An incident that Changed our lives (Part 3)

Hi ! Hola ! Sastriyakal , kemcho aap padh rahe hai #AnIncidentthatchangedOurLives by Arshiya 3rd Part

So let’s start
Sanskar: Aah ! Aah ! My eyes it’s burning a lot please help me !?????

Hearing Sanskar’s scream shweta who was about to enter the class came running and goes towords him.

Shweta: Can’t you people see or what !??? Do you have eyes or buttons saying this she threw the whole cold water from her bottle on Sanskar’s face. And put some ointment on his eyes of in order to give him relief.

Sanskar: Shweta ?

Shweta: Yes Sanskar How are you feeling now ? How do you know it’s me?

Sans: I know by your voice and your care towards me and I am feeling a bit better. I am definitely sure the one who was laughing at me is definitely a girl and her name is Swara because she is the only girl gunda in the college and dares to laugh in serious situation and right now she is standing behind the door and biting her tongue because she got to know herself that I know everything Shweta go away from me I am stinking like anything please go away from me. I will go my way.

Shweta was overwhelmed on hearing his and answer and the same time was angry on him too because he told her to go away.

Shweta: Shut up Sanskar ! Just Shut up ??? Sorry Sanskar I never say you shut up but today I had to say because you are talking nonsense and rubbish. How will you go alone Haan and with whom will you go?

Sanskar thinks for a while and said

Sans: I will go with Laksh Na he is my brother and moreover we stay in the same house.

Shweta: Laksh by looking at your condition he is not going to see your face also and if you have a doubt on Swara then I have a doubt on Laksh because Laksh and Swara are bests friend.

Swara on hearing this was cursing herself for Laughing at that time.

Sanskar: shweta Laksh is my brother and Swara is like my sister how can brother think to harm his brother instead brothers are meant to protect each other and how can a sister think to harm her brother when she ties Rakhi to him.

Shweta: kk tell me one thing has Swara ever tied Rakhi to you? And to know who has done this dreadful thing with you we should ask the classmates now. (To the class) can anyone please tell me who has done thing. Please!

One boy: Swara and Laksh I saw them tieng that bucket

Others: we also have seen them.

Shweta was angry at them very much but was also worried for Sanskar she quickly reached the hospital on scootie with Sanskar

Doctor: miss. Shweta I need to meet you in the cabin

Shweta: Yes sir.

Doctor: Miss. Shweta what relation do you have with Sanskar.

Shweta: I am a very close friend of Sanskar.

Doc: His condition is serious. We have given him a bath you brought him at the right time. But I am afraid he may go blind also. Due to large amount of chilli gone in his eye.

Shweta: what to do sir ?

Doc: we have to wait only time can tell us whether he will gain his eyesight or not. He will not be able to see for about 15 days but after 15 days if he is not able to see that means he has lost his eyesight.

Shweta is shocked but  she had complete trust on fate.

Sanskar was banded and was taken to DM (DHANRAJ MANSION).

As soon as Sanskar reached DM all were shocked

Sujata: Haay mere chore ko ke hua Shweta kuch toh bata munh band karke ke dekh rahi hai. (What happened to my son Shweta tell me something why are you standing with your mouth closed)

Shweta goes to drop Sanskar in his room and tells him to fresh up she guides him To the washroom and gives him hot water to bathe and removes his clothes.

Shweta: everybody please go out Doctor has told Sanskar needs rest .

Everybody goes out

Ap: Shweta beta kuch kha lo (eat something)

Shweta: I will answer all your questions Sujata aunty. First question what happened to Sanskar? , he entered his class and a full bucket of gobar and red chilli fell on him and his eyes were burning due to which I send him to the washroom to fresh up and I also took him to the hospital and what doctor told would shock you to the core of your heart you most your lovable and loyal son may not gain his eyesight and you want to know the reason your 2nd son Laksh and his friend Swara had planned to teach Sanskar a lesson and now see the condition of Sanskar. How miserable it is !

Shweta felt a burning sensation on her cheeks.


Ap had slapped shweta

Ap: How dare you to speak against my son ! do you know what rubbish are you talking and look where you are standing this is DHANRAJ MANSION not your flat or chawl where you can say anything rubbish and we will listen and the person of whom you are speaking is the son of Durga Prasad DHANRAJ !

When ap was scolding shweta sujju was listening all this shockingly and somewhere her heart was also saying that Shweta was right so she spoke.

Sujju: shweta do you have any proof against Laksh ? Or any observer who has seen Laksh and Swara doing that thing?

Ap: What rubbish Sujata you are also coming in the talks of this girl.

Sujju: only for once because somewhere my heart is also saying that Laksh and Swara are behind all this please for my sake! Yeah ! Shweta do you have any proof against Laksh ?

Ap: Fine do whatever you want to do but then forget that I am your jiji !

Shweta: Yeah aunty ! In college everybody has seen Swara and Laksh doing that thing but they won’t open their mouths infront of you all or Laksh and Swara because they are scared of Laksh and Swara. Laksh and Swara have torchered them a lot. So for you to know the truth I have a plan I will keep the phone on speaker and you all will listen to the talks nobody will make any noise because if anyone makes noise the other side will come to know that Laksh’s family is listening. She calls the person and tells her details that the person she is speaking is her and Sanskar’s common friend and sujju agrees because she has seen Sanskar talking about his friends and the person is one of his friends also.
On call (speaker)

Shweta: Hi Riya how are you Shweta here I just wanted to confirm that who has done this dreadful thing with Sanskar and have you seen the person.

O.s: Yeah Shweta I have seen them they are Laksh and Swara they were the ones who were tieng the buckets.

All Family members were shocked to their core.

OS: Swara was the one who tied the gobar bucket and was making faces while tieng it. Laksh was the one who tied the chillies bucket. They had warned not to tell Sanskar or his family and one of the boys asked so they replied that they had tied the buckets for Sanskar to take revenge. You are a close friend of Sanskar Na so if you want to prove this thing to his family you should go to the CCTV room. In our college they are cctv’s but no action is taken and I know Sanskar’s family they have blind trust in Laksh and will never believe you so you go to the CCTV room and show them the proofs.

Shweta: thank you so much Riya. Bye !

OS: bye !
Call ends
Precap: DHAMAKA !!!! ??????

Hi, Hola , sastriyakal, assalamualaikum,Kem cho ! Aap pad rahe hai An incident that changed our Lives by Arshiya neeche apne mathvapoornd pyaare comments aur likes dekar bataaye ki aapko yeh part kitna pasand aaya. Lovely comments, likes are always welcomed here. Will be back with a new part after a few days.Have swasan dreams.
Allahafiz ,bbye.


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