An incident which change’s my life hell to heaven-Swasan (Chap-2)


Hii guys iam back and thank u for all ur valuable comments and i am bit changing the title of the of my fiction. So let’s start….

A young man seen wearing white shirt and black denim jeams with blue blazer coming out of his white bmw carr. He put off his sunglasses.. evryone is scared seeing him some girls are talking about him.

Girl1: wow yarr what a handsome man
Girl2: yess yrr ur right.
Girl3: hey u both listen.. don’t talk about him!!!
Girl2:but why???
Girl3:becoz he is sanskar.. sanskar maheswari the great business tycoon.. u all r new here so u don’t know about him he is vry strict.
Then sanskar passes frm there and listens their talks..
San:hey u all come here.
They all comes and says good mrng sirr
San: (in angry tone)but i am thinking this mrng is not gud for u all.. u all come to ofc for gossiping.
All girls im unison says “sooory sir”
San: (with smirk) sounds gud but listen if again i see u all gossiping then u have to bear vry severe punishment. Now go frm here and do some work.

Then frm the back a guy is seen cmng wearing some formals and goggles. All girls suddounds him some r taking selfies and some are taking autographs(guesss
… who is this.. he is laksh) lucky starts flirting with them.

Sanskar sees all these and says lucky… but our lucky don’t listens becoz he is buay in flirting so sanskar shouts luckyyyyyy…

Laksh comes out of his flirting world and says yess bhai…
San: u r comng or not or else i will say to dad that u r busy in fli… in between laksh interrupts and says
Lak: ( in worried tone)nooooo… bhai iam comng don’t say anything to dad.
Then both goes in rhe ofc.

@conference hall
Dp is waiting for their both son for the conductance of meeting.
Then door opens and both sanlak came.
Dp says:At last u both came. Where r u both we r waiting frm many hrs. Sanskar says. Wo dad lucky..
But lucky interrupts and says dad traffic jam main phans gye the… ok ok sanskar forward the meeting Mr. Khanna is waiting(the person for whom the meeting is conducted).
Sanskar conduct the meeting and evryone is pleased by seeing her sense of humour.
Meetimg is over and Mr.khanna says
Khanna: faboulous Mr.sanskar… durgaprasad ji this deal is final we r ready to become ur partnr and this is vry grt opportunitie for us. And mr. Sanskar u r so much talented.. this deal is final.

Evryone is vry happy by seeing that the deal is final. Laksh congrats his dad and father.. all the staff membrs are vry happy becoz by getting this deal they have vry much profit to the compny
Dp says i am so proud of u sanskar.. agar tum na hote to pta nhi main ye businees kaise sambhalta.
San:no dad… don’t give all crdit to me there is equal hardwrk of laksh also he also does vry much hardwrk.
Dp says i am proud of both of my sons

Mr.khanna:dp jii there is one prblm..

Precap:swasan.. meet…

Sorry for the mistake and plzz comment if u like it.. and thanks silent readers also..

Credit to: Eku

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