An incident that Changed our lives (Part 4)

Hi ! Hola ! Sastriyakal , kemcho aap padh rahe hai #An_Incident_that_changed_Our_Lives by Arshiya. I am back with the 4th Part. I hope you liked the story and the teaser of the ff and have not forgotten me. Hi ! Jo mujhein bhool gaya oosko tamatar aur joote padenge Meri Taraf Se. Thank you all for your prayers I have successfully passed in my exams and I am so happy that I have written a MAHA PART.
So let’s start

After the call ends

Ap: I cannot believe this ! My son can’t do it.
Let’s go to the CCTV room.

Sujju: Yes jiji.
In CCTV room

Shweta: show me the footage of yesterday in the canteen the afternoon one.

Security: Yes Mam.

He shows the footage all sees the footage and gets shocked on seeing Swara and Laksh together talking about teaching Sanskar a lesson.

Shweta: Show me the footage of today morning Sanskar’s class XYZ 9:25 am.

He shows the footage where Laksh and Swara were seen tieng the bucket of gobar and red chillies.

Everybody are shocked but they wanted to know the reason from Laksh.
In the evening

Laksh came home by the time shweta had gone to her house saying that she had some work.

Annupurna: what is the reason Laksh we saw the footage how can you do it to your own brother.

The conversation is then muted.

Later in the evening

In Sanskar’s room

sujju enters

Sujju: Chhore kuch kha le (son eat something)

Sanskar: Yes mom. but tell me one thing why these things happen with good people.

Sujju: What things ?

Sanskar: these things me getting blind.

Sujju’s tears came rolling down from her cheeks and she lightly slaps on his cheeks. Sanskar gets to know that she is crying because her palms were wet. She was trying to hide these tears.

Sanskar: mom I didn’t mean to hurt you but it’s just that.

(He was cut off by Sujju)

Sujju: it’s just that you wanted to ask me the reason behind your sufferings. Remember one thing Sanskar. God always tests good people as they have done good deeds. It does not mean that you stop doing good deeds. (Smiles cryingly) Your suffering means you have done good deeds now god is testing you and I know my son would pass in God’s every test.

Sanskar smiles faintly.

Sujata hugs him and cries silently.

Sujju: Now eat. Today I will feed you with my own hands. It has been many ages that I have fed you with my own hands.

Sanskar smiles and touches her cheeks.

Sanskar: Mom these are your cheeks Na.

Sujata smilingly nods.

Sanskar wipes her tears

Sanskar: I will have food only on one condition.

Sujju: what condition ?

Sanskar: That these tears vanish.

Sujata smiles at his innocence, wipes her tears and feeds him with her own hands.

Next day:

Swara: Hi Sanskaar (in a low voice).

Sanskar: Sorry who is it I did not hear please can you talk a bit audible.

Swara: Hi Sanskar. It’s me Swara.

Sanskar first registers it than all the flashes come into his mind.

Sans: Oh Hi! Swara I would really appreciate if you knock the door of my room and then come in. Please do the needful.

Swara goes back and knocks his door.

Sans: (Bossy tone) come in.

Swara: Sans…

(Cut off by Sanskar)

Sans: if you wish to waste my time please go out Swara because I have lots of work.

Swara: I wanted to say sorry for that incident.

Sans: Which Incident ? Why do you want to say sorry now? Oh that incident ! That INCIDENT THAT CHANGED MY LIFE Why could you not say sorry that time when I was shouting for help ! (Growls with anger).

Swara: How do you know which Incident ? I thought nobody told you.

Sanskar: You thought Na ! But my mom is my angel she told me everything.


After finishing dinner

Sujju: Son I want to tell you something the things that were done on you that gobar and red chillies was done by Swara and Laksh. Laksh and Swara both are sorry for it if you can please forgive them. Tomorrow in the morning Swara is going to meet you to ask for forgiveness please forgive her just because of her you don’t spoil your mood. kk ?

Sans: Kk mom (smiles a little for his mom’s sake)
——————————-flashback ends—————

Swara: I am really sorry Sanskar (tears come down rolling from her eyes)

Sans: Somebody has told you and made you realize that you have done wrong but I want you to realize by yourself about your own mistake in other words self realization. Till that time you are a stranger for me.

At that time shweta knocks the door.

Sans: yup who is it ?

Shweta: It’s me . Yahoo ! Kya hua Swara aayi aur mujhein bhool gaye ( What yaaar Swara came and and you forgot me )

San: No I did not forgot I was just talking to Swara casually. Accha ! Tell me why have you came here ? You need any help?

Shweta: Help ? Ummm ( acts like thinking)

Sanskar smiles at her antiques.

San: stop your acting miss. Drama and tell me what do you want.

Shweta: I am not a drama queen I am a small, innocent child (pouts) and about help I came here to help you.

Sans: OK OK shweta stop your pouting. I think Swara your work is done you got your answers you can move out.

Swara nodes and leaves

Shweta: Accha I will remove your clothes tell me what you are going to wear today. And I am going to help you with the college notes so no need to worry. And about your bathing I will just remove all your accessories. Kk ? ( she said all this in one breath)

Sanskar was amazed to see Shweta’s care towards him.

Sanskar: Relax I am not running away. Kk? And about clothes I will wear. I will wear with white shirt my pink blazer and blue jeans. Kk?

Shweta: Hmm.

She removes the things Sanskar would require.

Shweta: I am standing outside if you need any help. Please tell me. I am outside the bathroom.

San: What no ! Please don’t stand outside the bathroom. I am a bit shy in these matters. Please.

Shw: OK OK my sweet girl I am going out don’t worry.

While going outside the room she loudly calls Sanskar SHARMILOO.

Next day

Swara gave Sanskar a soup which was prepared by Swara through Shweta as Sanskar still feels Swara as a stranger.

The minute Sanskar drinks the soup he gets flashes of a girl making him drink the soup and Laughing loudly. Sanskar closes his eyes for 2 minutes. He gets flashes of a girl helping him to study. Laughing with him drinking coffee. Only her hair were visible , the face was bleard. Sanskar jerks , Shweta was shock seeing him she rubs his back. Sweat was clearly visible on his forehead.

At that time someone was peeping through the door Shweta watched it she made Sanskar drink the water and saw the person still standing there.

Shweta: (in mind) why is the person still standing there ? Is he not scared that he or she may get caught up and it seems like she is a girl as she has long hair who is peeping through the door is she some dearie I have met Sanskar’s all family members than who is she ? I have to find out ! What relation does she have with Sanskar ?

As soon as Sanskar finishes his breakfast.
The person stops peeping through the window and walks ahead.

Shweta: Sanskar I will come back till that time you have rest. kk?
By saying this she runs

Sanskar: kk

The person who peeped in Sanskar’s room reaches kitchen Shweta follows her.
In kitchen

Shweta gets shocked on seeing the person’s face.
(Any guesses)

She was none other than our Swara.

Shweta: Swara you were there who was peeping through the room.

Swara: Yes (in her cool dude attitude) any problem you need any help.

Shweta: yeah ! I wanted to ask you what you had put in that goddamn soup of yours.

Swara tells the ingredients.

Shweta: these all ingredients are normal than why did Sanskar React that way as if something old struck his mind or something he knows but he is trying to recollect it. I could read his facial expressions.

Swara: oh Shweta darling you are too innocent and intelligent I will tell you the whole story but not here I will tell you in the room.

At that time sujju enters

Swara: Sujata aunty I want to tell Shweta everything about Sanskar about his past life.

Sujju: But why now dear ? Suddenly?

Swara: Because I trust her.

Sujju: OK shweta but keep one thing in mind whatever Swara is going to tell you, you will not tell to Sanskar. Everybody else knows about it only Sanskaar does not know about it. Kk? Promise me

Sujju keeps her hand forward in order for a promise.

Shweta keeps her hand in sujju’s.

Shweta: promise aunty.

Swara: Hawww! (Keeps her both the hands on sujata and shweta respectively in a side hug position) Sujata aunty aur Shweta kya mile iss bechari ko sab bhool gaye very bad (pouts). (Trans: The minute Shweta and sujata aunty met everybody forgot this poor girl.)

Shweta looked on amazed as she has never seen this side of Swara. She had always seen a gunda and a bold Swara. She never knew Swara was so childish.

Sujju on seeing her cute pout kisses her forehead.

Sujju: How Can we forget you darling because of you only the happiness of this house our Sanskar came back to this house. Thanks a lot.

Swara: Arrey bas bas ( Stop it,Stop it) I just asked you for a bit attention not to count on my favours to this house.

Shweta was looking shocked.

Swara snapped her finger and Shweta came back into her senses.

Shweta: Huh!

On seeing her both sujju and Swara burst into Laughter.

Swara: ( while laughing ) did you see your face Shweta Hahahah it was like somebody saw a ghost now also your face is the same.

Shweta:(smiles sheepishly) because I have never seen you laughing like this or behaving like this ever !

Swara and Sujata both stops laughing and stares at each other than They stare at Shweta and again burst into Laughter.

Swara: (stops Laughing ) there is a lot Meri jaan which you have not seen in me they are many different colors in me. You will get introduced to each and every color of me slowly. Kk? (smiles genuinely).

Shweta again shocked

Swara: oh god ! Stop giving me those bakwas looks and shocked expressions. Sujata aunty I am taking her to the room or else some one will see us laugh and will wonder why are we laughing.

Sujata smilingly nodes her head and Pats Swara’s shoulder.



Precap- Twist, Swasan moments.

Thank you so much in advance good night ! Have Swasan dreams


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