An incident which change’s my life hell to heaven-Swasan (Chap-3)


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Dp says what problem mr. Khanna?????
Mr. Khanna: u know na dp ji i told u earlier that i came here on behalf of someone
Dp-yessss.. u told me but u only said that u will sign on this contract…
Mr.khanna:yess… Dp ji i know but recently i called him.. and he say that he want to meet u all..
Sanskar:dad who is this prsn u told me that mr.khanna himself do this deal so now who is this..
Dp: he is shekhar..shekhar gadodia..actually mr.khanna already told me that he came here on behalf of shekhar ji..becoz he is busy..
Mr khanna:dp ji u have to go to ramgarh..
Dp:but mr.khanna i am bit busy becoz on tommorow i have board meeting.. so i can’t come but my both son sanlak will go… and we have to see the location also.. so sanlak will go.
San- but dad me and laksh.. means here also many works are
Dp-san u don’t take tension of here i will manage and u both go..ok mr.khanna they will go hmmm.
Mr.khanna:grt and i am also thinking the same..ok good bye and nice to meet u mr.maheswari..
Dp-same here mr.khanna…

Mr.khanna goes and both sanlak outburst on her dad
Lak- what the hell??dad i am not going anywhere and especially to the village.. yukkk..
San:lucky is saying right i am also not going..
Dp is now vry much angry that san is also not ready to go then he angrily says
Dp-san lak u both go there by tommorow now go pack ur bags and its an order of the head of the cmpny and ur dad..
Sanlak together but dad..
No ifs and but u both r going and thats final

Lak: bhai??yarr kuch kr mujhe nhi kisi gaon(bhai do something i will not go to village) i mean there all the girls r boring type and i miss my hot and s*xy gf..
San-shut up lucky yarr!!!tujhe apni gf ki padi hai aur main yahan soch soch ke mra ja rha hoon ki main uss village main rhoonga kaise pr ab kuch kr nhi skte q ki hme ye deal chayie toh hme wahan jana pdega aur yeh deal hmare cmpny ke liye imp hai aur.. lucky intrrupts
Aur dad ka order hai…
Both sleeps becoz tommorow they have to leave for the village.

Both sanlak r ready to leave fr the ramgarh.
Dp comes and says sanlak wo actually mr.khanna have some imp wrk so he cant come.. he will meet u dirctly in ramgarh.
And here r the tickets of ur train take and leave fr ramgarh.
Both sanlak shouts wht dad by train r u kidding we the maheswaris go by train never..
Dp-yess u both r going by train becoz ramgarh is nt so much develop that he had airport so ur going by train not flight..
Both sanlak leave hesitantly and believe this was the bst journy of their life. they never forget this journy becoz the suffered a lot in this… hahaa haaaha… poor sanlak..
But they both don’t know that this journy change their life cmpltly..

@ramgarh Gadodia house
A beautiful girl is seen doimg arthi. She is wearing a simple pink anarkali suit with light make-up and singing arthi in vry melodious voice. Then she turns and guess who she is… she is ragini simple,innocent,cute.she gives arthi to his father and dadi.. then her father asks
Shekhar-ragini beta??where is swara..
Ragini-u know na papa as usual in her dream world..
Shek-she is still sleeping??
Ragini replies yess.. papa
Shekhar-ok beta go and wake him up becoz u both have to go to pick somebody..
Ragini-papa who is cmng??
Shekh-woh some business associates.. what there name is… aaaa.. haa ..maheswaris. wo kya hai na beta i am little bit busy so i cant receive them and nobody else is also free sooo.
Ragini-don’t worry papa we will receive them.. hmmm.
Shekh-thanx beta and go wake up swara becoz their train is almost reaching to the station..
Ragini says ok papa and goes..

A girl is seen sleeping and smiling in her dream world..then ragini came and opens the door and shouts swaraaa.. swara wake up… but swara dont listens becoz he is in her dream world but our ragini knows how to wake up swara.. so she takes a jug which is full of water and pour on swara.. splassssshhhhhh…. swara in jerk open his
Eyes and sits on bed and shouts “Raginiiiii… i will not leave u today..” and she runs behind ragini through the whole room.. at last both sits on bed.. and swara is sad becoz ragini breaks his dream ragini sees this and says
Ragini-“OMG” princess is upset.. hmmm.. ok tell me today did u see ur prince charming in ur dream..
Swara(bit irritated)-noooooo!!!his face is jst reavealing but u… u pour water on me and i get up…
Ragini(bit laughing)- so today also he don’t kiss u and ur dream was incomplete hmm…
Swara-haa and all this is becoz of u..
Ragini-o ‘cmon swara today u jst tell me evryday u see this dream why??
Swara-hmm. Good ques.. so today i also tell u why i see this dream u can say it dream or wish.. its my wish to see that prsn who have guds to kiss me infront of evryone. and propose me. And thats why evryday that prsn comes in my dream he proposed me but whenever his face is going to be revealed. My dream breaks …
Ragini-hmmm. But u know ur wish never gets fulfilled becoz no one have born on this earth to touch the daughters of the head of the village .. toh kiss to bohut door ki baat hai..
Swara-i know ragini it happens in my dream only and not in real life.. ok forget this and tell me why u wake up me so early..
Rag-see i totally forgotten we have to receive smeone frm the station..
Swa-who is cmng??
Rag- some busineess associates haa maheswaris..papa os busy so we have to receive them..
Swa-oh god???i dont wanna go
But ragini says its an order of the dad and push him to the washroom for bath..

Precap: swasan.. meet and their fight..

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Credit to: Eku

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