An incident which change’s my life hell to heaven-Swasan (Chap-8)

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Recap- adarsh is the frnd of shourya and deal is finalized…

Adarsh arranges a beautiful party Dp comes there with all the family member ap, sujata, ram, uttara shekhar greets them and says
Shek- come, come, durgaprasad ji!!!!
Dp- I am vry happy that u finalize this deal……
Shek- no, no dp ji actually I am vry thankful that u send ur children… yeh deal toh final honi hi thi… come let’s go…
Dp- hmm…Hmm… let’s go everyone…

Laksh came to adarsh for asking some details about party
Lak- adarsh bhai… what is the theme of this party???
Adarsh sees sanskar going and he calls him sanskar he said smirking
Adi- u r not worrying about the party… I mean laksh ask me about theme u r not asking anything….
San- (smiling) adarsh u did all the work so it’s definitely going to be good and u only arranges the party so tell the theme also…
Adi- yess… so laksh it’s theme was men’s were in black suit and girls will be in red one…
Lak- wow bhai wonderful… I am going to get ready!!!
Sanskar is going suddenly adarsh call him…
Adi- sanskar!!!!! In the party I call a special guest who eagerly wants to meet u… he is my frnd only
San- oh… yaaa… adi ur frnd my frnd I will surely meet him…
Sanskar goes and adi call someone yess… wrk is done and he smirk and says today sanskar maheswari in party ur life will be changed to hell…
They r talking to what wear in the party….
Rag- swara jst tell me na what I should wear I am totally confused
Swara teasingly go and ask ur romeo
Rag with angry glare swara!!!!!!!!
Swa-ok ok… and she take out a dress and said wear this Laksh will be full flat on u…..
Ragini started blushing….
Swa- see someone is blushing… haan…
They both choose dress for each other and get ready

@ Party
Guys party is not at their home it is somewhat far from their house… everyone reaches at party venue…
Sanlak r wearing a black Armani suit becoz it is the theme and they r as always looking handsome evry girl is jst staring them as they are coming from front door…
Everyone is present at the party hall adarsh call evry big businessman of the village some r the frnds of shek and some r the frnds of dp… dushyant Singh also came there and fumes in anger by seeing his bro success…
Then two beautiful angels’s r seen coming downstairs obviously they r swaragini…
Laksh is stunned by seeing her angel he is awestruck by seeing ragini in the red gown… yesss ragini is wearing a beautiful red gown with tight bun and light make-up.she is looking gorgeous…
Laksh is not in his senses and start moving towards ragini but sanskar stops him in between.
San- stop ur emotion my lil bro and close ur mouth otherwise mosquitoes will enter… everyone is seeing u!!!

Ragini is blushing vry hard and Lak feel embarrassed…

Swara came behind ragini she is wearing a red sari with deep back blouse and she put dark red lipstick on her lips her slim belly is visible..she left her hair open with loose curls and in short she is looking damn beautiful… she is looking like an angel coming from heaven…
Sanskar doesn’t see her becoz he is talking to Laksh and his back is facing swara…. Then Laksh sees swara coming and in teasing tone tell sanskar that ur angel is coming… sanskar what angel… Laksh says turn ur self and see… sanskar turns and as he turns the world around him was freeze…he sees a vry beautiful girl in front of him… the cool breeze started blowing and sanskar start walking towards swara. she is also staring him with love affection and with little blush… then he comes to swara and says u r looking gorgeous, stunning and bla… bla.. Then he goes to propose him but a sound comes…. Bhaiiiiiiii, bhaiiiiiii

Sanskar came out of his dream and sees there is nothing like that and he is standing at her own place…
Lak- bhaiii!!!!! Is u ok… what r u thinking????
San- so it was my dream…
Lak- bhai… where r u lost???
San- haan… nothing…
Lak- ok u stay here I come in one sec…
San- what is happening with me why I am thinking about swara and he started staring swara… no no sanskar u can’t think about her… stop this nonsense thing here only……
Swa- wow he is looking hot, handsome in black Armani suit… but swara u can’t think about him hr is not of ur type… he is Mr. akdu maheswari only for me… so jst get out of this dream….
Both have mixed feelings towards each other…
Sanskar is talking with some people then a man comes and says
Man- hiiii!!!!!!!!!!
San- hii… I am sorry but I can’t identify u… who r u???
Adarsh came and says to sanskar..
Adi- san I told u in the mrng that someone is coming to meet u…
San- yaaa…
Adi- hmmm… so meet him he is shourya… shourya singhania…. My bst frnd…
Shou- yess… hiiii and congrats for the deal he forwards his hand for shake
San- hii and I am sanskar maheswari he shake hand with him and says thanks..
Shou-(smirk) hmmm… adi told many things about u???
San- yaa… then dp calls san and he says nice to meet u Mr. shourya…
Shou- same here….
Sanskar goes and shourya says to adi
Shou- adi plan is ready na??
Adi- yess… shourya don’t worry everything is ready!!!!!!!!!
Shou- now jst wait and watch Mr. Sanskar u will pay for touching my swara……..

Ragini Laksh came at the center of the hall and announces
Laksh- attention please!!! Ladies and gentlemen as u all know that we all gather here for the success of the deal… so I am not going to say any lecture about this becoz I know u feel bored…
Ragini- yesss… so I think party is going little bit boring… so u want entertainment in this party or not…
All the people hoot and say yesss we want….
Lak- ok… ok so ragini I am thinking for a dance face off what say…
Rag- I think Laksh u r right and it will be boy’s v/s girls….
Lak- yesss… so boy’s r u ready???
All the boys shout yesss…
Rag- so girls are u ready???
The entire girl shouts yesss….

The separate team is made for boys and girls but the leader is not decided Laksh says in boys team bhai will be the leader… and in girls of course swara is the leader…..
San- no!!! Lucky I am not going to be leader and I am not going to dance….
Lak- what!!!! Bhai this is not fair u will hav to play….
San- lucky don’t force me yarr plzzz????????
Swa-(sarcastic tone) he doesn’t know how to dance that’s why he is not saying yess…. All girls laugh..
Lak- oh hello what u say… bhai see our respect is at stake now u hav to play plzz bhai..
San-(angrily) what u say miss. Swara that I don’t know how to dance????
Swa-(ignoring san) yess..
San- now u see miss. Swara that I will dance better than u Lak start the game I will be the leader…
Swa- we will see who will do better…
Rag- ok …If we will win then u all have to do what we say?????????
Lak- vice- versa… let’s see who will win…
All the old people sit down and see the game and dadi become the judge….

The host announces the rules that evry team have to sing two song becoz there is two rounds and anyone stop his/her team will lose… first rounds start
First boys group dance on the song loch-e- ulfat from the film 2 states…

Iklauta mera dil tha
Bhola-bhaala simple tha
Tujhse main takraya
Sarphira ho gaya
Mujhe pyaar laga jo
Tujhe laga bhai-chara
Armaan to jaage
Main magar so gaya

Banke museebat
Peeche padi hai
Yeh comedy hai
Yaa tragedy hai
Naa hona tha kyun ho gaya
Locha-e-Ulfat ho gaya

Sanskar goes to swara while dancing he hold his wrist and spin her while swara is jst losing her balance by sudden spin… he laughs at him and swara fumes in anger…

Tere mere do nazariye
Nazdeeq hain lekin
Ik baal barabar beech mein line hai
Chubhta hi rehta hai
Gadta hi rehta hai
Tujhe fark nahi hai
Tu badi fine hai

Banke museebat
Peeche padi hai
Yeh comedy hai
Yaa tragedy hai
Naa hona tha kyun ho gaya
Locha e Ulfat ho gaya

Sanskar winks at swara and make weird faces swara seeing his feel irritate..

Locha e Ulfat ho gaya..

Yeh haal behuda hai
Kis mood mein khuda hai
Kyun dil ki dhadkanon se
Mazey mein khele ye ludo sanjhaao
Kya khaaq dosti hai
Daftar ki naukri hai
Karne ko dil nahi hai magar kare jaaun..

Tere aane se pehle theek tha
Ab murjhaya sa jaise koi phool hoon
Pehle tha banda kitna kaam ka
Khaali refill jaisa ab fizool hoon
Raaton ko.. main jaagun, main jaagun
Saari neende,
Woh le gayi.. chura ke, chura ke
Soun toh.. khwabon ki khwabon ki
Khidkiyon se.. aake phir jhaanke
Chal tu hi batlaa de na

Banke museebat
Peeche padi hai
Yeh comedy hai
Yaa tragedy hai
Naa hona tha kyun ho gaya
Locha-e-Ulfat ho gaya
Locha-e-Ulfat ho gaya

Iklauta mera dil tha
Bhola-bhaala simple tha
Tujhse main takraya
Sarphira ho gaya
Banke museebat
Peeche padi hai
Yeh comedy hai
Yaa tragedy hai
Naa hona tha kyun ho gaya

All the people come at stage and started dancing with sanskar all r vry happy… but swara fumes in anger…

Locha-e.. Locha-e..
Locha-e-Ulfat ho gaya
Hoo… hoo… hoo..
Locha e Ulfat ho gaya
Hoo… hoo… hoo..
Locha-e-Ulfat ho

Then song gets over all people claps and sanskar winks at swara with proud girls started whispering a girl says
Girl- swara they do vry well dance and see judge is also impressed we will definitely lose..
Swa- Don’t worries when swara is here don’t fear… I will not let them win at any cost…
Lak- bhai Lagta Hai Inky Tai Tai phish… see they r looking so worried
San- I told u earlier na that we will win only…. They laugh and give hi-fi to each other…

The chance of girl’s group came they dance on chammak challo of film rowdy rathore…swara is the main dancer…

Chammak challo chel chabeeli
Kehte hai mujhko raas raseeli
Sanskar sees swara and laugh in sarcasm way…

Haan chamak challo chel chabeeli
Kehtein hai mujhko raas raseeli
Bach ke tu rehna dildaar sajna
Ho mehanga padega tujhko pyaar sajna
Baja re baja re baja band baaja
Arey iska baja re dekho band baaja

Haan chammak challo chel chabeli
Kehtein hai mujhko raas raseli
Bachke tu rehna dildaar sajnaa
Ho mehnga padega tujhko pyar sajna
Chamak challo chel chabeli
Haan haan ho ho..

koo koo… koo koo…
Swara goes towards sanskar and held his collar and sings
Yeh roop rang mera jad hai fitno ki
Arey niyat badal gayi jaane kitno ki
Yeh roop rang mera jad hai fitno ki
Arey niyat badal gayi jaane kitno ki
Hanske jidhar main apni nazar utha doon
Udhar bane afsaane
Haan milenge tujhko gali gali
Mere naam ke deewane
Ho… aisi-waisi main nahi raja
Tere jaise kitne hai, ja ja.
Swara jerks sanskar away from him and starts dancing..

It’s sanskar turns and he sings

Teri ada, Ada lagti hai qaatil
Bade hi pyar se loote mera dil

Ho.. teri ada, Ada lagti hai kaatil
Bade hi pyar se loote mera dil
Zidd pe agar main aaun
Tto pal mein tujhko abhi utha le jaaun
Yeh samajh le gori meri hai tu
Tujhe pyar se samjhaaun

Arey aa naino ke pench lada le
Arey mere jaisa rog laga le
Haan, banke rahunga tera yaar sajna
Ho tujhse kiya hai maine pyar sajna
Baja re baja re baja band baaja
Arey iska baja re dekho band baaja

Swara sees that sanskar is winning her mind strikes an idea and she goes near sanskar.. while san is bsy in dancing..swara kisses sanskar on her cheek.. as result san is numb… and swara hurriedly goes away and start dancing…

Chamak challo chel chabeli
Kehtein hai mujhko raas raseeli
Bachke tu rehna dildaar sajna
Ho mehanga padega tujhko pyar sajna…

All the boys are saying to sanskar to sing a song but our sanskar is jst dumbfolded and stand there numb by recalling recent happens.. And at the end swara’s trick worked to make fool of him and her group wins…
Sanskar realises that it was a prank…

Precap-in the party chandelier falls on swara what would happen.. does swara will be saved or a new twist arrives…….

Guyzz how this plzz don’t and plzz if u like it comment in the comment box…. hope u enjoyed…

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