Incomplete Destiny- Intoducing the others- Part 3

Abhi arrived at the homicide scene. He parked his convertible and approached it.

There is something strange and disarming about looking at a homicide scene in the daylight of Mumbai. It makes the most grotesque killings look staged like you’re in a new endearing section of Disney world

abhi lifted up the “Do not cross crime scene ahead” lace and moved forward, when a cop tried to stop him saying “you better be a cop,” but abhi just kept moving and showed him his badge, “no I’m forensics.”

A girl is shown waiting at one of the doors of the motel in the crime scene. “abhi!”she shouts and raises her hand trying to catch his attention. abhi looks in the direction and smiles, he then approaches her.

“hey what’s up?” said abhi as he moves and gets inside the room. The girl immediately shuts the door. “Jeez shre (short for shreya) where the hell do you keep your gun?” he said.

“They found another hooker, in the pool,” she said.

“Another?”said abhi.

“Chopped up in bits and pieces, that is the third one in five months,” said shreya

“third? you mean there is a…” he said but was cut off “A serial killer, that’s right, the other two were in Broward chopped up just like this, in bits and pieces,” said shreya.

“Any suspects?” asked abhi. “wish i knew, I’m vice Anaya sent me back in my room, told me to keep out of sight,” she answered.

“God forbids she listens to what you have to say,” said abhi mockingly looking out the window at anaya who was busy discussing something with someone.

“tell me about it, how does someone so dumb get so much power?” she said sarcastically.

“she knows how to play, you could take lessons,” he said by pointing towards her.

“what in ass kissing,” she said. “politics,” said abhi.

“I just want this guy caught before he kills another one of my girls,” she said.

(ok a little background, due to the killings of hookers shreya has been sent undercover as a hooker too to keep an eye out and report)

“you can’t be so emotionally invested,” said abhi by leaning against the wall.

“you always say that,” she said

A: so did Dad

S:yeah but he also said that go after what you want. i want out of vice, into homicide

A: what can i do to help?

S: well,you always get these hunches with these types of murders

abhi gave*the look* and looked aside

A: only sometimes

S: well what if you get one this time? And can i bounce of some ideas from you. You know i always get smarter when i am talking to you.

A: You just need more confidence.

*Shreya made a puppy dog face*

A:alright I’ll take a look. In the meantime avoid anaya and talk to captain Mohan. He and dad were tight, maybe he’ll put you on the case.

Shreya smiled widely and said: See you’re already making me smarter, see?

abhi just smiled. he then walked towards the door. “And keep the s*xy suit on when you talk to the captain, it’ll help your cause,” said abhi and walked out of the room.
he approached the pool, while wearing his latex gloves when a man came up to him.
“thats a nice hair cut , purab,” said abhi.
“hey man, saw your sister. Damn, looking hot.” said purab.

“yeah, she should. It’s hot as hell out here,” said abhi

“so why are you here,” asked purab. “its a crime scene,” answered abhi.

“yeah, but you do blood spatter right?” said purab

“So?” said abhi. “so? there’s no blood here” said purab.

“pardon me, what was that?” said abhi. “yeah, there is no blood near or on the body at all,” said purab.

“hey rahul let’s show him,” said purab.

“yeah the guy was really neat,” said rahul

no blood

no hot, sticky, messy awful blood

no blood at all

why hadn’t i thought about it before . what a beautiful idea. How is he doing? How does the killer get rid of all the blood? that’s hard to say

“this is unique,” said abhi in amazement yet admiration.

“no shit and no prints either neat and clean,” said purab.

abhi got up

no blood

i can’t think

i have to get out of here

“well i will be leaving, see ya later,” said abhi and moved towards his car. On his way he went to Shreya’s room again

“guess what, that s*x suit worked and he put me on the case although anay wasn’t happy about it, now give me some theories,” said shreya in happiness.

“i have none as it there isn’t any blood, i’ll think about it later,” he said and bid adieu to Shreya.

Abhi was moving out when he received a text from Kanchi

K: I’ll be waiting for you tonight at my house

At night

Abhi had bought ice cream and was having his cone. He moved towards his car in thoughts

Date night in Mumbai.

Every night is a date night in Mumbai, and everyone’s having s*x.

But for me, s*x never enters into it.

I don’t understand s*x.

Not that I have anything against women, and I certainly have an appropriate sensibility about men, but when it comes to the actual act of s*x, it’s always just seemed so undignified.

But I have to play the game.

And after years of trying to look normal, I think I met the right woman for me.

Shreya saved her life on a domestic-dispute call, introduced us, and we’ve been dating for six months now.

She’s perfect because Kanchi is, in her own way, as damaged as me.

Abhi arrived at the door of the house. The camera zoomed in on the girls face as she opened the door and was revealed to be kanchi.

“well I’m running late just give me a minute,” said kanchi and walked inside.

Abhi walked in to greet aston and cody sitting on the sofa.

“hello master cody,” said Abhi and started to play with cody by lifting and tickling him.

” Vanilla Chocolate, and strawberry.” Said Abhi as he put out the ice cream containers on the shelf.

” No coffee? ” asked aston

“Which one do you think melts faster? Ready?” said Abhi

“ready.” Said kanchi and walked outside dressed in a floral frock
Kanchis ex-hubby, the crack addict, repeatedly raped her, knocked her around.

Ever since then, she’s been completely uninterested in s*x.

That works for me.

“Will you be back?” asked cody

” Of course I’ll be back.” Said kanchi

“I meant Abhi.” Said cody

“You’ll be asleep.” Replied abhi

“No, I won’t.” said cody

“Then I’ll stop in and we’ll all play cards.” Said Abhi and he and kanchi left

My brain roll back to the day I met her

Kanchi had filed a complaint against her husband for s*xual abuse and so had to give a DNA test, Abhi was the one who would take the test. He arrived at the cell and started to take her sample. Once after taking her sample shreya approached Abhi.

“I think someone likes someone,” she said by nudging Abhi.

Abhi who was busy in preserving the sample didn’t pay much heed to her.

“you both are so alike and she is single now with two children,” she said with a little hesitation

“so, ” said Abhi

“I set you up with her,” said shreya.

“you what?” said Abhi

“what’s the big deal, she is quite nice and really understanding, she agreed for the venue to be your choice,” said shreya.

“shreya you know I don’t have time for all this…..’said Abhi

“It’s just that I want my bro to be with someone not an alone shithead,” said shreya earning a glare from Abhi.

The first date hadn’t been much of a success. They had spent the whole time in an awkward silence. Kanchi being a little shy while Abhi being busy in spying on his next target. When his target got up and left Abhi had to leave the date abruptly, not making a good impression but hadn’t had success as the target had noticed him and got away.

Now after six months

Things had started to go smooth between us. We were together now.

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