Incident part one..Chiku birthday special

Its me…no its us
We’re Aksa and Angita…hope you’re familiar with
Aur yes were doing a collab
Working with besties is fun na?
Anyways read the two shots story which we are presenting it to you..on a very speacial..

Heyyy angita here…after long time of dissapearing and becoming a silent reader…I’m sorry
And ya…this is specialty for meri cupcake
You’re sweet and cute
And make me feel like kissing u
You’re so pure
Makes me glad
To have you as a friends
On your special
A special wish I love
Forever and ever
Happy birthday

Hola Aksa here!
Happy birthday to the most awesome girl in the world! I hope you have the time of ur life,may all your dreams come true and ur sorrows just flow through!

I know you have been waiting for this day so long,And it finally arrived, so lets make it speacial..

Have a happy and fun filled Birthday Cheecky Chimp!

The story starts with a guy shown hitting some goons…his neck chain is show then his bracelate..slowy slowy his eyes..(uff i feel like drowning in them) then his lips which are so pink and very kissable(i wanna kiss them)..his muscles are shown which are soo stiff and protective…he is shown punching every goons one by one…hitting them black and blue…(poor goons) he started kicking and doing all stunts
..he is revealed to be KUNJ SARNA..(the guy whom we all gurls die for) Kunj kept on fighting until the goons ran away…kunj came towards an old man and returned him the money which the goons were trying to steal…

the old man joined his both hands in grattitude,kunj kept his hands on his joined together hands and said “wht are you doing uncle…it was my stop this…plzz” the old man was so happy..just then another handsome guy came…he is revealed to be YUVRAJ LUTHRA..YUVI(yuvraj) came towards kunj and said “chal bhaai(come bro) mom dad is calling you..” kunj nodded his head and proceeded to his house..

Next scene
There is a house shown where two oldies are having tea..the old man is seen reading the news paper and the old lady is seen cutting veggies..then a maid came wid a broom and..the old lady said..

Old lady:- clean the room widout any disturbance..let my daughter pray..

Maid(lets name her as Savitri):-okay daadi (grandmother)..and left for the room to clean.

There is a room shown where there is a sound of pooja..seems like a very decent girl reciting it….but we could see a hi-fi playing and a girl shown putting the volume up..and then putting on her headsets playing loud songs and dancing very smoothly and going with beats..swirling and jumping on the bed dancing all around the room..she is shown wearing a white T and a shirt on top with white jeans..putting on her headsets..her eyes are shown..blinking like a fairy and her lips ..she is bitting her lower lips and then her hair which is flying along the wind..Just then Savitri comes wid a broom and is glaring at the gurl whose back was showing..then the girl is shown..she is non other than TWINKLE TANEJA.. she was shocked to see Savitri and signed her by holding her ears and nodding left and right saying not to tell..


Savitri was just staring Twinkle without blinking..Twinkle took out her headsets and kept it on savitri’s ears..and suddenly savitri also started dancing..twinkle was shocked cum happy and started dancing together..they both were dancing and then the old lady came and was shocked to see them dancing..twinkle was facing her back to the old lady..the old lady came forward Twinkle and hold on to her shoulders, suddenly Twinkle turned around with a scary mask on her face and said “bhooooooooo” the old lady was horrified.
Twinkle ran outside of the room and came to the yard where the old man was sitting covering his face with the news paper..

Twinkle:- daadu(grandpa) plzz save me from daadi..and was laughing her butt out..(so the old man and lady is revealed to be Twinkles grand parents)..

Daadi(grandmother):Twinkle..youu?? ..

Twinkle ran away from there and the grandmother was panting as she was running behind her..she said to her husband… “she wasnt making pooja..she was busy dancing with savitri..hmmpphh..are you listening??..” the grandfather removes the news paper and also said “bhoooo” he was also wearing a scary mask and the grandmother was about fall but the grandfather got a hold of her and saved..Twinkle who was noticing all this said..”daadu kiss her today..dnt miss this opportunity..plzz kiss her..plzzz…
The grandfather comes near the grandmother andddd….♥(you guys might have guessed?)

Next scene
Twinkle is sitting on a bench at a park wearing gym clothes and looks like she is waiting for someone
And there came a muscular body man..”hello twinkle”

Twinkle:-what was the need to meet me…we’ve had an agreement well before that if u want to inform anything u can just text me not just come meet me

Man:-daada(grandfather) said there’s a man who flirts with u at college…
Twinkle:- you’ve got nothing to interfere in here
Man:-but you’re my..
Twinkle cuts him off:- we don’t have a relation at all and goes running in the park

Two boys are jogging at the same park
Both wearing a singlet and shorts
Looking damn hot.?(oops focus)
They’re revealed to be yuvraj and Kunj
Yuvi:bro don’t u think its high time you find someone for yourself.. You haven’t had a crush on anybody

Kunj:suddenly thinks of a girl., but comes back into senses,..don’t rush bro it’ll happen when it will…
The breeze blows very strongly and twinkle and Kunj are just a stone through away
Suddenly a stone makes twinkle to hop forward
But gets stable..wind was caressing their rosy cheeks, the rustling of crinkled leaves was the witness of two hearts who had been longing to open up and hold each other…

..they were only focusing on the way..but in the end, destiny has it all…
Suddenly a dog came out of nowhere and just bumped into Twinkle. A small pressure on the feet, and she lost her balance. Despite wanting to hold her, kunj also helplessly let his body forward after being pulled by Twinkle who was wanting to grab on to him to avoid falling down. They both fell on the road…and it just took a wrong move and a second…a second for them to feel that electric current through their body…kunj fell on Twinkle and their lips instantly met…there were sparks…
They could feel the taste of their beloved’s lips…it was a new feeling for them..that of fulfillment…it instilled love in them…a hunger of having more. What was initially a mistake quickly turned into a passionate kiss…they just deepened that kiss…sucking and biting each other…kunj slipped his hands around her waist while Twinkle’s hands reached for Kunj’s hairs. The kiss grew more intense…oxygen was unfortunately falling short…however they kept on pouring love to each other…the unsaid and unrevealed love…at that stage it might be a mistake..but that was something full of passion and desire…they pulled each other closer to themselves and the kiss became an unbreakable one…it seemed that the world had come to a still for them..

Kunj then leaves it and they both compose themselves..when he sees her
Twinkle(looks shocked):-vo vo(umm umm..)and just runs off…
“Uh um..”someone coughs from behind
“Bro kya hora h (bro whats happening?)”..Kunj just smiles and screen freezes..

Next scene
Twinkle was standing on bus stop waiting for the bus to arrive..she was with her friends giggling and gossiping..(we ^girls^ only knw that ?)
Suddenly a guy comes wid a rose and sits on his knees in front of twinkle and says “i love you”..
Twinkle got furious and said “Eyy..are you gone crazy..dnt you have any shame..??…jerk!..go away from here before i call the the police…” saying this she started moving wid her friends but the guy held her wrist and twinkle’s anger was at peek..she turned and slapped the guy and said..”dont you dare touch me again otherwise u’ll see the worst of me..idiot..”
Boy:-uff this much anger..u look hot when u r angry…babes..!
Just then Kunj arrives and is frusturated to see the situations..

Just then the police arrives as twinkle phoned them…same time Kunj goes to twinkle and twinkle accidentally slaps him while the guy runs away..
And police tries to arrest him while twinkle screams “noooo inspector the wrong guy”
While smoke is coming out of Kunj’s ears
Kunj:- again!…same thing…vo din college m bi vhi kiya Aur aaj bi(that day also in the college and today also??)

Precqp:*flashback** death

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  1. Ayu

    Bechara Kunj!!
    N mujhe laga tha…sirf meri pumpkin pie Miss Dirty Mind hai par tum donnon babies??
    Maan gyi tum logon ko! Too good! Kunj ko kiss karna hai? Usse gale lagana hai! U guys are toooooo cute! Nautanki ft and pyaar Angii ka collab is simply zabardast!!!❤️
    N mujhe vo sabse hot ni lagta…i dont die for him????
    But mujhe ye bhut amazing lga…n aisa kya hua tha college mein jo aaj bhi hua? Thappad? N that kiss though??
    Mujhe padke sharam aa rhi hai…
    N so disgusting blo*dy kameena kaun hai? Uski jagah bechare Kunj ko chanta khaana pada…?
    Cont soon❤️
    Love u both?

    1. Kya kare abbb?????????
      dil he ke emotions ko stop ni karte..
      kaasha hum usse kiss kar sakte ..usse gale laga sakte ..and btw he is hot and s*xy…and many girls die for him..

      And thanks for reading it…
      aur woh kiss wala part tune hi likha tha..aur tujhe hi sharam waha gaye tumeh…

      Aur agee jaan ne ke liye pariye incident love…too much of suspense..

      and thanks bandariya…nautanki ft bula rhi thi na mujhe..aur angita ko pyaari..verryy bad tu mujhe mil me kya karti hu tujhe..

      Thanks once again..will cont soon
      love you tooo

  2. SidMin

    Loved it awesome ??????
    First epi meh he kiss ? cant wait for the next one
    Love you both ??

    1. Thank you soo much dear…
      aur uss ss me kuch bhi ho sakta he…kuch keh nahi sakte…

      tanks for reading it..and will post the next one as soon as possible..

      love you too♡♡♡

  3. Adya

    Omg…that was superb yrr..
    Kiss kuch jyada jldi ni ho gya hnn ????
    Well I’m soo excited… Bechara mera …ok fine !!! Hamara kunj….awwww..
    Post soon….

    1. Thanks dear for reading it…and its a two or more shots story to kuch bhi ho sakta he…?????????

      thanks for reading it dear..

  4. Roshini125

    It was good bt twinkles intro I have seen that in one movie… was very nice but…..u kiddo….u want to kiss kunj haaa….. u r junior dear, we seniors are also here
    Lolzz…. continue soon…

    1. Thank you soo much di for reading it
      And yeah twinkles intro was from a movie I felt like adding it as it was my fav scene

      And kiddos bhi to kar sakte he kunj ko kiss…aap seniors hum juniors ke liye bhi chod dijiye??????…sab kaam seniors kare aaccha ni lagta u knw??????

      Thanks for reading …next part will be posted ASAP

  5. Chiku

    Oyeee hoyeeeeemeri dono nautanki baazonnn??????kya likhti ho.
    Kunj ko kiss karna hai , usiien sab kuch ek hie baar mien karna hai. Tashan bhi dkhana hai. Sab kuch k????????
    Kamaaal dhamaaal baimisaaaaalll just loved it yaar

    Tum dono ka collab toj dhuaan daat aur dirty mind wala nikla??????????????aaayeee haayeeeeeee

    Woh ladka bhaag haya bichaar kunj faaas gaya???kaam se dhuaan nikaaal raha hai. Kaamaal hai. Kunj pressure cooker baam gayabhai??????

    Thank u sooo much for posting on my bday. Thank u???????

    Love u natuanki baajon?????

  6. Presha

    it was awesome

  7. Ramya

    Hey it’s awesome bt thode scenes mass ke movie haai na
    Bt instead r sme r not vo kiss wala jogging wala n dey r too cute loved it
    Pldsss asap

  8. SidMin23

    It was wonderful and someone did mistake but somehow poor kunj put into mistake which he haven’t done that. And love their first accident kissed and do post it ASAP

  9. Twinjfan.tamanna

    mai kon hun??? partner aur gf… kya haal hai apka… aur this ss… wowww… yaar so cute… I can’t wait for next… aur haan mujhe happy ending chahiye… kya karun… death ke naam se hi dar lagtha hai… loved it

    love you both

  10. Aanya_pandey

    That ws awesome yrr jst loved it

  11. Wow yar kya episode likha hai dono ne milkar… first epi mein hi kiss aur wo bhi itna hot… kamal hai…. well it was amazing n fatastic epi… loved it…post next soon… n pls make it happy ending….


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