragini is our sister too come on ragini hug

Ragini – let it be let’s go now

Kavita – you snached our Mom from us

Swara – kavi please not now

Kavita – ok come on

Kavita leaves and swaragini are left behind

Swara – don’t worry Ragz you will be fine

Ragini – I am really guilty

Swara (hug her) – no babe it’s just her frustration now come on

Ragini – ok let’s go

They go in collage



Swaragini enter and bell rings Ragini and Swara run to their classes

Swara keeps running and dashes with a person that is our Sanskar

Her books fall down and he helps her infact he is just staring and adoring her

Sanskar – sorry

Swara – no worries bye I am getting late meet some time

Sanskar – ok please near yogurt land

Swara – ok bye

They both move different sides


Collage keeps going on and it ends and Swara promised Sanskar so she goes to yogurt land to meet him

Sanskar sitting there thinking – man she is different fully really anyway she is coming late so let’s open Bhaiya dairy

???Dairy ???

Hello dairy today again mom called me Sadu and book worm but she also said today is a different day I thought sure because today new peeps are coming and even girls I just hate them because of their nature and ADI will flirt anyway today….

He was reading just then Swara enters and he closes the dairy and keeps it back


Swara – hello

Sanskar – hi come on sit.. It’s my treat to you

Swara – oho ok mr let’s have yogurt

Sanskar – ok.. Waiter

Waiter – yes sir

Sanskar- get one chocolate yogurt with fruit toppings????

Swara – I want the same but with some chocolates too??????

Waiter – ok

Sanskar – our tastes kind of matches

Swara – yes

Sanskar – where are you from?? I am from Rajasthan a marwadi and I staying here with my mom and studying here I am new here btw

Swara – cool I am a half marwadi and half Bengali my mom is a Bengali I have two sisters that love me till core

Sanskar – so friends

Swara – best friends

They both shake hands and talk about many things and to their surprise they have many things in common.. They both eat yogurt and go home but before all this

Sanskar – can I call you Sammy

Swara – sure I will call you Sanku then

Sanskar – bye Sammy

Swara – bye my Sanku

They both hug and go to their houses



sanskar thinks – why am I thinking about SAMMY so much sanskar she is your BFF now you need to gift her something

swara thinks – swara you finaaly got a BFF like sanku tomorrow I will buy something for him

they both think about each other and doze off!!

Screen Freezes at SwaSan smiling faces?

PreCap – Dairy writings, Swaragini talks and College life

one thing Kavita is a positive lead but will be protective for Swara because of their mom death Janaki which I will reveal in next chapter????

I also need suggestions of villians n swasan life as we have adi in VaSa life so suggest a role

Love you all plzz shoot your comments?????? Plzz everyone I atleast want 25+comments on this!!!

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