An incident that Changed our lives (Part 8)

San was shocked but later with an emotionless face started to walk towards the room while Swara followed him silently with tears continuously flowing from her eyes…
Swara followed him as she was Sanskar’s wife now and also her dupatta was tied with Sanskar due to gath bandhan….
On the other side

Shwe: how can you do this to me Laksh! I was supposed to be your would be bhabhi…..

Lak; yes bhabhi ji but what to do destiny had some other plans for us bhabhi ji and (whispers) I got to to know how you blackmailed chachiji so dare you do anything now otherwise your whole truth will be out

Shwe: but you don’t have any proof against me fine ! So don’t act so smart

Lak: I don’t have proofs but I can collect it can’t it bhabhi ji ? And who is being so smart we both know so better we don’t talk about it we should both go to our room write or you planning to sit and take some heat from the fire but I don’t have any  problem with that also but yeah if mosquitoes come and bite your sweet skin then I don’t know ! But oh god! I forgot that Mosquitoes drink only sweet blood and your blood is so bitter (in a low dangerous tone) your only skin is soft but blood and heart are both bitter. Better you follow me now otherwise your consequences would not be good.

Shwe: and whom are you to tell whether my blood or heart is good or no…. And whom should I follow

Lak: (smilingly) your dear , charming and hot husband and from today you are SHWETA LAKSH DHANRAJ
On the other side

San: I am going out Swara. You take this (hands her the pink stroll)

Swa: Sanskar I will also come with you please…..

San: no by going out I mean I am just taking a stroll in the garden…. For fresh air.

Swa: kk come fast

San: I don’t need your advice

Swara lowers her head and goes

Swara reaches her room I mean swasan room
Inside the room

Hi ! I am Swara kapoor I mean Swara Sanskar Dhanraj……
My life was perfect I just told shweta the past which was important…
I never told Sanskar’s whole past because I could see it on her face that she was not interested she was just cring fakely huh! She is a big jerk and I hate jerks.
So yeah where was I on Sanskar’s Past so let’s start from when Sanskar left the party

When Sanskar left the party I felt a part of mine was going away from me I thought of calling him back to the party but I knew that he would not listen to me today because I had seen the pain in his eyes. I don’t know what caused that pain because when he entered the party we had a nice time.. But suddenly when he saw my tears the pain occupied his eyes…..

I guess he did not like my eyes to be teary… Oof ! How caring was he I just wish his memory comes back as soon as possible…
Next day

I thought of meeting Sanskar but Alas ! I did not have his no. So I got an idea that when he will come to pick Laksh I will ask him about his work and if it went well…
I set out for school. The whole day was boring with boring lectures and boring teachers I was finding the day very boring before Sanskar entered my life I used to find school very interesting and the teachers cool but now I don’t know what got into me. I am finding everything boring….. I guess I like Sanskar and his chirpy talks I wish he comes to pick Laksh and talks to me like before.
It was dispersal time….
I went out and started to search Sanskar but today for a change I saw DD uncle I went to him talked with him politely and asked about Sanskar…

Swa: uncle where is Sanskar? is he OK ? Yesterday he went away from the party so early ? I wanted to talk with him more ? What about his work ? Did it went well? Why has he not come to pick Laksh up ?

Dd smiled about my concern and replied

Dd: he is OK ! And he is busy in conference ! That’s why he has not come to pick Laksh up and about his work you can ask him on phone….. I will pass you his phone no.

I was damn happy I was so happy that I removed my diary and the pen and told DD uncle to dictate me his number

Dd uncle smiled and dictated me his no.

Dd: how come you know Sanskar ? I mean you are Laksh’s friend

Oof that Lucky chukky I said in my mind I smiled fakely and said

Swa: just casual friend when he came to pick Laksh up so he used to talk to me he is really a good person.

Dd smiled

Dd: I can see something more than as a friend for Sanskar in you

Dd uncle kept his hand on my head and said “God bless you my child”

I don’t know when he said God bless you I felt really good

So the next was I called Sanskar he licked my phone and in a Bossy tone said

San: hello Sanskar Dhanraj speaking

I thought to take a bit advantage of him

Swa: (in a changed voice) hello Mr. Dhanraj I need to place an order (cutted)

San: Swara I know it’s you so stop playing mind games with me fine ? Now you will ask me how firstly your voice I can come to know by your voice only that you are my Swara and secondly bade Papa told me that he has given my no. To you and secondly I am not your waiter who will take orders of fried rice and Chinese I would have taken your order if you would have been my fiance butleave it why did you call me up any thing serious please tell jaan are you ok. I am really sorry if I behave like this I cannot avoid my this kind of calling names and extra care waala behaviour for you because I really really love you can call this a one sided love or love at first site but the only thing I know is that I love you I love you to infinity and yeah wanted to ask me about the work Na so now you have to judge my work yesterday I went early  from the party because I saw your tears I hate your tears I felt really guilty for bringing tears in your eyes that’s why to avoid seeing tears in your eyes I went away and drove to a far random place to think what should I do next ? Than I got a superb idea

Swa: to avoid me. Right ?

San: hmmm see Swara its good for you and for me the more I talk to you the more I will fall for you….

Swa: this means you didn’t had (choked) any conference ?

San: you are crying right?

Swa: first answer my question don’t change the topic !

San: no first answer my question and yeah I am on the topic

Swa: hmm I am crying now answer my question

San: I had a conference I kept it at 10

Swa: purposely. Right ?

San: haa but how can you know me this much ?

Swa: yaad hai you had dropped ink on my shirt later you confessed that you had done purposely.. Si from that time I know your this side so the end result to avoid me you first went away from the party to think what to do Than 2nd you arranged the conference exact at ten so you can tell DD uncle to pick Laksh right..

San: yes but this is the best way you are small and in high school you need time for all this and maybe it’s just your attraction towards me and leave about attraction you may just like me than what will I do Swara have go seen a broken glass joint without any line that is my love if it gets deepen I would not be able to handle myself and will break if you deny me you can deny me now if you want I am at a sable stage now but later I would not be in a stable stage that’s why take your own time. Kk baby ? Please take care of yourself don’t cry. Kk I have lot of work if possible we will never talk bbye
(Cuts the call)

I was crying how can he do this to me but somewhere if I think logically he was right Sanskar was right but what do this stupid heart was not ready to listen

After about 15 days
I was out of control
I was going in college

I was happy really happy but my happiness was somewhere incomplete so I thought to message Sanskar I messaged Sanskar

Hi ! Sanskar Swara here I have passed my high school I hope that that Lucky chukky would have also passed from high school accha if you will ask me which college which you won’t as you have decided to avoid me I will go in mithibai college I find it a good college. I don’t know I was feeling that my happiness was incomplete that’s why thought to message you have a good day. Bbye All the best !

Sanskar felt heart broken on seeing that message and also smiles at the last line as the last line indicated that I bad some feelings inside me for him which I only didn’t knew at that time.
In the evening

I received a big bouquet in which instead of flowers they were all types of dairymilk silk I was so happy and it had a note which said “CONGRATULATIONS MAY GOD BLESS YOU.”? and a smiley face and down it was written s I know that it was his work I messaged him.

Sanskar gave me a thumsup waala sign I felt very bad because I liked it when be called me names such as jaan and all but now he has stopped all. I felt really bad.

The next thing I remembered is that I have been called to a pub by my friends as we have passed high and will soon start our college. I was dressed in golden sleeveless with two straps on either side it was a golden glittering dress which ended above my knees. I looked absolutely hot. I went to the pub and started drinking 2,3,4,5 drinks after that I got relief I drank this much because I wanted to know what is in between me and Sanskar what kind of connection do we both share… I drank approximately 5 drinks I did not know exact how much did I drank that night I was in a full talli mode I remember that at last I ordered the waiter to bring a scorch I drank the scorch and went on the dancefloor and started dancing like a mad.
On the other side

San:hello OK ! But can I ask you one thing why the hell the meeting has to be set up at a pub the disadvantages at the pub are we cannot here anyone talking we have to scream and talk as the musk is played at high volume.

Os;: but the client is at the pub we have to go there only sir.

San: kk fine I will come

Sanskar goes to the same pub and reached there he gets the shock of his life the girl he used to love is dancing like a mad he is happy to see her happy and enjoying while dancing on the beats and he is worried as he could easily see that she was drilunk and could faint any time the most big shock he got when he saw some boys trying to take advantage of my situation the boys I mean there was a gang of boys they tried to molest me but Sanskar at the right time came and beated those boys black and blue… Aaah my hero but in a talli mode also I could recognise that he was changed he had bece thin he was wearing a red shirt and black jacket , red shirt and blue jeans after beating those boys he came towards me he made me wear his jacket oof ! His manly smell will make me go mad for him…… He carried NE in bridal style I could see some men gathering around him to ask him for the meeting he told that the meeting was cancelled as he had an urgent work and I as usual knew that the urgent work was me…
He drove me to my home mom and dad were shocked to see me he picked me up in bridal style took me to my room , he made me lye on bed and covered with a sheet properly he caressed my hair out wet cloths on my head the one which mom did when I was a child the time when I used to have fever…. He was so caring

After that I woke up in the morning and first thing I saw was Sanskar aww he was looking so cute I started to caress his beard he woke up and saw me he went out within 10 minutes he was back he brought lemon juice for me.

San (avoiding eye contact): this may help to reduce your hangover

He passed the glass of juice to me.

The screen froze on the face of Swara looking at Sanskar.
Hi ! I am really sorry guys I had to cut the part over here I would write more romantic moments between swasan in the next part please like vote nd comment too… And maybe if you all comment I would give the next part more early.


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