An incident which change’s my life hell to heaven-Swasan (Chap-13)

hii frndz… i think u r not forgotten me and my fiction and tysm for the comments and its a pretty long episode…. so enjoy….

Recap- Laksh became love baba to make swasan one…
Chap- 13
Swasan leave for shopping with Raglak at xyz mall…
Sanlak and swaragini buying clothes at separate floor…
Laksh is busy in buying clothes and sanskar is vry disturbed….
San- lucky baba will u do something I want to talk with swara, I want to share my feelings with swara…
Lak-jst patient… u know na when baba is here…. San interrupts
San- no fear… I know and I am listening this dialogue from 10 min…. u jst do something or
Lak- areee…. bhai idea toh ane do ( bhai…let idea come in mind…..) Laksh thinks in mind and says yaah… idea came….
San (excited) – what?? Jst tell me….
Lak- jst come with me….
San- no first tell me… what’s the plan
Lak- u trust on me???
San- na…na… no I don’t trust on u…
Lak- very good…. Then definitely come with me….
Both Sanlak come to swaragini.
Lak-ragini ur shopping done or not???
Rag-yess…. And urs…
Lak- of course done and Swara… bhabhi urs shopping done or not….. Hope u don’t mind that I call u bhabhi… hmmm… and winks at sanskar…
Sanskar jst gives a death glare to Laksh….
Swa- no Laksh devar ji… my shopping is done and I am hoping that u didn’t mind… and winks at ragini…
Lak- wow… amazing… now u r looking like my bhabhi.. And he held his collar and shows attitude…
Sanskar calls lakshhhhh…. Laksh immediately understands that his bro is vry much angry and he starts his plan….
Lak- ragini jst let me see what u buy for my cute bhabhi and he takes the bag from ragini hands
Oh sitt… ragini this color didn’t match with bhai clothes…. Jst come with me….
Rag- no Laksh it’s perfectly matching with the clothes of jiju… u r jst dumb…
Laksh winks at ragini…. And gives a signal to come with him….

Rag- what u r saying Laksh jst say clearly…..
Both swasan doesn’t understand that what they r doing…
Laksh knows his cute ragini doesn’t understand anything and jst he drags ragini to the shop and he gives a thumbs up to sanskar….
Now swasan are alone and both are silent then sanky breaks the silence..
San- swara…. laksh ki bato ka bura mat manana… actually he is very talkative…
Swa- isme bura manane wali kon si baat hai…. actually I like talkative people….
San- hmm… I want to say something swara….
Swa- say…
San- I am sorry swara…. becoz of me today u r in this situation and believe me I don’t want to force u to do this marriage but…..
Swara with a sad smile
Swa- but u can’t do anything right…..
San- hmm…
Swa- (sad smile) u know sanskar my life is vry simple but from when u come in my life…. My life becomes jst a mess…. Nothing is in my control… u know I am vry happy with that simple life but now I jst hate my life, I hate my fate, my destiny and I hate… but swara jst realizes that what she is going to say then she composes herself….. I think we r getting late…..
Sanskar is jst listening swara…. he is heartbroken and he is cursing himself that why he came in to swara life…. And he is jst staring swara with tearful eyes swara is also staring him…
Then Raglak came there and says let’s go we have done our shopping…. Both swasan come out of their thoughts
Swa- let’s go ragini….
And swaragini leaves Laksh sees his bhai…
Lak- bhai are u alright??
San (wiping his tears) – nothing lucky…let’s go.…
Sanlak and swaragini leaves in the car……
(Guys I don’t want to drag much so I am coming to engagement directly….. and I know u r thinking that engagement date came but shourya didn’t do anything… hahaaha…. Actually he is going somewhere for important work… and he gives responsibility to adarsh to stop the engagement…. )

@engagement day
Everyone is busy in work becoz it is big day for all of them and a special day for swasan…. Gadodia house is decorated like new bride….
Shek- ramu what u r doing keep this flower there and keep those sweets there……. Uffff everything is jst messed up….
Laksh- uncle… uncle… jst take a deep breathe and relax I am here na why r u taking tension… hmmm jst sit down…
Then dadi comes and says
Dadi- Laksh see na from morning he is doing work even for a sec he did not sit….
Shek- maaa aap kaise baat kar rhi hai meri beti ki shagai hai aaj aur main kaise baith sakta hoon…. (Mom what r u saying… my daughter engagement is there how I can sit….)
Lak- uncle almost work is done and what is left I will see it and u go get ready… becoz muharat ka time ho gya hai aur main bhai ko dekh kar ata hoon…. (I am going to see bhai…..)
Shekhar goes from there and dadi ask to Laksh
Dadi- sanskar is ready for this engagement na….
Lak- dadi u don’t take tension bhai is ready…yaa… He is somewhat disturbed but u don’t worry I will handle….
Laksh enter in the room and says bhai are u ready??? Aree u r so fast…
San- lucky am I doing right by doing this engagement???
Laksh in concerned tone bhai what r u saying???
San- lucky I mean swara is not ready and i….
Lak- bhai….. u love her or not….
San- I love her lucky but…
Lak- bhai jst trust on ur love and go ok….
San- but..
Lak- bhai if u say other word na then nxt u will get punch from me…. So jst go all r waiting…..
San- ok ok no one win from u let’s go…..

Ragini is helping swara to get ready for the engagement… Swara is bit nervous…
Rag- swara… u r alright…
Swa- hmm… bit nervous…
Rag- I know but trust me u r not doing anything wrong and it is ur right decision….
Swa- hmm…
Rag- hmmm se kam nhi chlega now give a smile and let’s go all r waiting….
Swara gives a fake smile and leaves with ragini

All the guest arrives at the hall… everyone is happy
As soon as swara come at the hall everyone’s gaze come on her… ragini is holding swara and she comes down through stairs… she is wearing a pink lehenga(remember that dress which swara wears on her en-gagement day….)
Sanskar is wearing a sherwani which perfectly match with swara dress and as u all know he is staring swara without blinking her eyes….
Ragini comes with swara and make swara stand beside him…. Sanskar is jst staring her….
Rag- jiju stop staring her and it’s a matter of 15 days only after that she will be urs and then how much u want u can stare….
Everyone laughs and sanskar feel embarrassed…
Shekhar comes on stage and announces something…
Shek- ladies and gentlemen as u all know today is my daughter swara engagement is there…. From starting I plan something for swara…. swara beta come on stage…. Swara comes on the stage…… shekhar touches her forehead and says god bless u beta… sanskar u also come on stage….

A man comes and handover some papers to shekhar and goes…. Shekhar turns towards sanskar and says….
Shek-sanskar today I am giving my two precious thing first one is swara to u… I hope that u will take care of her….
San- don’t worry uncle I will take care of swara…
Shek- and next thing is u all r seeing papers in my hand so these are the papers of sheesmahal. From now onwards it’s urs …
San- uncle… I can’t take this…. This is ur dharohar and I can’t… plzz uncle…
Shek- sanskar… plzz don’t say no I want to do something for my daughter…. Plzz take it…
San- on one condition… it will be on the name of swara….
Shek- I know sanskar that u r very stubborn… so I make sheesmahal on the name of u both….
Swasan takes the papers together…..
Laksh comes on the stage and announces
Lak- guys in ring ceremony much time is left according to pandit ji…. So I think for some fun and also my
sweet bro and cute bhabhi engagement is there and it happens without fun…. Not possible…. So r u gyzz ready for the fun…..
Ragini listens this and she also come on the stage….
Rag- oh hello!!! Today not only ur bhaiya and bhabhi are getting engage…. My handsome jiju and lovely sis are also getting engage…. So we have fun together…..
Lak- ok then let’s go….

Laksh sings…..
Wah wah Ramji, jodi kya banaayi
Bhaiya aur bhabhi ko badhaai ho badhaai
Sab rasmon se badi hai jag mein dil se dil ki sagaai

Ragini sings…..
Aap ki kripa se yeh shubh ghadi aayi
Jiji aur jija ko badhaai ho badhaai
Sab rasmon se badi hai jag mein dil se dil ki sagaai

Wah wah Ramji

Wah wah Ramji

Laksh comes to swara and sings….

Mere bhaiya jo, chup baithe hai
Dekho bhabhi yeh kaise aithe hai
Aise bade hi bhale hain – 2
Maana thode manchale hain
Par aap ke siva kahin bhi na phisle hai

Dekho dekho khud pe jiji itraai

Bhaiya aur bhabhi ko badhaai ho badhaai

BOTH Raglak dances together and sings….
Sab rasmon se badi hai jag mein dil se dil ki sagaai

Wah wah Ramji

Arre wah wah Ramji

Wah wah Ramji

Ragini comes to sanskar and sings….

Suno jijaji, aji aap ke liye
Meri jiji ne bade tap hai kiye
Mandiron mein kiye phere – 2
Pooja saanjh savere
Teen lok, tain tees devon ko yeh rahi ghere

Laksh comes to swara and sings….
Jaisi maine maangi thi, vaisi bhabhi paayi

Jiji aur jija ko badhaai ho badhaai

Both raglak…
Sab rasmon se badi hai jag mein dil se dil ki sagaai
Wah wah Ramji

Arre wah wah Ramji

Wah wah Ramji…..

The song ends and everyone claps for Raglak….

After sometime Raglak come on the stage and says…

Lak- aaj mere bhai ki engagement hai aur vo khud na nache aisa ho nhi sak-ta….so everyone clap for swara bhabi and sanskar bhai….

San- lucky we r not interested u and ragini carry on…

Swa- haan… plzz u people enjoy…

Lak- aree aap log kaisi baat kar rhe hai…(what u guys r talking…..)

Rag- yesss… Its ur engagement na… so u have to dance…

Dadi- swasan… it’s the matter of dance only na and muharat main time hai… so don’t worry…

Swasan hesitantly come on stage…

Lights get off and a white light flashes on stage… the song starts…

Sanskar forwards his hand for dance…. Swara hesitantly gives her hand…sanskar keeps her hand on his shoulder and drags swara by her waist… swara feels but-terfly in her stomach by his touch… they start dance…

Tere dar pe aakey tham gaye
Naina namazi ban gaye
Ik dhuje mein yoon dal ke
Aashikana aayath ban gaye
Main aur tum
Kaisi dil lagayi kar gaye
Rooh ki rubaayi ban gaye
Kaali kaali donon the jo
Thoda sa donon bhar gaye
Main aur tum
Chalo ji aj saaf saaf kehta hu
Itni si baat hai muje tumse pyaar hai
Yoon hi nahi main tumpe jaan detha hu
Itni si baat hain muje tumse pyaar hai

Sanskar twirls swara round and they have cute eyelock…

Lage na yeh doop zaruri
Lage na yeh chanv zaruri
Miltey hain ishq zamin par
Ab do hi nam zaroori
Main aur tum
Apna khuda bhi hoga
Apna hi Rab le lenge
Kud ki bana ke duniya
Ye zindagi jee lenge
Main aur Tum
Chalo ji aj saaf saaf kehta hu
Itni si baat hai muje tumse pyaar hai
Yoon hi nahi main tumpe jaan detha hu
Itni si baat hai muje tumse pyaar hai
Muje tumse, pyar hai

They are dancing romantically and they r very close to each other and in between swara losses her balance but sanskar holds her at right time… and they have intense eye lock… cool breeze is blowing…

Ek tum, ek main, teeja mangu kya khuda se
Dil doon jaan doon kya doon ithna batha de
Tera mera ristha hai sanson se bhi nazuk
Tum sa hum sa koyi dujha na hoga na hua re
Do dil sa ik seeney mein hai jaise
Main aur Tum
Ab dono hum ik jeeney mein hain jaise
Main aur Tum
Jaan se zyada chaha tumko piya re
Harpal, hardum, humdum tumko jiya re
Aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon
Itni si baat hai muje tumse pyaar hai
Yunhi nahi main tumpe jaan detha hoon
Itni si baath hai muje tumse pyaar hai
Chalo ji aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon
Itni si baath hai muje tumse pyar hai
Muje tumse pyar hai…

Song gets over but swasan are still lost in their eyes and they came in senses due to the noise of clap…

Pandit- muharat ka samay ho gya hai…
Ap comes with ring from sanskar’s side and shekhar comes with swara and ragini is holding the plate of ring…
Both swasan come and pandit says first sanskar make wear the ring to swara then swara will…
Ap gives ring to sanskar and sanskar makes wear the ring to swara… everyone claps…. Then swara make wear the ring to sanskar…. Everyone claps…..
Engagement completed everyone is very happy especially dadi…

Guyzz howz this awesome or not…. I know u r thinking that their engagement held so easily… so guys it’s becoz I don’t want any drama in engagement…. So guyzz if u like plzz comment…..

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