An incident that Changed our lives Part 18

Hi , hola ! Guys back with the next part since some of the readers complained that they were less swasan scenes so I am trying to put as many scenes of swasan as I can accommodate in this episode. Hope you all do not get bored. And thanks for the amazing response given on part 17 chalo let’s start
Recap: swasan engagement and Laksh in ragini’s office.

Swasan have breakfast and Lucky is waiting for them in the car. Outside the door of DM

San: have a good day ! And yeh project jeet ke hi laana Meri sherni (win this project and come my lioness)

Swa: (smiles and childishly says) Sanskar promise me something

Sanskar Laughs at his kiddo wife

San: Swara why do you want a promise I am toh always with you Na

Swa: no no I want a promise now !

San: accha OK tell which promise do you want

Swa: you will not look at any girl with the same love for me or you will not try to be friendly with any girl. Kk ?

San: but in office toh there are many female employees Na if I don’t talk with them how will I tell them the work ?

Swa: (playing with his shirt buttons) no I am not saying to not talk to them I am only saying that don’t try to be too friendly with them. Will you NY do this much for your Swara ?

San: OK baba now go to office and don’t go with this pout face I hate when anyone looks to your pout face rather than me (hugs her and kisses her forehead)

Lak: Bhai we don’t have all the time in the world

San: hmmm so now you go

Swa: but I am feeling that something wrong is going to happen ( hugs him like a Teddy)

San: dont worry jaan just be brave. Hmm

Swara nods her head and goes
Ay goenka industries as soon as they enter the cabin of MD

The chair is turned behind. A girl with black cat eyes specks and grey suit and a long and high pony tail is sitting her face is not revealed she is reading a book

Swa: we need to show the tender

Rag: 15 minutes in the conference room

Swa lak goes to the conference room
In conference room

Rag: from Dhanraj industries who is coming

Swa: Laksh

Laksh gets shocked

Lak: bhabhi what the hell ? Please spare me I don’t want to get killed by Ragini

Swa: just shut up and go

Rag: can you both please do fast we dont have all the day am sure there are other presentations also and we cannot wait for you too so please do fast

Laksh gives the presentation nervously…. And one by one all come and give their presentation. It was the time of result

Rag: the tender goes to Dhanraj industries Mrs. Swara Dhanraj it would be really good if you complete the necessary formalities plz.


While going

Guy 1: how can you take the decision so fast

Guy 2: yeah exactly

Ragini shots one glare from her specks and walks towards them

Rag: so mr. Oberoi what were you telling that I take decision so fast I don’t like to waste time and money especially for these tender matters and moreover your quotation was not upto the mark your project and then you Mr. Kapoor your construction technically was not really good. So better you don’t open your mouth. Any body has any further questions. No Na so I will take a leave thank you all for coming here and presenting your tenders. Hope to see you all soon. (Fake smiles)
In the cabin

Rag: sign these papers Mrs. Dhanraj which state that you have to work with us for the next 6 months and after the completion of the project you have to come with us to Mexico to submit the project.

Swa; actually Ragini

Rag: ahem I would much appreciate if you would call me miss. Goenka

Swa: actually miss. Goenka I cannot sign the deal

Rag (raises her eyebrows): and why so?

Swa: actually I have to handle Dhanraj industries also so I would really appreciate if my brother in law Laksh would work on this project

Rag (softly):brother-in-law

Ragini POV

Oh god what the hell Laksh is Swara’s brother in law that means Swara has got married to Sanskar. I still remember we trio studied in the same college. I saw Laksh after such a long time. The memories of past came back to me like a thud. His talk , his smile, his smartness , his soothing words and most importantly our LOVE but everything got shattered due to Rohit. as soon as he started the presentation I was just gazing his body what a well – build up body while remembering the past and seeing Laksh today a lone tear was about to fall but i stopped it as soon as it was about to fall……. Oh god ! I missed him so much but what now Swara is saying that she will be going to Dhanraj industries I can’t stay with Laksh for 6 months. What if he creates the feelings of love in me by great difficulty I have moved on I don’t want him to ruin everything. Oh god I have to stop her.
POV ends

Rag: as far as i know Mrs. Dhanraj Dhanraj industries is been handled by your husband Mr. Dhanraj Na then ?

Swa: (professional tone) somethings cannot be shared with everyone I hope you understand Ragini oops ms. Goenka mam. Let’s come to the point if you want to do the project with us. Laksh will be there working with you I may nt be present every time but one thing I assure you from my side Ms. Goenka that on the final submission day I will be there with my husband and will come to Mexico along with LAKSH. So you don’t need to worry about that but the rest of the things Mr. Laksh will handle. Deal done or not done ?


Race is in my mind race is in my soul
My heart is racing more

Rag: kk done Mrs. Dhanraj I will be working with Laksh but tell him to be in his limits

Swa: he will be in Limits but I guess you are forgetting your limits 5 minutes before you were talking about mam and sir Na that calling thing then what happened to you now Ms. Goenka ! Laksh is also human being he also needs respect

Lak (whispers): bhabhi that’s enough

Swa: (rageful voice) stay out of it Laksh

Swa: so yes Ms. Goenka aren’t you forgetting something

Rag: hmm I am sorry Mr. Laksh plz forgive me.

Lak: no problem Ragini it was (interrupted)

Swa: no extra talks sign the deal Laksh and wait outside I want to have a word with Ms. Goenka

Lak: hmm

Swa: read the papers carefully

Laksh nods and goes after signing the papers

Swa: Ragini remember one thing I am telling as a friend if you can hurt others than others can hurt you and what you did with Laksh was a little wrong on your side… (Pat’s her shoulder) have a good day sweetie

Rag: how is that swara ?

Swa (smiles but does not turn) because you never gave Laksh the time to understand things and also you did not prove yourself right infront of everyone

Swa_Lak goes
At DM mantion

Swa_lak reaches

Swa: so happy devar ji ?

Lak: too happy bhabhi thank you so much (picks her and twirls her)

While Swara was Laughing

Swa: remember ragini’s words tell him to stay in his limits haha

Lak: I cannot U know

While swa_lak were laughing sujata comes in

Sujju: what is this going on in the house ha and you are her devar Na so you should behave like one she is the wife of my son how can you pick her in your arms have some shame Laksh have some shame Laksh

Swa: chalo for this matter only yu considered Sanskar as your son and moreover there is celebration going on in the house for successfully cracking the deal

Sujju (frowns) when did I tell that he was not my son

Swa: but you neither treated him as one after he got his memory tell me one incident when you were really happy with your son tell me Na

Sujju: I dont care I just care for my Ramji

Swa: this is your obsession sasu-mom

Sujju: dare you call me mom first you used to all that na it was ok but now you don’t call me mom because you are a very bad girl did you here it a bad girl and maybe a curse for Sanskar….

Lak: mom ! mom ! see what chachi is saying to swara mom

Swa: no need of it Laksh

Ap: what happened beta achanak is everything OK ?

Lak: no mom (complains like a child) chachi told Swara as a curse in bro’s life and she scolded me also because I lifted Swara and twirled her in my arms I know she is my bhabhi but before bhabhi she is my best friend get that thing into your head sujata Dhanraj

Ap: Laksh you should not talk to elders like that and sujata it’s ok if Laksh is carrying Swara in his arms it’s really OK Atleast with me an I guess it should be OK for you too now please don’t start that oldie cycolgy that a girl and boy can never be friend because in my definition they can be and here toh there is a case of bhabhi and devar Na. Swara and Laksh go and get fresh. Hmm ? Sujata don’t tell them anything. Hmm?

Sujju /swa/ lak: hmmm

Ap: good now go

At 3 in the afternoon

Swa: (mono) where is Sanskar

Lak: searching for someone dearie and that someone is none other than my one and only Bhai right bhabhi ji

Swa: hmm I think I should prepare something for him and go to office haina

Lak: as you wish

Swa: hmm
Swara prepared kheer and biryani for Sanskar and was about to step out from DM when she saw shweta coming with a lot of bags and a drink in her hands…..

Swa (mono) no wonder this girl did a lot of shopping (rolling eyes)

Shwe: hi Swara how are you ? Long time yaar where are you going (keeps her hand on her arms casually)

Swara jerks it

Swa: first of all I am not your yaar secondly you cannot touch me without my permission and thirdly where I am going is none of your buisness ms. Bhootni now leave my way…

Shwe: ooh I am scared by the way you are going to Sanskar’s office. Right ?

Swa: how did you know ?

Shwe: the tiffin in your bag tells me that babe and from which angle do I look like a bhootni I am so gorgeous , so beautiful so wonderful

Swa: in your dreams baby

Shwe: you are catching my colour not bad

Swa: now will you leave me way

Shweta spills the juice on Swara’s dress

Shwe: I am so sorry (smiles inside) Swara do one thing go and change your dress

Swara nods and goes. Meanwhile shweta hurriedly changes into short pants which are hardly covering her thies and a backless top with only one string behind and rushes to Sanskar’s office before Swara reaches
At office

Shweta reaches the office and looks towards the window as soon as Swara come she entered into Sanskar’s cabin and started her drama

Shwe: hi Sanskar ! How are you ?

San: (while working) good

Shwe: so what’s your plan today ? Since it’s your engagement (saying this she moves forward like a lion towards its prey)

San: nothing just winding up with work so that I can peacefully attend my engagement.

Shweta suddenly sits on Sanskar’s lap

San: woah shweta get off me ! My wife will kill me if she sees me like this

Shwe: am I not beautiful?

San: it’s not like that

Shwe: then am I beautiful ?

By that time Swara comes in his cabin and hears shweta’s question and was waiting for her husband’s reply

San: yes you are

That was it (basanti that is our swara’s anger reached on its height) she keeps the food down,pulls Shweta’s arm and gave a tight slap on her cheeks and banged her on the wall. Swara spotted a broom in Sanskar’s cabin. Swara started to hit shweta with broom while shweta was running in the whole cabin……

Shwe: aah ! Ooh Sanskar baby help me

Swa: baby ki bacchi I will show you wait and watch (gives a tight wack with her hand on her head) haa what do you think of yourself you will snatch my pati and I will let you snatch no ways Sanskar was always mine and will remain mine did you get it Ms. Pati chor abhi batati hoon. Keede padenge Tujhein , nark mein jalengi tooh jalam jali , kutti , kamini (ants will be on you , you will burn in the fire of hell , dog , b*t*h) (beats her by taking books from Sanskar’s library)

San: arrey Swara those are important books leave them jaan

Swa: I don’t care

After about 2 hours

Shweta was unconscious by the grace of our mahan Devi swara. And was taken home by some people of office. Now it was the time of our hero.

Swara presses her knuckles and the sound of her knuckles could be heard in the whole cabin making Sanskar scared

San: jaan , listen to me Na i am innocent please arrey she came I kept your promise , I did not be friendly with her kasam Se  , your swear dear

Swa: dear my foot you kept my promise OK ? I can trust you but what about that beautiful  compliment you gave her haa ? (Mimics) am I beautiful? Yes you are how dare you to say that (say this she punches on Sanskar’s cheeks making some blood to ooze out

San: aah

Swa: that’s it this was the pain that I felt when you were complimenting that chudail infront of me ! You have no shame Na Sanskar your wife was standing in front of you and you did not notice her (fake tears) my bad luck that I got you han

San: jaan

Swa: what jaan haa wait I will show you

By saying this she beated him with pillows and Sanskar tried to defend her by running and holding her hands

After about 1 hour

Sanskar gets hold of her hands

San: bas jaan mela baccha stop it I have got my punishment Na please shona (backhugs her)

Swa: ok OK but that does not mean I forgive you

San: (pouts) why ?

Swa: no how can you say her as beautiful U really need a serious punishment and I will give you

San: now what punishment?

Swa: the punishment is that I will not talk to you until you cutely manaofy me

Sanskar holds his ears and makes puppy dog eyes

Swa: (smiles inside but shows her fake anger) no this will not work

San: fine but now we have to go home we have the engagement ceremony also would you do the engagement with me or that also has been postponed

Swa: no no I will do engagement with you i need to show shweta by showing the ring that i am officially yours and you are officially mine (pouts) now i dont have a ring na so after engagement i will get one but you also  have to manaofy me Haan ? Don’t forget

Sanskar Laughs inside

San: means you are doing engagement for shweta and not because you love me that’s bad you know

Swa: no no you are getting me wrong I love you a lot and I want to do the engagement with you from long time (puppy eyes) please don’t deny please

Taking this as an opportunity Sanskaar holds her waist

San: fine if you want me to do the engagement with you you also have to forgive me Neto I am Not doing the engagement with you think darling think

Swa: you are very bad

San: I know after all I am Sanskar Dhanraj now answer fast kiddo I don’t have time I have to wrap up my stuff already a lot of time is wasted

Swa: I am not kiddo and fine I forgive you but this is last time you were close to that chipku shweta next time I dont want you to wander around her by mistake also

San: OK kiddo and you are my kiddo my jaan

Swa: hmm chalo I have brought food to eat come eat

Sanskar sits but when Swara was about to sit he pulls her and makes her sit on his lap

Swa: what are you doing ?

San: me nothing just romancing with my wife if you have any problem I don’t care because I love my wife and like these if thousand Shweta’s will also come Na they will not be able to replace my wife

Swara smiles

Swasan feeds each other happily and after finishing the food Swara was packing everything when Sanskar saw a piece of rice was stuck at the corner of swara’s lips. Sanskar taking this as an opportunity kisses her lips and takes the rice particle in his mouth. Swara was at first shock and the utensil she was going to put fall on Sanskar’s table and then Swara too responded by pulling Sanskar more and clutching his hair. First the kiss was passionate and then it became a hungry one.

Swa: you are so shameless Sanskar

San: only for you Swara and waise bhi there was a particle of rice stuck to your mouth that’s why I kissed you but you know Na you are so irresistible that I cannot take my eyes of from you and become harder on seeing you.

Swa: then who has stop you ?(hugs him)

San: hmm all these things after marriage not before it (kisses her forehead)

Swa: mere sanskari patidev !

San: Meri sanskari patni ji (breaks the hug)

Swasan reaches home and were welcomed by a slap on Swara’s face by sujju. Sanskar was shocked.

Sujju: how dare you beat my son haa ? What do you think of yourself some type of queen or what ? Haa I got to know everything from shweta and this mark on Sanskar was also been given by you na see his cheek blood is oozing out do you have any shame or no ? Disgusting

Laksh came while eating Apple

Lak: bhabhi ji don’t you think mom is making us read the chapter of shame quite often these days isn’t it ?

Swa: you are right devar ji absolutely correct mom you are making us read the chapter of shame quite often

Sujju: just keep your mouth shut ! I know that shweta has came close to Sanskar today but just by his closeness you beated Sanskar so much but imagine if Sanskar had seen or maybe has seen you with Laksh so many times doesn’t he have the right to beat or scold you or you don’t think you are being too unfare by taking all the rights from him haa ? (This opens Swara’s eye)

San: mom what rubbish are you talking

Sujju: just shut up sanskar not today (joins her hands) Atleast today let me talk to her peacefully. Haa so Swara where was I don’t you feel disgusted of yourself only by shweta sitting on Sanskar’s lap made you so angry that you boxed him doesn’t Sanskar be angry on you. He may get angry but does not show it to you. Right son ?

San: no mom absolutely wrong can I speak something now its nothing like that I never get angry on Swara. I know Swara and Laksh’s bonding they are best friends

Sujju: but shweta was also your best friend Na see what condition she has made of that girl

San:was mom but now she is not I hate her nature mom. I hate her

All this while Swara was just standing like a statue

San; Swara jaan listen to me are you listening kk baby you don’t want to answer me it’s ok come let’s sleep (picks her in his arms)
Swasan room

San: Swara mera baccha my kiddo don’t take mom’s word seriously

Swa: but somewhere she is right Na ?

San: you go to sleep you are too stressed and Congo wifey for winning the project love you loads dear

Swara gives a small smile while Sanskar sits and caresses her hairs.

Swa: should I put cream on your cheeks see it has blood stains till now (teary eyes)

San :no jaan no need you sleep I am in the study call me if you need anything (pecks her forehead and was about to leave)

Swa: I am so bad Na that’s why you want to leave me Na ?

San; (turns to her) what rubbish are you talking jaan

Swa: no I am not talking rubbish I am talking the truth  you don’t love me now because I gave you a box on your face believe me I was really angry at that time. I couldn’t bear the fact that she was so close to you I can’t even think of you with anyone else (hugs him and cries her heart out)

San: (while rubbing her back) and why do you think I will leave you ?

Swa: because you are not allowing to put cream on your cheeks.

Sanskar smiles

San: I am not allowing you to put cream on my cheeks because I want to show every one that in love everybody gets love bite but see here i have got a love box can’t you fulfill my ittu sa wish please

Swa: no you are lying you want to embarrass me Na infront of everyone and go to that shweta Na

On hearing Shweta’s name Sanskar became angry and smashes her lips on hers angrily the kiss was pouring Sanskaar’s anger on her Swara was trying to respond but Sanskar didn’t gave her a chance to respond and broke the kiss breathing heavily

San: dare you take that name again I just love you and I just need you to my life. You are my oxygen and nobody has the right and nobody can snatch my oxygen from me and take her away did you get that.

Swa:OK sorry

San:hmm OK OK don’t be so senti and emotional

Swa: ok ! But for now let me put cream on your face then in engagement you can sow it to everyone. Kk ?

San: (nods like a baby)

Swara starts to put cream by blowing air on cheeks while Sanskar grabs her waist and makes her sit on his lap while continuing holding her waist and caressing her soft skin under the saree making Swara’s breath hitched and making it more difficult for Swara to apply the cream. Sanskar smiles by seeing his effect on her. (While going to office Swara had changed her formals and dressed in a saree)

After finishing

Swa: good boy (pecks his forehead)

San: ahaan someone is in a mood of romance

Swa: Sanskar !

San: OK OK baby come sleep it will be a tiring day in the evening…

The heavenly couple dozed off to sleep while embracing each other
In the evening (engagement)

Swara was getting ready for the engagement. In a baby pink blouse and lehenga with a white net dupatta the whole blouse and lehenga was worked and it looked simply elegant on our princess. Swara wore the jewellery and was looking divine.

At that time Sanskar came from bath just in a towel and backhugged Swara and nuzzled his nose in her neck making Swara to close her eyes and feel his touch.

San: (while inhaling her sent) looking beautiful wifey

Swa: (coming back to her sense shrugs his hands and turns to face him) you too change hubby

San:  kk wifey

Swara goes out to bring water by the time Sanskar gets ready in a black sherwani with a diamond broach looking absolutely stunning…

Sanskar was staring himself in the mirror especially the live box given by his wife at the ume swara entered and was standing behind him. Sanskar stared her through the mirror and smiled seeing his wife’s reaction ber mouth was open in an O-shaped…. Sanskar came close to her

Swa (whispered) Greek god

San (lips touched to her earlobe) I heard that wifey

Swa (came in her sense) : Sanskar sit Na I want to do something with you

San: oh ho romance not bad ! But baby I have just changed into sherwani if you would have told me earlier I would just be in a towel Na (pouts)

Swa: shut up sanskar ! Jab dekho you think of romance only (making him sit on a chair) but it is true I get lost in those brown eyes of yours

San: after all I am such an attractive creation of God

Swa: ae vaiin

San: no Swara sacchi

Swa: OK baba now sit take this blind fold.. And tie it on your eyes

San: OK

Sanskar ties it and Swara starts to put powder on the love box.

San: Swara jaan ! What are you doing I guess you are putting make up on my love box. Don’t do it Na (pleads like a child) PLEASE ! I have heard that excess make up creates boils on the faces I don’t want to create boils on my face so soon..

Swa: one use Se u don’t get boils especially when your skin is rough

San: means you are definitely putting makeup (opens blindfold) why Swara you spoiled my whole mood (pouts and crosses his arms on chest)

Swara bends down and locks her hands in his necks

Swa: hey my jaan my baby ! Listen Na OK you don’t want to listen but still I will talk.. So yeah where was I Haan regarding this love box. See today we are going to make memories we are going to click pictures , frame albums and all so I don’t want my handsome hubby’s face to come with a love box or any other marks on my hubby’s face and if you want to show it to any of your friends… Then you can wash your face after engagement and show them fine this make up is not waterproof. Kk ? It can be removed by water please don’t remove it before engagement. Please ?

San: hmm. Kk when mY jaan wants it she will get it but what will I get

Swara immediately pecks his other cheek

Swa : happy?

San: no I wanted the kiss on my lips

Swa: ahmm That you will get it after our official second marriage. Hahaa chalo pati dev otherwise we will get late

Sanskar smiles at his wife’s crazy antics…
In the engagement

Swasan reaches the hall. Chipku shweta was desperately waiting for Sanskar. She got jealous on seeing swasan coming together hand in hand… Shweta had applied excess of makeup to hide the marks given by swara anyone could say that she was covered in full makeup from head to toe….

Swara goes to attend the guests while Sanskar was attending his clients and his friends. Shweta got a nice chance to create trouble but she was more scared on thinking of Swara’s reaction the haal of hers which our dear Swara made behaal. But still having the courage she goes to Sanskar and taps his shoulder.

San: yes

Shwe: Sanskar see there is a mark on your cheek (the lipstick mark was light but still our chipku could see on seeing it shweta felt jealous) wait I will remove it sanky…

While shweta was removing Sanskar realised that how he had got that mark.. Swara had kissed him on cheek and thus he got that mark. Shweta was done with the cleaning but since shweta being shweta was unnecessarily caressing his cheek with tissue paper Sanskar realised it. Swara from far while talking to the ladies observed it and was cursing shweta in her mid. She took and excuse from the ladies and walked towards Sanskar and head the convo between shwe_San and was feeling proud on her husband…

San (jerked Shweta’s hand) stay away from me I am already married and very happy with my life. And for your kind information my name is Sanskar not sanky only my Swara can call me that.

Shweta goes while thinking something…

Swa: I am proud of you patidev (keeping her hand on his shoulder) huh ! Chipkali I hate her. By the way why did she came

San: your lipstick mark were present so she came to remove it

Swa: and then she was drooling over you shameless creature

San: bas bas wifey if you will be angry like this ten frown lines will come and spoil your makeup and your whole face will be red. By the way you are very possessive about your husband not bad indeed

Swa: (pulls his collar) what to do when husband is so handsome and dashin we wives have to be possessive Na.

Pandit ji calls them

Pan: time for engagement

Swasan goes and the ring ceremony starts.

Swara had to put ring in Sanskar’s finger but Laksh stand-in behind of sanskar being mischievous pulls Sanskaar’s hand back when Swara was about to slide the finger this makes Swara irritated while Sanlak were enjoying her irritated face most of the people had smile on the faces exceptionals are few… The second time Swara trues to put same thing happened now swara in the third attempt hold Sanskaar’s hand and slides the ring all clap and shower Rose petals.

Now it was the turn of Sanskar. Swara also did the same swasan and the rest of the people were enjoying. In the third attempt Sanskar also slides ring in Swara’s finger. All clapped and showered Rose petals on them swasan tooh elders blessing and Sanskar holds Swara by waist and both smiles and the photographer takes a photo.

Screen freezes on the happy faces of swasan.
Finally finished 5000 words of the 18th part. Comment , like vote will be eagerly waiting. Hope I full-filled the request of swasan scenes demanded by the readers support me by your comments. Suggestions are always welcomed my wattpad ID is arshiya8910 and I have also created a site on my name my parts are uploaded there also you can visit there also support me on my new website also the link of the website is

Hope you enjoyed !! Had a tough time writing such a long part. Hope you all liked the part

Thank you !


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