An incident which change’s my life hell to heaven-Swasan (Chap-4)

Hii guys i am vry sorry for not updating previous day.. and vry much thanx for commenting.. iam vry much happy that u r liking my story..and thank u silent readers… and someone says that only sanskar will fall in luv with swara.. so for this u hav to keep reading my story and jst see what happens when they meet ok now i stop my bak bak and come to the point.. and guys i am adding some more character to my fiction and i will explain them in btw the story…

Dadi-swaragini beta… where are u both ????come down fastly see i made ur fav dish for u..
Shek-Maaa!!i am going some village wrk is left sooo.. and where is swaragini???

Then a voice came frm behind here papaaaa…
Dadi-see my both beautiful daughter came.. come here beta see all ur fav dish are here..
Both swaragini are vry much happy and swara says
Swara-oh my sweet dadi?? I love u so much.. u r grt..
Dadi-bas!!bas ab maska lgana band kar(stop buttering mee..)
Shek-swara??what is this see the time anyone sleeps at this time.. hmm(oh actually shekhar did not like lazy people.. but he luv his daughter and he is some strict type. )
Swara-see na dadi papa again starts the lecture.
Dadi-shekar ab tujhe der nhi ho rhi hai ja jakar apna kam kr aur khabardar jo meri beti ko kuch kaha toh..
Shek-par maaaa..
Dadi-bass.. ab jaa.
Shek(in slow tone)-pura gaon mere isharo par chlta hai par apne ghar mein hi meri nhi chlti..
Shekar goes frm there and swaragini along with dadi laughs..
Then they do brkfast and leave for station..

Both sanlak get down frm the train and see left and right then laksh says
Lak-bhai!!lgta hai hme lene koi aya nhi..
San-but dad said that somebody will come to receive us..

Then other side it is seen that swarag reched to the station and they goes dirctly to the t.c. for checking the arrival of the train..
Then at the other side both sanlak r waiting for smeone to receive them then a man cmes and asks
Man -are u mr.sanskar maheswari???
San-yesss..who r u??
Man-i am adarsh… adarsh singhania..(u can imgine him as adarsh of swaragini and he is married obviosly to parineeta.. and he had vry good bond with the gadodia’s) wo actually mr.khanna calls me and tells evrything about u.. so here i am to help u guys..actually i live here only so whatever u want u can ask me..
San- wo nice to meet u mr.adarsh??and thank u so much..
Lak- hii!!i am laksh maheswari.. chalo kam se kam koi to mila jo hme janta ho.. waise we came here to meet shekhar ji soo can u take us to them..
Adi-yaa.. yaa sure come lets go..

Then sanskar phone rings and he says
San-guys u go i will come in few min..
At the other side..
Rag-swara i think they had gone shayad they met with their frnd so now we hav to leave..
Swara-i think u r right??
Rag-swara iam vry thirsty its vry hot today na can u bring some water..
Swara- rag u r alright na.. ok jst sit here i bring water for u hmmm..
Swara went to bring water.
San is bsy in talking in her phone and here swra is also in a hurry and they both got bumppp.. with eachother.. swara is falling down and in fear she closes her eyes but in a vry nick of time san caught him in her arms. Swara opens his eyes and saw his brown chocolaty eyes.. san is also lost in his beauty.. and they have a cute and long eyelock.. but at the sudden san left swara and she falls down on the ground and he picks up his phone.. san says oh my god my phone.. yess his phone got smash and broke in to pieces. And now san is hell angry. There swara is also hell angry becoz he left her on the ground for a cheap phone

And she gets up and shout on san… before she could say anything.. san interrupts
San(angry)-what the hell???becoz of u my 50,000rs phone got broke up..
Now swara is vry much angry becoz no body shouts on her wo bhi sirf ek phone ke liye..
Swara-what the f***??u shout on me for this.. this cheap phone r u insane..
San -what u called me.. u call me insane.. u r insane.. u r dumb,illetrate and what haa.. foolish…
Swa-what u call me foolish.. u r foolish aur duniya main jitne bhi bewkoof, pagal aur gadhe hai na wo sab tum ho..
San- u call me gadha..
Swa-yess u r gadha becoz wo log gadhe hi hote hai jo ek mamuli se phone ke liye chilate.
San -mamuli saa phone??ye tmhe mamuli saa phone lg rha hai.and u call me gadha tmne mujhe sanskar maheswari ko gdha bola.. how dare u??
Swara thinks for a sec wait a min kahi ye maheswari’s toh nhi.. nhi maheswari’s iske tarah thodi na hoge..
San-kya hua bolti bnd ho gyi naam sun ke hmm..
Swa-(irritated)what?? tmhare naam main rkha kya hai hmm aise apna naam bta rhe ho jaiae kahi ke shenshah ho waise jisne bhi tmhara naam rkha hai usne galat rkha tmhara naam sanskar maheswari nhi.. Mr. Akdu maheswari hona chahiye.. jab dekho akad dikhate rehte ho…
There laksh &adarsh r waiting for san.then laksh sees a girl and he is lost in her beauty but she is vry disturbed and by seeing him no one says that he is ok.

Laksh goes to him and ask him what happen any problm is there..
Girl-wo actually my sister is gone to get water but she did not come yet she is feeling vry thirsty..
Then laksh takes out a water bottle and gives it to him and says drink it u r thirsty naa.
Rag- I can’t take anything frm strangers..
Lak(sits down on the bench)-dekho?? Tmhe pyass lgi hai lo pani pi lo and believe me maine isme kuch nhi milaya hai u can trust me.
Ragini hesistantly takes water bottle and drinks it..

Lak-feeling better..
Lak-see maine kaha tha na maine kuch nhi milaya hai.. waise i am laksh he takes out his hand for handshake..
Rag-ragini also takes out his hand and shkes hand and says hii iam ragini..
Lak-waise u can also call me lucky..
In vry less time they become good frnds…
Lak listens some noise comng and says
Lak-i think something had happened there.. chlo chl kr dekhte hai..
Rag-hmm. Chlo..
And they both goes there..
San-what u call me akdu.. tmne mujhe akdu bulaya haan tum.. tum.. chipkali ho bandariya ho..
Swa-this enough for swara and he started throwing things on him.. what u call me bandariya u r bandar..
And they both start fighting like child..

Both raglak see this seen and both shouted bhaiiiiiiii??? Swaraaaaaa…
And they both goes to theor respective bro and sis..
Lak-bhai ye tu kya kr rha chod swara ko..

San-lucky hat jaa samne se isee to main aaj sabak sikha ke rhoonga isne mujhe.. akdu bulaya.. i will not leave her..
Rag-swara ye kya kr rhi ho tum chodo useee
Swa-ragini beech main mt aa isne mujhe bndariya bulaya iase to main chodongi nhi..
Lak-ragini tum apni behen ko yaha se lekar jao.. main bhai ko sambhalta hoon.. and he drags sanskar..
Rag-bass kro swara ab chlo ghar and she drags swara away..
San-aree jaa kaha rhi ho darr gyi kyaa ???
Lak-bhai bass kro?? Ragini plzz swara ko yahan se lekar jao warna yahan world war3 ho jayega..
Swa-ragini chodo mujhe isse toh mai btati hoon..
Ragini forcefully drags swara frm that place..
Swa-ragini ye tune kya kiya dekh rhi thi na wo kya kya bol rha tha.. agar dobara mere ankhon ke samne dikh jaye na to uska murder kar doongi main..
Rag-chillax swara.. chillax qb ghar chlte hai bohut tamasha ho gya…
San-lucky yarr ye tune kya kiya uss swara ko mai sabak aikha hi rha tha aur tu beech mainaa gya.. seeshe break my phone.. my fav phone..

Lak-bhai realx .. phone dusra aa jayega aur swara ko kabhi aur sabak sikha dena abhi chlte hai adarsh wait kr rhe hoge..
Both sanlak r gone to gadodia house..

No precap..

Both swasan don’t know each others real identity so now see what happen when they both will meet in the gadodia house. What will be the sanskar reaction??when he came to know that he is the daughter of the shekhar.. and what will be the swara reaction when she came to know about the true identity of sanskar.. for knowing the rest story… keep reading…

So guyss howz it tell me in the comment box..

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  1. I think world war3 will surely happen if they see eo at gadodia house…. It was fun to see their fight……

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  3. hey can u pls be attentive towards the genders??? u r confusing with he/she, him/her…

    1. Sorry for the mistakes and i make sure that it will not happen in nxt chappy…

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