An incident that Changed our lives (Part 6)

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Let’s start
Past ( narrated by swara smilingly in tears )

Swara’s POV
The next day Sanskar came to my school to pick Lucky up. He asked me whether I want to join him. He wanted to take me out on a coffee. I was feeling strange. So I said him some other day.
POV ends

(Narrated by Laksh)
Sanskar picked Laksh and went in the car Laksh noticed that this was not the way back home.

Lak: oye ! Devdas you again lost in your own dream land or what ? This is not the way back home. Take a U-turn now ! (Angrily) every time I come with you this  happens and now you are not saying sorry to me for that miss. Paagal you correctly say sorry and that to two times and for me you never say that such a bad bro are you. You never listen to me. Now also you are not listening you are very very bad I will not talk to you.

While Laksh was in with his complains  Sanskar was driving without any tension and  was acting as if he did not listen anything.

Sanskar reached the soft toy shop.

Lak: oh hello ! What are we doing here ? Are you listening Mr. Dhanraj.

Sanskar acted as if he was not listening and went to the soft toy shop and bought a big pink Teddy bear in which it was written best friends forever. Laksh was totally shocked.

San: ae lucky aaloon ki chikki catch this and don’t you dare spoil it.

Lak: such a biiiiiig Teddy bear. Omg ! Is it for me  but you know I don’t like Teddy bears please exchange this and bring a video game for me. Pleaaaase.

Sanskar’s anger burst

San: Shut up you are talking from when ! I am not telling anything that doesn’t mean you can keep on talking and blabbering this Teddy is for SWARA her birthday is coming. Now please don’t ask when I came to know about it you are toh useless fellow. So I found it from her diary. Now you will ask me how. So I will answer it first only when I had come to pick you up. I dropped ink on Swara’s shirt and asked her to go and wash it and I would take care of her bag by the time she went and came i opened her bag saw her birthday in the diary and kept the diary back in the bag as it
Was and kept it back. So her birthday is tomorrow according to her diary. So I have brought this big Teddy and if your memory is sharp enough so you will remember that Swara’s sweater was also of the same color.

Laksh’s mouth was an O shaped

Lak: so much scolding to your brother just  for that Ms. Paagal.

Lak(in mind) : my Bhai is completely drowned in the sea of love. Now he cannot be rescued also. Too bad ! Tcch…tcch

Both reached home

Sujata: oh god ! Sanskar you have brought a  Teddy is it for me but you never give a Teddy to me and today is no occasion so why suddenly but I am glad you have brought a Teddy for me. I am so happy my lovely child.

San(in mind ) : why does everyone think that this Teddy belongs to them oh god first Laksh than mom.

San: no mom this is for SWARA not for you but if you want i will bring the same Teddy for you it is available in that store. ( descending down the staircase)

Sujju:(pouts) too bad but it’s ok. I don’t want a Teddy I am a big girl and a mother so it does not look good on me.

Laksh to goes to sujju

Laksh goes to sujju and whispers

Lak: chachiji today he is carrying a Teddy tomorrow he will carry my bhabhi very bad ask him to become the old Sanskar Na that flirty one.

Sujju: Shut up Laksh! I am glad that he has fallen in love it is the most best feeling in the world me and ramji also (blushes)

Laksh was shocked by her statement

Laksh(in mind) : like mother like son. Continue

Laksh goes

At night

Laksh goes in Sanskar’s room

Lak: bhai I need help in maths sum.

He sees sanskar with a screw driver and the heart shaped thing in which it was written best friends forever was broken.

Lak: what the hell! Bhai you broke the Teddy which you had buyed for swara. Too bad

San: will you shut up you know what your problem is you make judgements very quickly. I am trying to fix the audio inside the Teddy. So that whenever Swara will press the heart she will hear the audio.

Lak: ohho ! What is there in the audio I also want to listen to it.

San: none of your buisness. May i ask Why you came in my room.

Lak: sure why not you may ask and my answer would be that I need you to solve my sum in maths i am not getting the answer.

San: have you ever got the answers to any of your questions? Your life itself is a big question mark.

Laksh makes a cranky face.

Lak: so much scoldings in one day. That’s not done…….

San: stop your melodrama kk ? And give me the sum.

Laksh gives Sanskar solved the sum in two minutes .

San: now get lost before I beat you

Laksh goes from there running.

Next day

Sanskar gives the Teddy to Swara which was beautifully wrapped in dark pink gift paper with a light pink bow.

Sanskar: Happy birthday Swara ! ? this is for you (gives the gift to Swara)

Swara was shocked as to how Sanskar knew her birthday. She was giving angry glares to her friends as she had thought that they must have told Sanskar about  her birthday but her friends were nodding in no Sanskar saw the whole scenario and smiled and said

San: Swara your friends didn’t told me about your birthday I had found out from your diary now you will ask how so my answer would be that i purposely spilled ink on your shirt yesterday so i could check your bag to know your birthday.

Sw: Hawwww ! Such a bad person you are
you don’t know you should not check a girl’s bag without her permission.

San: (innocently and teasingly) you only told Na that they are no limits to your friendship so let me tell you that there are no limits for my curiosity and haa do tell me how was the gift and open it when you reach home not before that.

Sanskar smiles and went from there and Swara was confusingly looking at the gift with questions in her eyes.

Sw: what would be inside ? Should I open or not ? Should I return it to Sanskar no but he might feel bad so I will keep it with me and the gift feels soft. So may be there is something good inside it. I will open it and see.

Swara’s room

Swara Sat down and opened it.

She was shocked surprised happy a mixture of feelings arose in her. She always wanted a teddy like that but her parents never brought it. She started o dance and do partner dance with the Teddy. She was so happy that she didn’t read the letter which was given along with the Teddy.

Then after sometime she saw a pink chit lying there.

Swara (in mind): oh ! I always forget to read letters when gifts are given to me. So stupid of me. Heehe ! Chalo let’s open and read what’s in it.

In the letter
Hi dear ! Swara my birthday girl. As usual you forgot to read your letter given to you along with the Teddy bear. No problem. And yeah I have used the word my because I really really love you. And don’t worry you don’t need to love me back. My love is one sided just in the movie ae dil hai mushkil (hey! Guys it’s my favorite movie) ranbir kapoor’s love was one-sided my love is one-sided. Only the difference is he acted to love one-sided and I am really living you one- sided. Kk? Now don’t be shocked. For further more, if you are ready to know more. Please press the heart of the Teddy bear.
End of letter

Swara was in complete delema. She pressed the heart of the Teddy bear.

Audio Sanskar’s voice

Hi my princess many many happy returns of the day baby I really really love you. Muah muah muah (kises ka sond yaar). I know for you it’s like how can this even be possible but trust me even if you don’t like me or you hate me after this it’s completely fine. And you know I believe in fact my Su that my one’s love is enough for both of us. Haa but even after you hate me it’s completely fine with me you know. Aur yeah I want you to come with me to a coffee shop or hotel of your choice. I want to give you a great and I am asking you because unfortunately your diary does not tell which coffee shop or hotel you like. Now if we do it as a suspense serial ending. So it would be like this. (He transformed his voice) would Swara the birthday girl , the Queen of Sanskar’s heart will accept the proposal to go to a coffee shop or will Swara hate him what would be the new twist coming in Sanskar-swara’s friendship to know more ummmm (he is thinking) ask Swara the director she is the only leader of swara-sanskar’s friendship Sanskar toh poor he is just a soft toy who will get life after Swara accept Sanskar’s proposal of coffee shop and throws her anger and hatred in the bin. Thank you aaj ka samachar khatam hota hey. (He transformed his voice in a girl voice) itni friendship mein itna hi milenga (for this much friendship you will get only this much) (transforms voice back to Sanskaar Dhanraj) and haa baby doll don’t forget to call me otherwise Meri aatma Tujhein Hamesha sataayengi don’t be scared it’s just the full form of maths I know you hate maths Lucky old me I also hate maths if you don’t call me I will make you do 20 sums of maths each day now don’t ask how I will tell the sir’s they know me they will surely give you lot of homework. Last but not the least. I LOVE YOU FROM THE CORE OF MY HEART BYE HAVE A TIGHT PEACEFUL BEAUTIFUL SLEEP BABY DOLL.
End of audio

Swara was literally laughing like hell

Sw: Hahahahah ! His voice like a girl one oh my god ! He really made my day. I think I started to like him the way he calls me baby doll. Uff ! Swara you forgot to call him. Oh god ! Nooooo If I don’t call him  he will tell my sirs to give me a lot of homework. And if Even he would have not given me a dhamkee I would have called him because he is such a good person.

On call

Swa: (excitedly) hi JAANU !

Sanskar felt a current in his body.

San: say it again please.

Sw: (blushingly) haa JAANU.

San: oh my God did you accept my proposal.

Sw: (teasingly) kaunsa coffee waala.

San: nahi yaar doosra waala. Ab yeh mat bola ki audio chala nahin Mene kal poori raat baith ke voh audio fit kiya aur oose test bhi kiya phir kaise nahi chal sakta hain.

Sw (shockingly) : you had set the audio.

San: haa yaar (he realised what he had said) Swara I didn’t mean like that it was just that I was so excited to hear the word jaanu from your mouth I am really sorry I should not have said that. ( he got an idea)

Within two minutes Swara’s laptop was ringing with the name Sanskar flashing on the laptop. She pressed the green sign.

San: hii ! Baby doll how are you doing why do you look so sad. I am really sorry if I hurt you my intention was not to hurt you. Please understand.

Sw: oye devdas! Stop tour drama and I bet you would not have said sorry so many times to Laksh in so many years. Right ?

Sanskar nodded

Swa: and speaking about relationship I need some time to think then will tell you. And haa one more thing (she says huskily) today evening there is a party in my house would you come ?

San: who would stop me ?

Swa: I like the people especially men whom I cannot understand that whether they are smart more or handsome.

San: and what about me ?

Swa: I must say you are a complete Bollywood freak you have watched so many movies and I bet you have watched race 2 a thousand times. Right.

San: same to you baby you are also a complete bollwyood freak watching movies and you have also watched race 2 a thousand times. And about the party is it seriously there aur ai-veiy.

Swa: you are absolutely right jaanu. I am a complete bollwyood freak I have watched race 2 about thousand times and yeah about the invitation Swara kapoor does not give fake invitations and the party is seriously there it starts from umm 7:00 be there haa I really want you to come Sweet heart.

San: kk jaanu accha tell me what do you like the most. Chocolates , dresses , bearings you girls have a variety of choices.

Sw: No need to bring any gifts. You have already gifted a very big Teddy bear so now I don’t need any thing. Kk

San: but me being Sanskar Dhanraj will surely bring something of my choice for you.

Swara smiles.

San: chalo by jaanu. Love you loads jaanu.

Swa: bye and I have to think but I do like you the mooooost jaanu amongst my friends. Kk ? Bbye.

Both cuts the call

And both of them have a big smile on their faces.

Screen freezes on their smiley faces.

Hi ! Hola ! Sastriyakal , kemcho aap padh rahe #An_Incident_that_changed_Our_Lives by Arshiya I hope you liked the seventh part. Sorry guys I am very busy with my ex’s my finals will start from 16th Feb and my revision tests are from this Monday the whole Month exams are there please understand I may not be able to post parts or maybe reveal the suspense and yeah if i dont get a good response likes and comments than forget about the revelation thanks a lot to my regular leaders i will be completely free and will fly like a free bird on 8th March 2016 . Thanks a lot for your cooperation and support. Please pray for me yaar mere finals ka sawaal. Put your valuable comments, suggestions in the comment box and please do like the part it take a lot of time for me to write. Kk ? Thank you soooooo much. This is me Arshiya signing off will look forward whenever free. Till then Tata bby see you and don’t trouble anyone.


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