Incomplete Destiny- part 8

It’s been a while eh?
Kya karoon life jhand hai meri currently
Too much to do
Plus kal ho na ho dekh kar bohat zyada rona araha hai.
On with the update

Abhi sat there, in the darkness keeping his eyes on the target, as per his information the Trinity Killer. He bid adieu to his probable girlfriend guessed Abhi and headed out for his car. Abhi too got up and followed. The guy walked outside, towards the beach side park. This alarmed Abhi.
Why is he going here. By my observation he should be heading to a night club to kill his next pr*stitute and where I would intercept him. I need to be careful.
Abhi sneaked behind him. The man took a turn, Abhi close on his tail found himself on the boardwalk. The ocean beside going wild. The boardwalk completely empty.
Where did he go?
That is when he was pushed against the wall, the man giving him a hard blow on the gut.
Abhi after jostling with him was pushed down on the boardwalk.
“Well, well, well what do we have here, Mr. Abhishek, helpless on my feet,” said the man.
Abhi wiling the blood on the side of his lips spoke “well you have me here, or is it the other way around.”
“You thought that I, the infamous trinity killer wouldn’t realise that I have been followed lately or I say the past week,” said the man.
“Well I did I have my doubts but was damn sure it’s you, and sadly Nathaniel I knew that you know that you’re being followed that to by me but unlike being intelligent and going into hiding, I knew you would come to me,” said Abhi with a smirk.
Nathaniel stumbled a little and that when Abhi pounced at him like a hungry tiger, landing on top of him.
“There is no need of a set up for you, you a*sh*le, killing those poor innocent women,” said Abhi gritting his teeth as he landed another punch on his face.
“You call them innocent,” said Nathaniel as he pushed Abhi off him.
“They seduce men, spend nights with them for what, money? They are greedy freaking sl*ts, whores,” he said as he tried to punch Abhi.
Abhi dodging the punch pushed him against the railing of the boardwalk.
“Those Women ain’t sl*ts, they are there not because they enjoy but the fact that they are forced to, to fill the stomachs of their families, to stay alive. They too like us have a life. You say that do it it for money, well ain’t money everything in the 21st century, want this hand over the money, want a house money, money this that everything comes from MONEY! And you killed them, they were daughters, mothers and you took them away and now I will take your breaths away from this planet,”he said as he strangled Nathaniel, pushing him further down the railing. He pushed him and with a final blow punched him hard on the nose and blood dropped down his nose.
“Say hi to god from my side,” he said and tightened his grip as Nathaniel struggled against his grip and finally gave out. He then pushed his body over the railing into the deep blue sea. He dusted off his hands and pushed his hoody over the head, pushing his hands in his pockets, moved away.

The next day
At the department
Shreya was busy going through the files when Purab walked in.
“Any news about the whereabouts of this guy, Nathaniel?” She inquired
“He’s been missing from yesterday, I think went off the radar, plus today was the last date for us to end the case, we can’t keep investigating the same case,” he said as he gave the coffee to Shreya.
“He is right where he needs to be,” said Abhi as he walked in, both of them looked at him in confusion.
“Well I mean to say that you never know he might have had too much too drink or not to mention sudden realisation and probably suicide,”he said
“Are you even my brother,” said Shreya as she checked his forehead.
“Yeah I am. Can’t you be happy that I am trying to be a little humorous,” he said by shrugging off Shreya’s hands and folding his arms.
The phone ringed and Abhi lifted the call.
“Alright, yes, we’ll be there,” he said and ended the call.
“Another homicide on the east side of chello street, commissioner is asking for us,” said Abhi as he put his gun in the holster.
“Homicide after homicide, we ain’t even done from the last one,” said Purab.
“It’s our job to investigate murders my friend, to track down the murderers and give justice, or else we can be just be for show, Purab you’ve investigated so many cases but still acting like a child, look at Shreya she just joined us and is more serious,” he said in a mocking way and left.
“She’s your sister right? So her side, I get it,” said Purab and followed behind.
Shreya who felt happy on her brother’s compliment smiled and followed behind the couple.
At the crime scene
Anaya stood there, tapping her feet waiting for her team to arrive.
She saw them getting down the convertible and sighed deeply.
“Took you all long to arrive,”said Anaya.
“You know the traffic of Mumbai better than me,” said Abhi as he wore his gloves.
“Firstly those gloves here aren’t going to be enough, see those suits, that’s what you have to wear and Abhi I have to ask do you really wanna go inside,”she said as she put her hand on his shoulder.
Abhi just moved towards the suits, wore it and entered inside with his camera.
“ why ask that too a forensic,”asked Purab doing the same as Abhi.
“ it’s damn blo*dy inside,” said Rahul.
Abhi walked inside, all the walls of the house were whitewashed. He moved down the corridor towards the room where the do-not cross tapes were, very few people around investigating. Abhi moved forward and entered the room.

The room had blood all over the place, splashes of it on the corner walls. A body lay there with a chainsaw beside. Abhi stood in his socks deep in shock. Darkness started to come in front of him as his past came in front of his eyes. Those haunting memories, he felt congested in his suit, vomited. He bent down and touched the blood. He got up and felt dizzy. The world spinning around him. He stumbled outside reaching the outside door and gave into the darkness falling unconscious.
Purab. And Shreya rushed to him and took him to the apartment. Anaya gave them the day off.
Upon reaching the apartment and putting Abhi in bed, Shreya and Purab sat in the Lounge with coffee.
“Hey, he’ll be alright, he is fine for what I know him,” said Purab trying to console Shreya.
“But Purab he never felt anything about blood but today after watching the crime scene he fell unconscious, he a blood splatter specialist for god sakes,” she said
“He too is human Shreya and there was a lot of blood inside,” he said.
After sometime after consoling Shreya Purab left.
Shreya upon closing the door wondered what had happened to Abhi?

Any guesses?
Are you ready for it?
Taylor Swift is mwaaah!

Next is……. the epilogue of this is not a love story

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