An incident that Changed our lives (Part 5)

Hi ! Hola ! Sastriyakal , kemcho aap padh rahe hai #AnIncidentthatchangedOurLives by Arshiya 5th Part. I am really happy with the ones who had commented and liked. I want more people to comment. Thanks for your response. Sorry as I am very much late I write a bit long parts so it takes time and moreover I am very much busy in studies these days. Hope you all understand.

So here you go
Swara and Shweta are walking they go inside Laksh’s room.

Shw: why are we in we Laksh’s room?

Swara: patience, darling patience ! Patience will speak for itself.

Swara knocks on the door

Swara: laksh come out fast we need to talk.

Laksh: coming 2mins

Laksh comes wearing a dark blue shirt and black track pants.

Laksh comes out wiping his hair with a towel and gets surprised to see Shweta in his room along with Swara.

Laksh (fake smile) : Swara what is shweta doing here? Shweta do you have any work with me.

Swara: laksh no need of your fake smiles and yeah I have brought shweta here because I want shweta to hear the truth of Sanskar’s past life from both of us.

On hearing the word TRUTH. Laksh ran to latch the door of his room. Laksh then comes to Swara.

Laksh: what the hell Swara! There is no truth of my bro you have been mistaken my bro in past was like this only SANSKARI he was never like me.

Swa: Don’t lie to me Laksh I know you are lying just because shweta is here no need to worry she has promised she will not tell the truth to Sanskar or anyone else. Promise Na Shweta

To which shweta holds her neck like if she is swearing and nods her head and barely manages to say

Shw: yeah

Swa: Cool! come lucky let’s tell her

Laksh: Make yourself comfortable shweta.

Trio sits on bed

Laksh: so let’s start. Are you ready to hear Shweta.

Shw: yeah

(Guys I will write which part is narrated by whom Laksh or Swara )

Flashback (narrated by Laksh)

Sanskar’s 1st year of college (I have already mentioned that Sanskar was in the second year so first year would be his past)

Sanskar’s first day of college

He looks dashing in white shirt ,blue jeans , with black leather jacket and hairs messy.

He enters the college

All the girls were flat on him

Girl 1: he is too hot better than rahul.

Girl2: concentrate on your rahul not this guy. This guy is only made for me one piece hot, handsome and s*xy.

Girl1:What about Rahul ? Tomorrow I will breakup with Rahul then day after tomorrow I will have an affair with this guy and after that I will marry this guy.

Girl2: you are saying anything ! OK if you have guts you go and make him mad for you or show the college that you and that guy are girl friend and boyfriend . kk ? I know that you will not do. So stop telling rubbish.

Girl 1 smirks and in a cat walk style goes towards Sanskar and puts her hands around his neck and says

Girl1: I am Riya and you Mr….?

Sans: Mr. Sound like an oldie to me Riya I would prefer if you Call me a hottie. (Winks)

Riya was amazed to see his level of flirting everybody in the college had a girl friend and did not fliurt with anyone but Sanskar had his own style.

Riya: so what’s your name Hottie (traces down her index finger on his jawline to his neck)

Sans: Sanskar Dhanraj (pulls her towards him by waist)

Riya: the Name sounds like an oldie name but I like your surname isnt it too good.

Sans: I like my name and surname both. And whatever I just got to do with you and your number i mean phone number baby and what I have to got to do with your name right Riya (caresses her waist).

Riya was so engrossed in his touch that she nodded a yes.

Sans: Shall we go to the cafeteria  baby? I am hungry and moreover my legs are paining standing like this. (Makes a pout)

Riya smiles

Ri: kk baby !

Sanskar and Riya goes to the cafeteria while talking Sanskar touches her hand her shoulder her face. While Riya was loving his touch she too started to do the same. They both had their coffee and went to their respective class. Their closeness was observed by Rohan. Rohan was a very Intelligent guy in college was mad behind Riya. His love was one-sided waala love. Riya considered him just as a boyfriend but Rahul considered Riya much more than his girlfriend. Rahul’s anger boiled as he saw Sanskaar’s and Riya’s closeness.
During break time

Ra: Stay away from my girl ! Mr. Sanskar Dhanraj.

San: oh wow ! You know my name but how did you come to know my name I guess you have researched on me a lot ! Who is your girl and as far as I know there is no girl with the name my girl. Right ?

All the other boys laughed on seeing Rahul’s face.

Ra: you have messed with a wrong person Mr. Sanskar Dhanraj. You will have to pay for it.

San: pay for flirting with your girl. Wow ! Ooh I got scared ! Lol ! I don’t care just get lost and don’t you dare show me your face again. Rahul walks angrily.

Sanskar’s phone Rings
On call

Dd: hi Sanskar actually I am busy in a meeting can you please pick Laksh from school. School is just beside your college.

San: Laksh is not a kid ! He can go alone bade Papa.

Dd: but still beta please. You will pick Laksh from school five days from now. Kk ?

San: why?

Dd: for arguing with me ! Now six days for asking me.

San: (makes faces) kk


San:bye (cuts the call)
Sanskar walks and reaches the school

On the way

Ri: hi ! Sanskar ! Where are you going ? Can I come with you ?

San: I am going to pick my younger bro from school nearby I will only take the car after he comes. Will you accompany me?

Ri: sure, why not ?

She touches his shoulder whereas Sanskar caresses her waist.

They both went to Laksh’s school (guys Laksh is in 12th STD.)

Laksh saw that his bro was with some other girl and was not shocked like other friends of Laksh.

Friend 1: Laksh what is this ?

La: what ? What ? My bro is flirting with a girl so ? Today is this girl. Tomorrow it will be some other girl so? I know this is my bro’s old habit to fliurt with other girls.

Friend 1’s jaw open wide

Friend 1: How can you survive with such a brother Laksh. Hats off ! Man.

La: thanx

San: Come Lucky we have to go (San shouts from a distance.)

Laksh: Coming bro. (Suddenly Laksh clashes with a girl.)

Suddenly Sanskar sees a girl who was wearing a pink sweater with the letter S . sanskar was lost in her big deep hazel doe eyes. Sanskar forgot what he was and what he is.

Riya snaps her fingers in front of his eyes

Ri: what happened baby ? Everything alright.

San: (fake smiles) nothing baby. Was just seeing my bro coming.

Ri: but He has already Sat in the car. Come baby

San: Yeah sure baby come.

Ri: Sanskar please can you drop me home.

San: kk baby you don’t need to tell me please. Kk?

Ri: sure baby.

Sanskar drops Riya home. On the way Laksh was irked by seeing his bro flirting with some other girl. After Sanskar drops Riya home Sanskar kisses on her  cheeks as a goodbye kiss. This was it for Laksh he pressed the horn of the car.

Laksh: Bhai come fast we have to go.

San: oof ! this lucky ruin my plans for romance. Kk baby bye. (Huskily)

Ri: (excited) bye !

In car

San: what’s your problem Lucky ? Every time you ruin my plan of romance.

Laksh: ahan ! Look who is talking of romance the great Sanskar Dhanraj  and correction it is not called romance it is called flirting. By the way do you even remember any of the names of your so called girlfriends.

San: what do I have to do with their names. I just had to do with their face, their charm and their number. This was my 28th girlfriend I suppose. Bye the way Laksh, how was this chick.

Laksh: which chick?

San: the one who sat in the car.

Lak: oh ! That one too chipku like a fevicol. Fevicol bhi itna chipku nahi hota and you were no less you kissed her on her cheek. Are you mad. Girls ke saath flirting karo but kissing! keep something for my bhabhi also Na you will give all the kisses to your girlfriend’s only or what? And haa one more thing don’t kiss them on their lips ever ever. I just hate it.

San: Shut up Lucky aaloon ki chikki. Oh wow nice name Na.

Lak: now you shut up ! And what’s this new name Lucky aaloon ki chikki. I hate this name.

San: bro you always hate have you ever loved someone.

Lak: oh ! Wow you are talking about love interesting. Who is the unlucky girl.

San: what unlucky ? why do I not look handsome. ( pouts)

Lak(pulls his cheek) : that’s why toh my bhabhi would be unlucky because after your  marriage also girls will think that you are unmarried they will be around you like bees around honey. And seeing this my bhabi will be really angry and irritated because some where a girl’s enemy can be a girl only. Lol.

Both Laughs.

San: by the way what’s your rating about this one . should I continue with her or leave her in the Midway.

Lak: 5 on 10 is my rating and my recommendation is that you leave this girl in the Midway only. She is injurious to your health bro.

San: right so tomorrow break up day.

Lak: someone should learn breaking up with girlfriends from you.

San: what’s there in breaking up. Just say it was mere attraction that’s it. And who will stick to this fevicol Riya only Rahul can stick to her. One – sided love. Huh

Lak: how do you know it is one sided love ?

San: if he can find out my name why can’t I find out his details and secondly if it was really a healthy relationship. Riya would not have stick to me like a fevicol Na.

Lak: point my bro is really smart and naughty.

San: by the way who was that girl wearing a pink sweater with the letter S.

Lak: ohho ! My Bhai is enquiring. Her name is SWARA. She is not chipku and not at all flirty she wants to be committed in a relationship for life long.

Swa: Laksh how do you know this about me.

Lak: you talked with your friends about what kind of relationship you want whenever they asked you about your boyfriend. So gave this information to bro.

Shweta; so lets continue.

Lak: someone seems excited.huh ?

Shweta smiles sheepishly.

Swara: stop teasing and continue.

Lak: kk

San: oh then I will really not fliurt because I lost my self in her deep hazel doe eyes. But first I will have to break up with this chipku Riya. To get close to her.

Lak: really Bhai then I have to tell this to chachi my bro has fallen in love she will not have to search a girl for you. Na

San: stop teasing me.

Lak: ohho! My bro is in love true love my bro is in love.

They keep on talking and try didn’t come to know that the D MANSION had far away gone and they were traveling ahead of mansion.

Lak: bro stop we never realized that we have come far away from dm.

San: oh right Lucky aaloon ki chikki. Come we will go and he takes a U-turn.

Thy both reached DM discuss about their plans of making Sanskaar close to Swara.

Sujata enters the room and hears their conversation.

Sujju: is this really true or my son is just flirting with some other girl.

Lak: no chachiji. This is true one more man gone ( ek aur aadmi gaya kaam Se).

Sujju: Shut up laksh and good decision Sanskar .
Keeps her hand on his shoulder.
Next day

Sanskar was getting ready. And was looking himself deeply as if his marriage is taking place.

Lak: ohho someone looks too conscious about himself

San: Lucky.

Lak: did my ears ring? You just called me Lucky without telling Lucky aaloon ki chikki wow ! Pyaar ka jaadu. Love’s magic but she never met you personally then how come this much change (Looks at his watch) within 12 hours not bad.

San: love is something that changes a person completely. (Smiles thinking about swara) Swara nice name.

Lak: chale devdas ( let’s go devdas)


On the other side ( Laksh’s laugh while narrating it)

Riya’s house

Riya gets a call

On call

Ri: Hello ! Haa sunidhi.


Ri: oh ! Haa ! Valentine’s day is coming Na your boyfriend is planning for you but my boyfriend is very new so what should I do.

O.s: give him chocolates ! Chocolates are very good start up for a relationship.

Ri: oh haan! Thanks a lot will do it for sure. Bye.

In college

Riya was standing with a heart box filled with chocolates.

San(looks straight into her eyes): Riya I want to have a breakup with you because I am in love with someone else.

Ri: (in tears) but yesterday only we started our relation.

San: so what babes yesterday we have today we don’t every relationship does not have a bright future.

Sanskar looks at her holding the box.

San: thanks for reminding me. Valentine’s day is coming I will give my love a beautiful gift. And yeah these chocolates give it to your so called boyfriend on account of his celebration he came saying to me that stay away from my girl so make him eat the sweet he will be much more happy on knowing the news that we have broken up.

Shweta’s tears flow down continuously.

Sanskar leaves from there
At school

Sanskar happily goes to pick Laksh and looks for a last time in front of the car mirror whether he was looking all right or no.

He goes inside the school and sees Swara talking I her friends he signals Laksh to do something.

Lak: Swara I need to talk to you for a moment.

Swara shows her angry face.

Swa: I don’t want to talk to you Lucky chukki.

Sanskar on hearing Swara Laughs in his mind

San: she is same like me she without knowing me behaves the same way with  Lucky as I do.

Swara Laughs whole heartedly on hearing her friend and the way her friend had broke up with her boyfriend.
Sanskar was just mesmerized to see her laugh. A wide smile appeared on his lips to see her laugh.

Lak: that swara is calling your bro chukki and here you are with your tube light waala smile. Not fair (pouts)

San: what does it matter it’s ok only one change what you are hearing at home from me you will hear a slight different word here from Swara. Simple Lucky chukky.

Laksh’s starts running behind Sanskar whereas Sanskar runs in the whole ground. Finally Laksh catches Sanskar and gives a slight slap on his shoulder.

Lak: you made me exercise today a lot. Didn’t you?

San: aha! All the way round you made me exercise today a lot by making me run.

Both smiles.

Laksh: where is Swara ? And have you brought dairy milk Oreo for her it’s her favorite and also new in market ? (Lol ! Dairy milk Oreo is my favorite )

San: yeah Lucky aaloon ki chicky.

Laksh: see there. She is standing there. Go and tell her.

San: what should I tell I am not understanding please help me yaar.

Laksh was dumbfounded at his brother.

Lak: you used to flirt with girls now what happened and I seriously don’t know anything about flirting and all. I have only my jaan Ragini.

Suddenly Laksh sees Ragini.

Lak: bro, I will come in a minute.

San: where are you going leaving your bro alone.

Lak: just breathe in don’t take stress just make sure whatever you say comes from your heart God will help you.

Laksh goes to Ragini.


Sw: now I want to narrate this please (smiles in tears)

Shw: why are you crying Swara (she passes a tissue box)

Swa: you will come to know about it later


In school

Sanskar confidently walks but was a little scared about Swara’s reaction.

Sanskar goes to the girls group.

San(gently and charmingly): can I talk to Swara alone if you all don’t mind.

Sw (shock): how do you know my name. And I am not intrested to talk with you you may take  a leave thank you.

San: please listen to me once !

Girl 1: she told Na she doesn’t want to talk to you and why are you staring at her and smiling. Is there any problem I have my pocket knife with me if your intentions are wrong or bad regarding swara I will make the worst thing out of you in the school.
And don’t take me lightly your tamasha would also be uploaded to social websites.

San: oh god I got scared (Laughs a bit) do you think really my intentions are wrong about Swara than please go and check your eyesight miss. if I had to harm Swara I would have done it long back before even coming here. And miss. Swara I just wanted to talk to you for a minute alone if you allow.

Sw: kk just one minute you all go and your time starts now.

San: I have seen you from many days my name is Sanskar I am not a stranger I am Laksh’s brother I have graduated from this school I just want a normal friendship you are a true beautiful person my heart says that and please accept my request of friendship my small sa heart will break if you decline my request I promise I will not cross my limits.

Swara Laughs at his proposal and pulls his cheek.

Sw: you are so damn cute and correction there are no boundaries with me if you are my friend and about your friendship proposal I accept it. Kk and if my new friend does not mind can he drop me to my house actually  my driver is not coming I just got a call from school office and haa tell your bro Lucky chukky to stay away from my friends he always Teases them I don’t know how rags can like him ?

San: lol ! I also call Lucky but by the name of Lucky aaloon ki chikki.

Both Laughs

San: by the way who is rags

Sw: you don’t know Laksh didn’t tell you about ragini

San: oh Ragini yup he told me I think he is having a crush on her. How do you know Ragini.

Swa: obvio she is my friend so I know her. Now let’s go where is your car.

San: yup sure.

He makes her sit in the car and calls Laksh.

In car

The atmosphere was peaceful

Swa: why is it so calm Lucky chukky you don’t on radio or what?

Lak: I on miss. Paagal but now I am not sitting in front so that’s why I am not able to on the radio can you please do the needful.

San: Lucky . swara I will on it don’t worry which is your favorite song

Swa(excitedly): salman’s Khan picture kick hangover waala song . please put it if you have it.

Sanskar was shocked hearing the whole details.

Laksh Laughs

Lak: Bhai just asked you your favorite song not the whole biography miss. Encyclopedia.

San: it’s ok swara. Here you go.

Swara started to sing along with the song.

Sanskar was mesmerized hearing her singing.

Swa: stop !

San: what happened are you OK ? I am so sorry I was just listening to your voice so I forgot I have come ahead or what wait l will just take a reverse it often happens with me I am really sorry for it. (He says all this in one breath)

Swara Laughs whole heartedly

Swa: oh god ! Stop my home has already came that’s why I asked you to stop and you don’t mind if I pull your cheeks. Will you ?

San: for you not at at all never ever.
Sanskar realised what he had said and says that

San: you are my new friend so why will I mind. Right.

By this time Swara was lost in her own thoughts.

Sanskar snaps his finger

San: where were you lost. Tell me the truth.

Swa: I was just wondering what you said that only for me.

San: oh that sorry but I like you alot so that’s why tongue slip. ( smiles sheepishly )
Next time it will not happen.

Swa: it’s okay it happens with me also. ( pulls his cheek) bye cutie pie.

San: did you just call me CUTIE PIE

Swa: Yes ! I told you that I have no limits in my friendships.

San: was just so happy that he ran and open the door of the other side as some honourable gentleman.

Swara was shocked

Swa: so much effect of my friendship not bad. Accha will meet you tomorrow. Bye.

San(giving his biggest smile): bye

Swara Laughs on seeing his expression and goes.

In car ( narrated by Lucky)

Sanskar was so happy that he was listening the song of I love you from the film bodyguard.

Laksh was hell angry

Laksh changes the song and puts love dose from the album of honey Singh.

San: ae Lucky chukky why did you change the song.

Lak: oh hello devdas come out of your dreamland. Come back to earth and most importantly in the car while you are driving. What you were telling Swara sorry sorry it often happens with me. Lol ! You never said sorry to me but you said sorry to that miss. Paagal.

San: don’t call her names otherwise I will beat you up.

Lak: oh ! I got scared ! Just shut up and drive ! Devdas . by the way when is dad coming to pick me up because Atleast he allows me to hear my favorite song. Not like you romance this is the thing which is called romance many people especially men have been drown in this sea called love. You don’t drown please I don’t want my bro to drown in this sea.

San: Shut up ! Now onwards I will only come to pick you because I need to see my new friend also know I want to make our bond stronger.

Lak: oof Bhai! Now also there is time stop yourself from drowning.

San: Shut up you yourself is busy with ragini and you are telling me. She is your crush and she likes you also you know that so stop teasing me and save yourself form drowning first than later advise me and if falling in love is called drowning in romance. I will drown thousand times. Because the feeling I get when Swara laughs is just inexplicable I would go to any extent to make her laugh. She is just lovely.

Lak: bas bas ! I am not asking for her biodata. You and Swara both are the same both gives bio data and biography. Concentrate on your driving otherwise we will again go ahead of DM.

San: Shut up Lucky.


Swara’s tears had no end she was crying as she heard Sanskar’s feelings from Lucky.

Swa: oh god! Why this happens with me. ? What wrong have I done.

Lak: that’s why I was asking not to talk about the past you insisted shall we continue or stop here.

Swara nodes

Swa: yes we should continue. I will continue because this eas the incident when our lives were planning to change.

Past ( narrated by swara)

On the other side.

Riya goes to rohan.

Ri: rohan (she hugs him and cries.)

Rohan was shocked

Ro: what happened baby ! Why are you crying ? Did someone hurt you

Riya nodes yes

Ro: who is that bastard tell me the name I will kill that person.

Ri:(sobs) Sanskar

Ro: I told you to stay away from Sanskar then why do you go to him you know Na I don’t like him than that’s wrong but it’s ok I will see to it I will first have to find his weakness. Kk ? But I promise you I will make his life hell.

Riya nodes her head and hugs him more tightly.

Ri: thank you !

Ro: aww my baccha don’t tell me thank you and all you know Na I love you till the core of my heart then .but please don’t do this thing next time. Kk ?

Riya: nodes.

Episode ends
Sorry I know I had to reveal the suspense but the part has already become too long and I am busy with my studies so now I will post small parts because my finals are about to start will post small parts whenever possible. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please forgive me. Shower your likes and comments below and give me your reviews regarding how was this episode will give more swasan parts in the next episode thanks alot and once again. Sorry.


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