An incident that Changed our lives – Part 22

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Part 22

Swasan breaks the hug

Swa: Sanskar are you fine c you didn’t get hurt Na ?? (Scans his whole body) why are you not answering me plz. God damn answer me are you OK ?
(Shakes him vigorously)

All the while our hero was staring his heroine

San: yup I am are you fine

Swa: yeah but if you are fine then how come I got a call stating that you are in a very bad condition don’t tell me it’s one of your pranks to patch up its disgusting

San: if it was my plan then why would I be here did I got a khwaab (dream) to come here or what by the way I also received the same call

Swa: who knows you have come here to gain sympathy

San: oh hello ! Sympathy usse li jaati hai Jo maaf karta hai aur Jo aapse pyaar karta hai

Swa: tumhein kya lagta hai main tumse pyaar nahi karti ?

Laksh from behind bangs his head with his hand while Ragini smiles seeing the scene


Raglak were in club  Laksh was drinking with his friends while Ragini was talking with her friends….

Suddenly a girl approaches to Laksh wearing short tight shorts exposing her thies and a shoulderless tight top showing her cleavages..

G: hey ! Handsome want to do some dance…. Traces his hand sensually come Na baby it will be fun….

Lak (mono) oh no but Ragini haa yaar she always stops me from doing romance Na so ek hi option jab ghee seedhi ungli Se Na nikle toh ungli tedhi karni chahiye haha Laksh you are great I will make ragini jealous yes!

Lak: yes beautiful yeah why not come (prints a soft kiss on her hand)

Ragini fumes in anger

Rag: guys I will come haa

Ragini goes to the girl takes her hands off from Laksh and does a little dance and takes him out

Rag: what was that

Lak: what what (looking everywhere and hands in his pocket)

Rag: care to explain

Lak: why should I you toh never let me romance with you so thought of other way

Rag: a very bad way you have chosen

Lak: haa professor ji jaise you have toh taken a lot of gyan in this field NA haa kabhi romance toh karne diya nahi aur bas aii vaiye hi

Rag: kya aai vaihi haa ? What haa what do you think of yourself haa (holds his color) you are mine only mine did you get that Laksh Dhanraj ?

Lak: (removes her hands) fine if I am yours then prove it ?

Rag: how?

Lak: if that also I will tell then what’s the use ?

Rag: you always talk about uses only nothing goes into your head or what

Lak: what to do you are only stuck in my head Na

Ragini blushes

Lak: don’t blush baby otherwise you know Na and first of all you have to prove that I am only yours

Ragini gets angry that he is asking her to prove herself she tightly kisses his lips and takes her revenge while our Laksh Babu was enjoying his shernis’ side after sometime they broke the kiss

Lak: aww my sweetheart too good I enjoyed it very much (backhugs her) don’t worry I am only yours nobody can snatch me from you you know I am iddum seedha and I am only one women man and that women is you nobody can take place of you in my heart…

Ragini smiles and presses his hands on her tummy

End of flashback

Lak: what happened ragini

Wipes the corner of her eyes but Laksh notices it

Lak:what happened ? Any problem ?

Rag: ahem no nothing was just remembering the time when we (looks at swasan who were still fighting and arguing on silly topics) used to fight like this what heavenly days were those Na ? Everything got destroyed

Lak: ahem nothing is destroyed Ragini you can still mend it back

Rag: I don’t want to

Lak :(frowns) why ?

Rag: because you are already married

Lak: marriage does not matter to me

Rag: but for me it does you are already married and moreover you did not trust me and the relationship where there is no trust can never be good

Lak: (little shouts) you had to make me understand I didn’t get a dream that that all the things had happened to you

Rag:(sarcastically) ofcource ! Why would you and moreover were you ready to listen to me at that time answer by yourself no Na (cut off)

Lak: but still you could have done something Na scolded me beat me even punished me you could have make me understand

Rag: (laugh sarcastically) whom am I to punish you beat you scold you I am just a girl Na whom you could flirt hai Na and moreover , making you understand at that time was playing a basuri infront of a bull so no use in that

Lak: still (Ragini shows her hands and bids her head in no)

Swa: ek min Sanskar can you hear these voices


Swa:Let’s go and see

Lak:fine if you think our relationship can’t work out (sad smiles) which it dint in the last years than I will break this relation me LAKSH DHANRAJ BREAKS THE RELATION WHICH I HAD IN MY HEART FOR RAGINI GOENKA FOREVER now you don’t need to worry now I will not come infront of you

Swasan hears this and were shocked

Swa: Laksh you and Ragini were there behind it….

Lak (sadly smiles): yes bha… I mean Swara I was there don’t blame Ragini I blackmailed her (wink) so that you both can patch up (puts a hand on her shoulders) be happy and keep fighting like this always everybody doesn’t (looks at Ragini) find this happiness of fighting with each other and being happy and before you ask me what happened and all those CID type questions I just want to say you both plz. Patch up its my request and I am really sorry (folds his hand infront of his chest and two heavy tears escapes his eyes ) from 3 of you first from Ragini as I spoilt her life I am really sorry Ragini you have already move on and I am really happy for you whenever I used to see your pics Na I used to always feel some weight on my shoulders now I realized what weight was on my shoulder it was that I didn’t ask sorry from you if you can plz. Forgive me I don’t have problem in bearing your hatredness also (smiles) ummm…. I am sorry from you both also because me you both also have got shattered I guess this was my last attempt in patching you both up the rest you both can do and one more thing if possible forgive my bhai Swara he was and is innocent he loves you a lot but it is rightly said that true love always have to face a lot of circumstances be it good or bad hmm ? Chalo I will go now take care bbye

Swa:if true love has to face a lot of  circumstances than what type of love you had ?

Lak: (stops but does not turn) doesn’t matter as my love is no longer with me….

San: Swara we should take a leave have a good day Ragini

Swa: I am not coming with you anywhere fine ?

San: hmm kk  I don’t want to force you come by your own but don’t take lot of time as everybody would get worried…

Swa: ha ha (makes faces) I know don’t need to give so much of gyaan haa nai toh (adjusts her coat)

Rag: you both brothers are so similar

San: (smiles) what to do ? Our mothers had watched some too emotional serials at our time Na so we were born too emotional (Ragini smiles) but on a serious note keep smiling (keeps his hand on her head) God bless you I know it was your idea not laksh as you know my bro is not as smart as you Na thoda akal ka kachha hai (both smiles) forgive him if you can chalo I will take a leave otherwise I will go on talking bye ! Beautiful ladies….

Swa: thanks for your efforts Ragini but I think I need time to accept so much

Rag (unknowingly): same here

Swara looks at her in shock but then smiles

Swa: toh 1 friendly hug toh banta hai yaar like the ones we used to do earlier

Both Swaragini hugs each other tightly and both goes their own ways next morning
At night

Sanskar took his blanket and pillow and went to sleep on couch

Swara came out from the washroom and saw Sanskar going to couch

Swa: Sanskar why are you going to the couch ?

San: no just now had a fantastic idea to go to the couch and have a peaceful dream

Swa; lie !

San: no seriously

Swara narrows her eyes

Swa: then fine I will also come and sleep on the couch

San: no no need

Swa: why ?

San: nahin bas like this only Swara you sleep on the bed

Swa:, nahi

San: yes plz. Swara I want to sleep here today

Swa: I said no means no

San: fine you sleep here only I just have some work will come finishing it…

Swa: pakka Na ?

San: hmm
At 2 in the night

Swa: what happened to Sanskar ? Till now he did not come maybe he has a lot of work

Like this Swara also sleeps

At night 4

Swara: now toh I will only go and check where is this idiot till now he has not come

Swara goes in the study table and was shocked to see her love of the life sleeping on the couch hugging a pillow

Swa: Sanskar wake up

But Sanskar didn’t wake up as he was very much tired

Swa:(tears trickling down) how can I do this ? In my anger I made him do like this stay away from me sleep on the couch far from me no Sanskar I will not let you do this I will sleep with you

Swara sleeps on the floor holding Sanskar’s hand
In the morning

Sanskar wakes up only to find swara sleeping on the floor shivering with cold He immediately curses himself and carries Swara in his arms and rushes her in his room….

Sanskar touches her forehead and finds out that she has fever…

Tears come out from Sanskar’s eyes …

San (mono) I am sorry jaan because of me only you are suffering see I again gave you pain don’t worry I will only cure it….

Sanskar immediately runs out and brings cold water and strips and rapidly puts it on Swara’s forehead

Swara moves her eyelids

San: Swara jaan take these medicines haa you will get cured soon…..

Swa: San… San.skar

San: yes jaan don’t stress yourself I am not going anywhere just drink these medicines I will come in a minute…

Saying this Sanskar ran and brought chocolate bread

While Swara was sitting here with a pout

Swa: (mono) I just now toh saw his face huh ! Idiot again went hey ! Bhagwaan ji what pati have you given me doesn’t let me see his face also huh acche Se I should see Na such hot handsome he looks kisi ki nazar na lage BTW where is he ?

At that time Sanskar came panting

Swa: (sarcastic) looks like someone has come running a marathon

San: (sad but hides) umm yeah I brought chocolate bred and (sees the medicine in her hand) drink the medicine fast and have something to eat so you will feel better thats why I have brought chocolate bread after having these in your opinion medicines are yucky and chocolate is the thing you love so had brought it. Ramu kaka and everybody is sleeping since it is 6 in the morning this is the thing I know how to make so bear with it..

Swa: yeah see Na I am bearing you

San: yup So here you go (keeps the breads on the side table)

Swa: and moreover medicines are not yucky kk? They are made for our benefit only and love type of things do not look good for your mouth (drinks the medicines in one go while Sanskar was standing in an O-shaped mouth) now what ? Haven’t you seen anyone having medicines…. Now you also sleep but not on couch on bed

San: I will sleep on the couch only if not in this room study room would be more better Na

Swa: means you slept on purpose yesterday in the study room

San: kind of I started working then after completing my work I was getting tired so I slept over there only big deal and don’t try these stunts of sleeping on floor again doesn’t suit you

Swa:it was a big deal for me Sanskar

San:umm good I don’t know what to reply whether to tell you thank you or sorry getting confused but anyways I will manage with my sleep you also sleep since it is very early on the morning then later you see what you want ?

Swa: ofcource I will

Swara POV

What to do baby you are so irresistible ! I cannot control myself but have to and put the mask of angriness so that you learn a lesson and stay away from that chudail but I love you loads. I only know how the medicines were so yucky I will say that chocolate bread. Thank you my hubby. My cute , innocent hubby Manaofy me haa after some time because u look damn hot especially when you are sad I know I should not say that but wat to do my husband is such a hottie Na but I am not understanding why are you sleeping on couch ? Really confused
POV ends
After finishing breakfast

Sanskar went up in his room than shweta also went behind him Swara was finding something fishy so she also left behind him…

Swasan room

Sanskar was tying the tie

Shwe: baby let me do it

Swara was watching all this and was boiling in anger and jealousy

San: (angry snatches the tie) enough you have destroyed Me enough to make me regret my whole life just stay away from me (points his finger) otherwise you cannot imagine your condition you have given me enough pain… So just leave me alone…

Shwe : (fake tears) but I was your friend na

San: (claps his hands) wow ! Like literally wow hats off yaar what an acting but I am not that Sanskar to get in your acting and act like a lost puppy finding it’s way back home I don’t know at which worst time I became your friend but now it’s enough you are Laksh’s wife for the next 4 months so just behave like one I am your devar and thats it no other relation between you an me got it

Shwe: not even friendship

San: such a shameless creature you are really I just now told no relation and you are asking about friendship and wait do you even know the meaning of friendship friends are the one whom we share our problem unlike you who increased my problem than next friends are the one who cure your wound that you have got emotionally but you you gave me more wounds instead of curing them strange Na this is not called friendship THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT CALLED FRIENDSHIP get lost now (holds her arm and drags her out and closes the door on her face which insults shweta and make our heroine smile)

Knock knock

Sanskar opens the door and was about to scold then saw Swara and sighed in relief

San:oh swara you are here I thought that chipkali

Swa: your tie is not tied

San: oh I will tie it…

Swa: no let me tie it….

Saying this she snatches the tie from Sanskar’s hand and begans to tie the knot

While Sanskar’s hand automatically went upto Swara’s creamy waist caressing it making Swara’s breathing hitched and shy while Sanskar was just lovingly gazing his princess unaware of what he was doing

Swara finally after a lot of struggles

Swa- done

Making Sanskar to come back to the reality and realized his position

San: oh ! I am sorry

Swara didn’t understand anything but left it

Swa: Sanskar today is your last day to office u remember right? Tomorrow is your first day to college

San: yup but thanks you reminded it bbye see you !!

Swa: (mono) I did not understand why is he behaving like this

Screen freezes
Precap: 1 month leap and roller coaster ride of twists

only if I get lots of big nice comments in the comment box otherwise next part toh I will not post only ! chalo guys bbye will be eagerly waiting for your comments below hope I have not disappointed you all I have tried to put raglak and swasan scenes both together and it is a swasan ff so that’s why have a good time.

Thank you!

Your Mahaan writer


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    Totally this episode is OUTSTANDING
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