An incident that Changed our lives – Part 23

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Part 23

In the afternoon

Swa: (mono) what happened to this Sanskar why is he not coming in my cabin otherwise toh janab always comes in my cabin to do romance but now what happen ? Maybe work pressure I will just keep a check on him…

Swa: Sandra !

Sand: yes mam any problem

Swa: arrey relax it’s no marathon just keep me updated with Sanskar Sirs work

Sand: yes mam sir is completing the project given by mehtas

Swa: ohk thanx keep me updated dear

Sand: yes mam thank you ummm any other work

Swa: no you can go

Sand: yes mam
In Sanskar’s cabin

A man was vigorously working on his Apple laptop  continuously that he could not see that a girl has entered his cabin

Swa: (acting) what happened haa ? Did the work get completed

San: umm no give me 3 days time will complete and give you

Swa: no I want it by tomorrow itself as this project is very important to me….

San: kk swara will give you by tomorrow

Swa: by the way did you have your lunch

San: no I will have it in sometime

Swa: what the hell ! What do you think of yourself peon ! Peon !

San: shant Swara shant cool it is an office not a panipuri stall that you are shouting like this kk ?

Swa: (shows her index finger) don’t insult my panipuri stall

San: oh !, relax angry lady

Swa: ahh it is a waste to talk to you

San: so when did I told you it is useful to talk with me haa ?

Swa: I will send the food by peon eat it

San: hmm

Sanskar’s POV
Uff! Jaan you are so caring I just love you for it I don’t think also I deserve you because I have a done such a thing that i don’t deserve a angel like you you are really a cute SA angel who came in my life and filled it with happiness… I am behaving like this so that both of us can get some time like Laksh and Ragini but in their case Laksh has lost the hope but in my case I have some hope that we can get along and I don’t know till when this hope will be there just praying God that he sets all the things like before…. And also I have done a sin…
POV ends

Swa: (mono) zyaada acting ho gayi kya ? But who cares he should also learn a lesson Na but I think he has learn it the way he replied shweta was good not brilliant if I would have been there Na I would have breaken her bones blo*dy chudail after so much happening also she is eyeing my pati my cute Nd handsome pati arrey Swara concentrate come back to Earth otherwise hehe…
In goenka industries

Lak: good afternoon mam these are the files that I have completed yesterday plz. Have a look

Ragini was shocked at his behaviour but composed herself and checked and was shocked on seeing so much work completed by Laksh

Rag: the project is good i did not expect u to do so much work and that too in one day impressive

Lak: thank you mam any other work

Rag: how much work would you do ? Let’s (cut off)

Lak (sad smile): no concerns mam I want to drown myself in work so much work that (points his index finger in his heart) that I cannot hear his voice and im sure you have so much of work pending for me after all it’s a big project…

Rag: Laksh (whispers)

Lak: sorry did you say something mam I did not hear

Rag: can you work for our company like handling projects until the deal is not completed

Lak: sure mam it would be my pleasure

Rag: go to rohit and ask him to give you Gupta’s file

Lak:OK mam thank you mam

Ragini (mono) what has happened to you Laksh am I dreaming you are no longer my Laksh why ? You just told that are relation will break you never told that you will break you will go to this extent you never told that you will do this to yourself you will ruin yourself
POV ends
Leap of 1 month

In this month many things had changed shweta always tried to come close to Sanskar but Sanskar always walked away and did not answer this irked shweta whereas Swara remained confused regarding Sanskar’s behaviour…. While on the other hand Laksh was completely a changed man he did not talk too much just concentrated on the deal and the other works of goenka industries which made Ragini a lot worried

At night

Swa: Sanskar today toh sleep on bed it has been one month that you are sleeping on the couch

San: oh means you count days also good good keep it up I just like to sleep here you know my favorite place

Swa: lying


Swa:then have my swear

San: (outbursts and joins his hands infront of swara) plz. Swara for God sake just just leave me alone for sometime it’s my room and you are no one to question me did you get that every time it’s the drama of every night (mimicks) Sanskar don’t sleep There here don’t do this don’t be close to this it’s my life and I will do what I want You are invading my personal space plz. Leave me alone if you want go to shomi aunty for some days maybe you will be in a better state of mind and I am fed up you need to understand I need some time alone….

Swa; (cries) means you don’t want me in your life from that day onwards you never called me shona jaan or anything what happened is something wrong… Did I do something wrong if so tell me Na I can change it (stops as Sanskar shows his hand indicating not to speak further)

San: Mrs. Dhanraj the mistakes in the past cannot be changed actually can never be changed you want to cry Na take this this is a tissue box this will help you in crying how much ever you want to cry plz. once and for all I cannot see you sad every single god damn day . Cry because I have heard somewhere that by crying Na (two heavy tears fall from his eyes) everything that everything which is a load on our heart Na comes out so I also want you to remove every load from your heart and be happy be that joyful Swara from whose one look I would be dead I can’t and I am not willing to see this arrogant Swara anymore who is ordering me every time I don’t have a problem with your orders also I will do everything happily too but I am worried about your health you are not taking care of your health also how can you be so careless I am leaving the room cry as much as you want kk ?

Sanskar leaves the room in a hurry

Sanskar goes in the guest room and locks himself and starts crying….

Sanskar POV

How can I hurt Swara like this ? But what to do she is behind me to sleep on the bed every time every single day how can I avoid her she looks so cute that I sometimes feel to give her a forehead kiss but alas I have lost that right also nice game haa destiny nice game I congratulate you congratulations destiny you are successful in separating two souls really hatsoff… Yaar hatsoff
Pov ends

Sanskar sleeps crying only

In the middle of night someone comes in Sanskar’s room and smiles sadly he carries Sanskar to The bed made him lie on the bed comfortable and put the comforter on him

Screen freezes on Sanskar’s face

Precap: will swa-san & rag-lak unite ? Or our dear destiny will play another game with these shattered souls
To get the answers stay tuned to #aitcol

The part was short but don’t worry there is lot more to go so give your valuable comments in the comment box will be eagerly waiting for your likes and comments

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    Anyways episode is superb….. really nice work….. keep writing and keep smiling….. love you lots and post the next one as soon as possible.

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