An incident which change’s my life hell to heaven-Swasan (Chap-11)


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Recap- sanskar in dilemma… shourya and dushyant evil plan…

A servant comes and says malik- a person came here and says to give it to u
Shek- what is it and he takes it and read it and he is shocked….
Dadi comes there and says
Dadi- shekhar what happened??? And she sees a letter in his hand… she takes it and read and says… how they can do it….
Shek- they send notice to resign the post of mukhia because I disrespect that bl****y social people and…kept sanskar in my house….
Dadi- I know all the things are done by dushyant…. He does all the things so that he can take sheesmahal frm us…
Shek- I know maa… now what I will do… if I resign the post of mukhia then that dushyant will become the mukhia and the future of ramgarh will be at danger…
Sanskar hears their talk and feels very guilty…
Dadi is pacing here and there and thinking about the solution of this problem….. Then shekhar calls everyone in the hall…. Everyone gathers in the hall and shekhar says
Shek- as u all knows that I got notice to resign…. I had taken my decision that tomorrow morning I will resign from the post of mukhia…. That’s all…
Dp- but shekhar ji!!! Why u r doing???
Shek- Dp ji … plzz and I am sorry I can’t do this deal…. Becoz frm tomorrow I am no more head of this village.
Shekhar goes frm there upset…
Lak- what u think???
San- about what…
Lak- about swara….
San- lucky u r mad here so much problem is created and u r saying to think about swara….
Lak- becoz I know jab tak apko yeh ehsaas nhi hoga tab tak….
San- I don’t wanna talk about it so jst….

@ Morning
All the people r present and shekhar is going to sign on his resignation letter…. Suddenly sanskar came and says…
San- stop shekhar uncle!!!! U will not resign frm this post…
All r looking confused and u know na some people r present for brain washing and taunting…
People- see his lawyer came…
Men1- areee aise kaise…. he has to resign frm this post… he do wrong behavior with these people…
San- so… u r remembering that he does wrong behavior with this b****y… ye social workers kam dusro ke ghar me aag jyada lagate hai… u r trusting on these people but u r not trusting on that person who serve all his life to develop this village.
He bends on his knees in front of shekhar and says
San- uncle!!! U will not sign on these papers….
U all have problem with me na… then ok I am leaving this house in fact this village…. Mom dad let’s go from here…
DADI (shouts) – no one is going frm here…and shekhar u have no need to sign on these papers….
Men- parr dadi ji ye bataiye iske alawa aur koi rasta bhi toh nhi hai…. (we don’t have other option….)
Dadi- option hai…. She goes towards swara kept his hand on her forehead and says
Dadi- beta u trust on me…
Swa- ye aap kaisi baat kar rhi hai dadi… yes of course… I trust on u…..
Then she goes towards Dp and says
Dadi- Dp ji ….aaj main aap se kuch mangne ayi hoon…
Dp- aree kaki sa aap kaisi baat kar rhi hai… plzz aap order dijiye…. Main kya kar sakta hoon….
Dadi- main apne beti swara ka haath aap ke bade bete sanskar ke liye mangna chahti hoon… kya aap use apne ghar ki badi bahu banayenge….
Everyone is shocked… dp says “hum log ki taraf se toh haan hai but ek baar aap swara se…”
Dadi turns to swara and she says
Swa- noo… dadi maine apki sari baat mani hai… par main aapki iss baat ko nhi maan skti…main iss rishte ke liye inkaar kar rhi hoon (I will not do this marriage…)
Dadi- but beta…
Swa- noo… dadi plzz and she ran’s to her room…
Dadi- beta….
San- dadi… plzz don’t force her… if she don’t want this relation then… aur waise bhi main yahan se jaa rha hoon… let’s go…
Dadi is continuously saying to sanskar that stop sanskar… plzz don’t go sanskar say
San- dadi maa… plzz don’t stop me… and don’t cry and don’t take stress… I will be in touch with u he have tears in his eyes becoz (he luvs dadi the most in these small days they had vry grt bond becoz swara dadi’s cares him most and he also cares a lot….) aapki maine sari batein mani hai parr… yeh baat…. Sorry dadi becoz I heart u but… I have to go…. And at last sanskar goes… as soon as sanskar goes dadi faints there itself…
Shekhar shouts Maaaaaaaaa……….
All runs towards her….. Swara in her room listens the shout of shekhar she hurriedly goes to check she is shocked to see and shouts dadiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……..
Then later doctor comes and checks dadi and says her condition is vry critical…. Shekhar ji I said u earlier that take care of her…. any kind of shock or stress will make her condition worse and now….
Then dadi takes out her oxygen mask and breathe heavily and says sw..ara… sw.. ara
Swara comes and says dadi I am here only say…
Dadi- san..s..kar.. plzz sw..ara go and get him… jab tak tum haan nhi kahogi tab tak who nhi rukega… plzz swara and she holds her hand swara go she is right for u… plzz..
Shek- plzz swara jao usse rok lo warna maa…. Plzz swara go…
Swa- ok dadi I am going but u don’t take tension I will get him back and she hurriedly goes….
And she calls someone and says bunty… tum jldi se station pahuchon main aa rhi hoon….

There shourya and adarsh r vry happy becoz there grt enemy sanskar is gone…
Adi- yarr u r jst mind blowing how u get that idea that u send that notice???
Shou- no adi…. I didn’t do anything and I don’t send any notice….
Adi- then who send????
Shou- aree koi bhi ho parr hamare fayda hi hua…. And that sanskar is out frm this village…
Adi- let’s party yarr… we won???
Shou- no adi…. One thing is left and he calls someone???
Adi- what shourya tum kabhi nhi sudhroge… (U will never change)
Shou- vo toh hai kyun ki main apne dushmano ko nhi chodta…. And they both laugh….
There swara takes a cab and goes to station…

All the members are waiting for train…. Laksh sees all are sad and for lightning the mood he cracks a joke but this no one laugh…. Then sanskar stands up and says there is much time left for the arrival of train.. I should get something and goes to shop….
Some men’s see this and nods in yesss to each other and smirks they have a hockey stick and a wood rod in their hand….
Sanskar is going towards the shop suddenly a girl purposely get hit with sanskar and go on shouting to sanskar
Girl- tum ladke bas ek mauka dhoondte rehte ho ki kaise ladki se takrain aur who tumhare pyar main gir jaien hai na (u boys are jst seeing a chance to get hit with a girl… and by this u thought that girl will fall for u hmm…)
San- dekhiye behen ji it’s done by mistake and I am sorry….
Girl- kya sorry haan… first u flirt with girl and then u say sorry…. She is shouting and by seeing this people gathers there… (Actually this girl is on the side of goons that’s why she is blaming sanskar….)
San- aree… main aapse pyar se baat kar rha hoon aur aap mujhe hi galat keh rhi hain aur glti aapki hi hai…
Girl- dekhiye bhai log ek toh glti khud ki aur mujh par chila rha h…
Goon1- haan dekhiye kaise badtameezi se baat kar rha hai….
Goon2- aree yeh toh whi hain na jo uss raat… party main….
Some ladies- aree aise logo ko toh mar dena chahiye….
San- stop it.. main kuch bol nhi rha hoon iska matlab aap log kuch bhi kahenge….
Goons- areee bhaiyo dekh kya rhe hoon maro isse….
All the goons come forward to beat sanskar…
Sanskar beats 2-3 goons but what he can do he is single and they r many in no..
Laksh came there but the goons surround him also and start beating….
Now the goons start beating sanskar…. Someone is seeing all this scene from far and laughing…. Yess guys he is shourya… he only tell his goons to beat sanskar…. Bunty comes to station and see this and calls swara..
There swara is vry restless..
Swa (thinks)- why I am feeling restless… I am feeling like someone who is vry close to me is in pain… I am feeling like someone is stabbing me with knife in my heart….
There sanskar is beating brutally by the goons and blood is coming out from his whole body and he only remembers one person that is swara…..
Then her phone rings
Swa- haan Bunty tell???
Bunty- swara come fast here some people are beating sanskar….
Swa- what????
Bunty- yesss…
Swa- ok ok I am coming…. And she hurriedly tells to driver bhaiya jldi chaliye….( go fastly to station)
Shourya calls a goon and says “kill him” then goon replies yesss….
Sanskar is in pool of blood… blood is coming out of his brain… and see no one is coming to save him… laksh is trying his level bst but the goons are tightly holding him…
A goon is going to hit sanskar with rod but swara came there and hold it and jerks him away she had a gun in her hand says
Swa-pointing gun towards them if anyone dares to come near sanskar… then I swear I will kill him…
The man who is holding sanskar left him and sanskar falls on ground… swara sees this and she hurriedly goes to sanskar ( don’t worry the goons r controlled by Laksh and Bunty…
Sanskar is in pool of blood and by seeing this swara unknowingly had tears in her eyes… sanskar is in his senses… swara takes his head in her lap and caresses his face.
Swa- sanskar make ur eyes open… and don’t worry tumhe kuch nhi hoga..
Some ladies- are dekho dekho us din toh bina kuch kahen niakal gyi thi aur aaj bada pyar aa rha hain… hmm
Swara hears them and she stands up and says…
Swa-(shouts) tamasha chal rha yaha parr haan… aur aap log itne hatte kattee hoke in gundo se lad nhi skte the… nhi.. nhi aap log aisa kyun karenge….. aap log isse jante toh ho nhi hai na… chahe ek bande ki jaan chli jaye aap logo samne parr aap log kuch nhi karenge… haan aap logo ko sirf ek kam krne ata hai gossips karna… hai na… uske ghar main aisa hua iske ghar main aisa hua…bas yhi sab. Hmmm…
Girl and some people ask swara
People- aree lagta kya hain yeh tumhara jo tum itna tadap rhi hoon… (What relation do u have with him that u r so angry…)
Everyone says haan… haan.. Bolo bolo… tell tell
Swa-(shouts) he is my would be husband….
Everyone is jst shocked… no one is saying anything
Swa- bas.. ho gya aur kuch puchna hai aap logo ko… yhi janana tha na toh suniye yeh mera hone wala pati hai aur main isse shadi krne wali hoon….
Police came there and arrest goons and with help of Laksh swara makes sanskar sit in car and drove back to gadodia house….
Shourya is vry much angry and this time he is angry on swara becoz he never expects that swara will do this type of things…. And goes from there ( bechare ka do baar lol ho gya hahahaha….)
Swasan with family reaches there and doctor bandages the wound of sanskar….
Doc- maine medicines likh diye hai… aap de dijiye ga aur aap thode dino ke liye rest kijiye… chinta karne ki koi baat nhi hai…(don’t take any tension and take some rest….)
Doctor goes frm there and AP comes to sanskar with teary eyes…
Ap- pta hai how much I afraid when I see u in that condition… meri toh jaan nikal gyi thi…
San- maa!!! Don’t take tension see I am fine… haan thodi si chot ayi hai bas thik ho jaunga hmm….
Lak- hmm.. Bhai swara ne aake shi time pe bacha liya warna…(swara came on right time warna…)
Then swara comes in the room and knocks the door… Laksh and ap see this and winks to each other…
Swara comes there holding a glass of haldi milk…
Ap- Laksh who mujhe tumse kuch kam hai… toh chlo…
And both goes leaving swasan alone….
Swa- drink this u will feel better…
Sanskar like innocent boy drinks the milk…
Swa- I want to talk something???
San- wide his eyes and says… hmm… what??
Swa- who.. actually.. main
San- swara say clearly what u want to say….
Swa- sanskar what I did is only that I care for u as for humanity and if any other person is also there I will do this what I did for u so don’t misunderstand me that…
San- that u love me… right… u wanna say this right… so swara jst relax and plzz take breathe for sometime… actually says all the thing in one breathe..
Swa- oh sorry!!!
San- waise agar meri jagah koi aur hota toh tum use bhi apna husband bana leti… hmm..
Swara widen her eyes and says noooooo….
San- so… Why u say???
Swa- actually what I say jst for the sake of dadi… when u gone frm here then she tells everything to sanskar…
San- what?? Dadi condition is not well and now u r informing me… I want to meet dadi now…
Swa- but sanskar ur condition is also not well u should take some rest…
But sanskar doesn’t listen her and goes to meet dadi….
Sanskar comes and sit behind dadi and hold her hands… dadi slowly open her eyes and says
Dadi- san.. s.kar.. u come.. I am so happy swara u fulfilled ur promise…. But this bandages what happen to u???
San- shhhh.. dadi jst relax doctor told u to rest na soo.. And this is small accident nothing else…
Dadi- I am so happy… swara come here beta and sit…. And she ask to sanskar.. beta will u hold my swara hand forever….
Sanskar look towatds swara and says yessss….
Then dadi ask to swara… are u ready for the marriage…
Swara look towards sanskar then at dadi and says dadi aap jaisa kahengi waisa hi hoga and i am ready… but aap plzz apna khyal rakhiye and do rest…

Then shekhar comes there with soup…. Maa jst drink this soup and medicines and take some rest…
Dadi- ab mujhe in medi ki koi jarurat nhi main thik ho jaungi… swara give me ur hand….
Swara forwards her hand dadi put swara’s hand in sanskar’s hand and says shekhar start the marriage rituals of our daughter…

Both swasan are seeing each other….

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Credit to: Eku

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