An incident that Changed our lives – Part 20


Hi! Hola I am back with the next part that is part 20. I was busy with work so could not post….

Let’s start
Swara : Sanskar is it true ?

Sanskar looks down

Swara: Sanskar I am asking you something what she said is it true ?

Shwe: ofcource it is true ! See Na he is nto meeting your eyes also

Swa: stay out of it b*t*h otherwise I will do something which I am not supposed to do you remember your last time Na

Shweta shocks Swara rocks shweta keeps her hand on her cheek

Swa: good now Sanskar Laksh plz. Tell is that true or no

Both looks down

Swa: (holds his collar) I am asking you something Sanskar (shouts) fine your silence gives me an answer but Laksh I know Sanskar will not speak anything but you are my devar cum bestie Na at least you tell me Na why did you do all this

Lak: Swara bha (interrupted)

Swa: (shows her hand to stop and looks in Sanskar’s eyes that were staring the ground) : for now not call me bhabhi

Tears roll down from Laksh’s face

Lak: swa.. Swara voh actually tells tells her everything

Swa: (cups Sanskaar’s face) when did me and you come in this picture we were us Na and I gave her the punishment from our behalf in the office itself Na then why did you ? How could you ?

Lak: Swara there’s no fault of Bhai in this plz. Don’t do that to him

Swa: what not to do when he has done everything to shweta that he has not to do I agree she was mad and possessive about you she always used to come between us but that doesn’t mean you can attack her dignity and make her look like I can’t tell also plz. Sanskar don’t show me your face for few days if you want I will shift in the guest room if you can’t do so actually I am shifting to the guest room ! My final decision and no arguments regarding this (turns to shweta and joins her hand) sorry shweta

Shweta’s face glowed and Sara saw this

Swa: first listen for what I am sorry don’t be happy unnecessarily I am sorry that Sanskar and Laks made this of you (leans to her ear) but if you come near my Sanskar the next time I will make the worst out of you for sure…. (Goes back) got it ?

Swara goes and is stopped by Ap

Ap: beta then what about your marriage

Swa: marriage will not happen or delay it will just not happen I am already married and I don’t want to take stress of marriage for now since I am newly adjusted for office and becuase of this thing happened today. Sanskar tomorrow morning a courier will come for you collect it in case you go out

Sanskar nods and wipes the corner of his eyes

Swara (not seeing Sanskar as she is facing her back) : stop crying and no need to hide your tears its natural

All stares at Sanskar and then at Swara back as to how she came to know when they did not know that Sanskar is crying….
In swasan room

Swara was busy packing her things when Sanskar entered….

San: (in a choking voice) swara

Sara just hummed in response

San: plz. Don’t go from this room

Swa: why should I not go from this room sanskar ? Have you left one stone unturned for me not to leave this room no Na then I have to leave and I will leave moreover it is your room your life do whatever you want !

Sanskar pins swara to the wall by holding her shoulders

San: what do you mean by this is my life and my room for godsake Swara we are married and this is our room

Swara wriggles in his arms but stops on hearing the word marriage and Laughs sacarastically

Swara: (while laughing and roaming in the room) marriage and you if you had been a married man you wouldn’t have gone to the club without informing me or taking me with you to the club and even if you went to the club without informing or taking me you wouldn’t have done such a disgusting thing with shweta and you call yourself a married man (folds her arms) I am impressed or no no I am fascinated really very much fascinated accha chalo leave this club thingy here only second question if you or any person is a married man do the husband and wife ein their marriage have any terms like me and you the answer is no they are one after their marriage they are us by takin the 7 kasams around the holy fire they are us Sanskar they are us…. I never thought you could do something like that seriously just because laksh told you did it like wow amazing

Swara turns around towards the door

Swa: Laksh I know it is you so just shut your mouth and get lost from the room otherwise you will have the worst of me got it ?

Laksh runs away while talking Swara saw Laksh at the door hiding and listening to their talks

Swa: I need time Sanskar I can’t just throw everything in the dustbin and start afresh and maybe I need lots of time. Chal I will go see ya…

Saying this Swara leaves a shocking and a broken Sanskar…..
Next day

Sanskar was awake from 6 in the morning just because swara had told him about the courier….

San: (looking at his watch) when will it come ? Oh god swra told in the morning means anytime in the morning now toh the morning has also started when will the courier come ?

Lak: what happened bro ?

San: (makes a stern expression) none of it business Laksh

Lak (teary eyes) : maybe you are right Bhai

San (shows his hand and folds his hand infront of him) : plz. Laksh do me a favour plz. Plz. Don’t call me a Bhai I don’t want a Bhai like you I don’t know in which time I agreed to your filthy plan and see (snaps his fingers) within 24 hours everything got destroyed as if it was never there just now toh I started enjoying my life after memory loss (speaks like a cyco and keeps his hand on lak’s shoulder) you also know Na (Laksh nods his head)(in a rageful voice) but you and that b*t*h destroyed destroyed everything everything means everything and I hate you for it really hate and don’t ever think this hate will convert into love they are very rare chances that this love will convert into hate I am very serious about it Laksh why did you come here

Lak (choking voice): to take water

San: so just take it and go a request don’t show me your face to me for few days till I am at home

Laksh goes while cryingly and Sanskar also breaks down and sits on the floor

San (mono) : why God why it happens with me only ? Why I only have to suffer ? First due to memory loss and now because of this ? Why my jaan has to bear all this already she had suffered a lot due to my memory loss and now this…

Courier boy rings the bell and Sanskar makes himself presentable and goes

CB: Sanskar Dhanraj

San: hmmm

CB: Sir your courier sign here

Sanskar signs And then the CB goes

Sanskar opens the courier parcel and gets shocked
Hi ! Hola guys how was this episode comment in the comment box and tell me your reviews regarding it..

what was in the parcel that made Sanskar shocked ?

What will be his reaction to Swara ?

Will swasan unite ?

All the questions in the next few episodes will be answered till than bbye !

Thank you !


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  2. It’s awesome, but full of emotions. And yeah i was waiting for this update for a long time. And just end this shweta yaar. She is just discusting, I really want to kill her. And plzzz plzz make everything normal, hope sanskar didn’t get divorce papers. And i really missed you dear.
    And eagerly waiting for the next one. Post the next one as soon as possible, love you lots and keep smiling ????

  3. I think it’s high time you should give raglak story or remove their character so we did not get false hope again and again last 3 episide is full of swasan and befor that except 2 episode while story is about swasan but after introducing the character of ragini at least give some scenes of raglak i think it’s my last comment on this ff but I want to said what I feel

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