An incident that Changed our lives Part 17

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Precap: Laksh’s past

The photo is of RAGINI if you guys remember I had mentioned Ragini’s name in the starting episode of the ff now the question everybody might have that what have been happened to raglak why are they living separately…. So the answer is in this part. Hope you all not get bored….
So enjoy reading.

Sanskar knocks the door.

Lak: who is this ?

San: chipkali now open the door ?

Lak: (while opening the door) Bhai you never give straight answers to my questions.

San: (friendly hug) you are asking as  you don’t know me you ask so stupid questions that I don’t feel to answer them.

Lak: hmm but anyone could be there at my room at night ?

San: means you are scared scary kitten

Lak : No it could be anyone Na ? By the way where is bhabhi ?

San: your bhabhi has gone to take drinks and don’t worry at this point of time only me oor your bhabhi could be there knocking at the door ! Now can I come inside I am tired of answering your questions at the door itself….

Lak: oh sorry come inside ! And may I have the authority to ask why have you come at my room at this point of time to console me after the incident at court.

San: no Lucky I have not come to console you. And ofcourse you have the authority to ask it’s your room your life and why are you asking like this any problem

Lak: no but you don’t give my answers straight so I have to ask you whether should I have the authority to ask or not.

San: smart boy and you have the authority so don’t worry about that and… (Stares at ragini’s photo takes the photo in his hands)

San: (in a comforting tone) miss her Lucky ?

Lak: yes Bhai (takes the photo)

San: everything will be fine don’t worry (hugs him)

Swara enters the room like a storm with an angry but cute expression

Swa: bhai-bhai ka milaab ho gaya ho so can we talk (if bro-bro’s meeting is over can we talk ) how much you both talk ? (Latches the door) your voices were coming till down ! (Frowns)

Lak: bhabhi you have closed the door Na now so tell me what happened why you guys here

Swa: in all this I forgot why I am here yeah I remembered

San (keeps his hand on Lucky’s shoulder): where is that real waali chipkali whom you are divorcing ?

Swa: who cares for that chipkali (makes faces)

Lak: exactly bhabhi ! (Hi-fis)

San: I am also here

Swa: yeah yeah I know hubby come let’s sit and grab our drinks

All goes and starts talking Swara strts the convo

Swa: do you know goenka industries Laksh by any chance ?

Laksh freezes at the moment all the memories of past comes flodding back to him..

Laksh nods

Swa: then you must be knowing them also Na ?

San: what are you talking Swara I didn’t get you ?

Swa: I am talking to Laksh when I talk to you speak only then until no disturbances or better go back to your room if you don’t want to be here I am trying to find out something and you are continuously disturbing me

San: relax my sherni what happened

Lak: yeah bhabhi what happened any problem ?

Swa: I have asked you a simple question would you care to answer please ! Because I am hell tired and by great difficulty I have made a plan which I want to execute so just tell me do you know them and in what relation do you know them

Lak: yeah I know them Shekhar goenka owns the goenka industries and now currently it is owned by both Shekhar goenka and her daughter (cuts off)

Swa: Ragini Goenka who rules your heart

Sanskar was shocked

San: you didn’t tell me Laksh ?

Lak: Bhai

Swa: your cid can be done later… So yeah where was I Ragini goenka you know her right and how do I know you very well know that we both were in same school Laksh so I need to know the whole story of yours and Ragini so I can unite  you both. Kk ? So start and I am telling you no disturbances I want to discuss it now itself because tomorrow will be a big and hectic day.

Lak: hectic day

Swa: because tomorrow we have to complete our incomplete works…. You don’t worry about that start I want to know each and every single detail of yours and ragini’s love for each other dare you miss out anything.

Lak: kk bhabhi
Flash back starts

Laksh’s Pov
We both loved each other a lot , we went for dinners , lunchs we knew are limits and we did not cross them either we both loved each other immensely there was no defect in our love. Our love was true and pure. We both had also planned our wedding after graduation for the wedding we had decided how the decoration would be where the wedding would be and all. But one day due to my mis understanding we both got separated..
Third person’s POV

Laksh and ragini were in the same college

One day
Ragini was entering her class. As she was entering she was pinned on the wall by (every time hero cannot be there) ROHIT.

Rohit: friend of Laksh present in the raglak gang Ragini kept a normal distance she was not too close to rohit but rohit was mad for Ragini and wanted her at any cost.

Ro;: where were you my jaan I missed you so much. (Touches her cheek sensually Ragini jerks it and tried to push him but his grip on her was very strong that Ragini winced in pain)

Rag: just get lost you blo*dy moron I will kill you.

Ro: uff ! You have already killed me by your looks , your style , your tashan..
But I hate when you are with Laksh…

At that time Laksh comes there smiling and puts a hand on rohit’s shoulder

Lak: hey rohit what are you doing here and what happened Ragini any problem ? (Laksh stares at ragini’s shoulder which rohit was holding)

Rohit follows Laksh’s gaze and immediately left ragini’s shoulder

Ro: (execuse) actually something went in ragini’s eye.

Rag: no laksh he was trying to force himself on me…

Ro: how can I do that ?  You know me Na Laksh I do not touch my gf how will I touch yours

Rag: you do not touch your gf because you don’t love her you just use her to satisfy your list.

Lak: enough Ragini how do you know that he does not love his gf  are you his mother no Na then. Leave all this Ragini maybe I guess you both are together right that’s why you were in such position and this is how you got to know the he does not love his gf otherwise how would you get to know.

Ro: (smirks inside but acts) no Lak you are..

Laksh shows his hand

Lak: Ragini if you are done with him please come and help with the economics notes otherwise I will borrow it from someone else.

Rag: no Laksh I am coming (passes an angry glare to Rohit while rohit smirks winningly)

Next day was the fresher’s party all the gang was there. Rohit smartly mixes pills in ragini’ drink and asks the waiter to give that drink to Ragini.

Waiter gives the drink and Ragini feels strange and gulps it..

Rag; I am going to washroom

Laksh was angry after that incident but still asks with concern.

Lak: are you OK ? Should we leave the party ?

Ragini smiles at his concern

Rag: no Laksh I am fine just going to the washroom

Lak:kk go just call me if you want to leave


On the way of washroom somebody picks  Ragini in his arms and that person is rohit. Ragini while loosing her senses.

Rag: (faint voice) ro…hit

Ro:yeah baby I missed you Na so come let’s complete our incomplete work (Laughs)

Ragini wriggles in his arms

Rag: leave me you nasty pig dirty dog i will complain about you (faints)

Ro: tch..tch you felt unconscious now only and haa who will you complain Laksh who is angry on you and your papa the great Shekhar goenka is out of town , your mom will come day after tomorrow after her fashion week….

Ro: (calls a person) take the photos clearly her face should be shown and it should look like that she is doing her by her own will I need her at any cost. Kk ? Did you get that?

Photographer : yes sir

Rohit kisses Ragini’s lips but does not touch her virtue

Ro: (monologue) these proofs would be enough for Laksh to leave Ragini haha I am the best now let’s start

Next day

Ragini came to college but she was feeling as if something bad is going to happen

Lak: I am sorry Ragini

Rag: for what Laksh ?

Lak: I had talked so rudely with you Na (holds his ears) please forgive your this Lucky I promise I will never do that again. I love you and I don’t like you being close to that rohit don’t keep his personal information with you what he does or what he does not do is none of our concern I only love you and only you are my concern nobody else by the way where had you gone yesterday I called you so many times ?

Ragini removes his hand from his ears and side hugs him

Rag: i dont know maybe i wss tired and i slept in the hotel room. I am so sorry Laksh but you know Na I am saying the truth he tried to force me he tried to take advantage of mine. ( tears trickle down from her eyes)

Laksh hugs her and kisses her forehead

Lak: don’t worry rago everything will be fine I promise you when your Laksh is here why need to fear. Right  and don’t waste this precious pearls for that idiotic man. I trust you more than anyone but I need to find out. If you are saying the truth than I will give him a severe punishment . I will be around you every time I will hide behind you. So that I can hear rohit if he is trying to force you. Now give me that million dollar smile on which my heart skips a beat.

Ragini smiles

At that time rohit enters the gate and hugs all his friends and Laksh also he went to hug ragini but Ragini stops him by showing her hand.. Rohit could not force her so he went

During the break time.

Rohit sits with Laksh Ragini was busy in some project so she was Late.

Rohit:( nods his head and goes)

Laksh’s friend who was sitting beside him showed him some of the photos of Ragini and rohit. Laksh was angry and scolded Ragini..

Rag: (in tears) Laksh I really don’t know about these photos trust me.

Lak; trust does not suit your mouth miss. Ragini goenka you are not worthy for my trust also. I hate you I trusted you and you back stabbed me we had already made it clear that we will do all this after marriage than why if you were uncomfortable with this you could have told me Na we could have found out a solution Na but you chii. Chi I hate to call you as my girlfriend. Did you hear that I hate you.

Ragini stumbles and goes behind and runs from there.
After 2-3days nowdayz Laksh was with other girls all girls came close to him and tried to lure him this irked Ragini whereas Laksh was not able to forget Ragini from his heart and mind (remember in the promo the girl was Ragini the scene was included in this flashback I don’t want to right it again so understand that that scene had happened in this flashback only )

Whole college was aware of the raglak fight and some were happy and some were sad.

Rohit dragged Ragini in the classroom and Laksh stand and listened to the conversation by standing at the door secretely.

Rohit: how was it baby being scolded by you loved ones especially when it is Laksh I had only kissed you I did not touch your virtue because I wanted to do it by your consent dontt you know how I kissed you ? Let me kiss you once again

Ragini slaps him hard.

Rag: I am only Laksh’s fine I can never be yours and tell me how come I kissed you haa ? As far as I remember i had gone to washroom I told Laksh and went and fainted on the way and next day i found myself in the room. Tell me (shows her knife) how come I came in the hotel room and what was in that that blo*dy drink I am damn sure that there was something in the drink that made me faint tell me now otherwise I will kill you here itself. I am not that rgini who will cry and waste those precious perals for a bastard like you

Ro: oh wow I don’t know that this baby doll has a ferocious lion waala avataar also haha OK coming back yup I only mixed sleeping pills in your drinks. I was the only one to take you in the room and kiss you and take some photos what will you do now because now you don’t even have the support of your Laksh then my main aim was to separate Laksh from Ragini because I love Ragini and I am mad for you I can do anything for you.

Rag: you can do anything for me naa?

Ro: yeah yeah darling just command

Rag: get the hell out of my life ! And get this thing fixed in your head that Ragini will always be only for Laksh and no one else and by saying this She went out of the college.

Lak: (mono) she told him to get out of her life means she is really hurt. My rago was never like this. I hope she does not take any big step against herself but before that I need to teach this rohit a big lesson I will call up Bhai and will punish him today itself.

Third person POV over

Laksh’s POV (flashback)
I called Bhai told him everything at night we went to his house and i beated him black and blue while bro kept a black cloth on Rohit’s face so that hecould not see us after I was done. We mixed poison in his drink and left the place. After 10 mins I came and ask him his condition and forced him to drink.

Lak: what happened bro who beated you black and blue so many marks. Tch…tch okay come drink one peg of whiskey can solve all problems. You know so 1,2,3 gulp it fast

Peg after peg I gave and he died on the spot . Then I went to meet Ragini. And thought to ask sorry from her….

I went to her house I climbed up through the pipe but the next thing made me shocked….

Ragini had left a letter

In letter
Hi! Mom hope your fashion week went well I have decided to leave the college and go far away from this city as memories of Laksh haunt me you were the only strength of support mom you know about the fight me and Laksh had since your phone is coming off I have left this letter to inform you that I want to live life peacefully so I am leaving this city will call you when I will reach there hopefully you would have read this letter by that time I need my space don’t try to find will miss you and dad don’t tell this to Laksh. Yours Ragini

Letter ends

I was in tears I ran from there on the empty roads

(BG music-ae dil hai mushkil)

Maana ki teri maujoodgi se
Yeh zindagani mehroom hai
Jeene ka koi dooja tareeka
Na mere dil ko maloom hai

Tujhko main kitni shiddat se chaahun
Chahe toh rehna tu bekhabar
Mohtaj manzil ka toh nahi hai
Yeh ek tarfa mera safar safar
Khoobsurat hain manzil se bhi
Meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi

I was remembering all the moments spent with her while running

But atlast I saw her departure I told the officers to let me go to her but they didnt allowed me to do so. I stared at her with teary eyes until she disappeared

Adhoora hoke bhi hai ishq mera kaamil
Tere bina guzara ae dil hai mushkil

Past ends
Lak: I tried to search her but was unable to one week before only I got to know that she works in goenka industries and has completed her degree I did not have the courage to go and speak to her that’s why I remained quite and cried in My room at times. Now tell me what happened bhabhi why you are asking all this I have given you all the details.

Swa:my plan is that we will propose a tender to Ragini as she is the MD of her company and that project will be worked for 6 months by both goenka and Maheshwari industries. Only on the condition if we won this project, you can spend more time with ragini and redevelop her feelings of love for you so we will make the presentation now and present it to Ragini tomorrow. What’s say ? And after completing the project both the companies will go to mexico and give the complete project to the clients

San: yeah i am OK with it it’s really a good idea. Good job wifey

Swa: thanks hubby

Lak: your romance can be continued later also in your room and what OK Bhai  tomorrow is your engagement for God sake Bhai

Swa: so what engagement is in the evening or most probably at night so I will reach by say 5 in the evening and get ready.

Lak: and what if you get late

San: if she gets late then we can postpone the engagement for sometime na

Swa:yeah correct, devarji don’t take tension (dramatically) I am the angel sent by God to complete your love story and I will surely complete that love story.

Trio Laughs and make the presentation by discussing and planning the project very smartly….
Next day

Swasan room

Our heavenly couple were sleeping peacefully by hugging each other… After being tired at night. The sunrays peeped into their room. Sanskar woke up first and say his beautiful angel wife sleeping. He was looking at her dreamily. Sanskar tucks her hair strands behind her ear which was disturbing his view of his beautiful wife. While Swara flinches in sleep and tights her grip on his neck more. Sanskar smiles.

San: jaana get up baby today you have to go office Na if you will not go then who will give the presentation to Ragini

Swa:(sleepily) the great Laksh who else

San: what? Laksh have you gone mad or what ? he becomes damn nervous….  While giving presentation if he stammers or something than ?

Swa: he will not now go get ready and let me sleep for sometime.

San: how do you know he will not

Swa: I just know now go

Sanskar sighs and goes to the washroom knowing how stubborn his wife was…. After coming from washroom

San: jaan see I am ready now go fast (tries to wake her up by holding her waist)

Swa: 5 mins more please (sleeps while hugging him)

Sanskar smiles at his wife’s cite antiques and feels himself blessed to get such a cute wife

San: jaan it’s already late

Swa: fine I will get up only on one condition that you will carry me in your arms otherwise I will not get up

Sanskar picks her up in his arms and drops her to the washroom…

San: condition accomplished

Swa (closed eyes gives a tight peck on his cheeks) : love you do one last thing before leaving the room remove my clothes for office hmm ?

San: done baby come fast I am waiting for you at the breakfast table

Swa: (gets down) hmm

Sanskar removes her clothes and goes at the breakfast table but this scene was seen by the evil of the house that is none other than shweta. Shweta runs and tell this to sujata. Sujata was shocked

Sujju (mono): oh god what is this ? My son has a become a servant of that swara. Huh I toh hate her now and I criticize that day when I met her and choosed her as my dil. Better then Swara is shweta Atleast she does not order my son. Let Sanskar come I will teach him a lesson….
At the breakfast table

Sanskar comes and sits. Nobody was there except sujata and shweta as everybody was busy and would come for breakfast a little later

Sujju: (mono) good ! Nobody is there so I can talk to Sanskar openly.

San: mom what are you thinking ? Please give me breakfast

Sujju :(taunts) why don’t you ask your Swara to only serve you

San: (smiles) what happened mom ? Why suddenly Swara came into your mind before toh you never told Swara to serve breakfast or neither uttered anything about Swara ten why now suddenly ? Did she tell anything to you

Sujju: before toh you also did not be her servant Na then

San : servant ? Mom I am not getting anything please explain to me cleraly

Sujju: shweta saw Swara telling you to remove her clothes and you happily removed also don’t you think she is being bossy by ordering you to remove your clothes or by going office ?

San: (Laughs whole heartidly) haha mom… Oh my sweet innocent mom…(pulls her cheeks) do you think she orders me or by going to office she becomes Bossy (sujata vigorously nods yes) absolutely not mom infact I like the way she tells me to do her work and I really feel happy by doing her work… And let me tell you one thing by going to office she does not prove herself Bossy to me infact by going office I feel good that my life partner is equal to me neither less not more… I dot want my wife to be (stares at shweta) cow or goat who only follows my orders and does not open her mouth to speak.. My Swara is bold and I always want my Swara to be bold. Don’t bring this topic up ever again.. Today I gave the answers very politely but it may be possible that next time I may not be as polite as today (smiles fakely) now would you for my breakfast or should I leave to office without having breakfast ?

Sujata was about to serve but stops at the next moment seeing a storm coming towards her. Sanskar follows sujata’s gaze and see his beautiful wife looking damn hot and pretty in her office suit which he had kept.

Swa: close your mouth sasu-mom otherwise flies would go inside your mouth. Haha and moreover what is this from 10 mins you have not served my husband anything haww (Sanskar Laughs from inside) too bad very bad sasu-mom before being my husband he is your son Na (snatches the spoon and bowl from sujata’s hands and serves Sanskar) a mother is not serving her son tch…tch and baby you also didn’t call me ? Am I that bad (pouts)

San: no baby I was about to call you but mom involved me in her stupid cum nonsense talks regarding you and moreover you were having bath Na so I did not disturb you but something is better than nothing so let’s have our breakfast (serves her breakfast in her plate) and you are not at all bad. I am coming with you to office. (Swara was about to speak something but Sanskar being smart enough puts a piece of chapati in her mouth and smiles) no more arguments I know your habit of arguing so keep quite and eat your breakfast…

Swara: (smiles) kk baba

Sujju: Chhore why are you going to office ? Let this girl only go to office Na (makes faces)

San: the thing is (interrupted)

Swa: the thing is Mrs. Ram Dhanraj that I have a very important project I have to go for the deal today so I am a bit busy and hence , Sanskar for today will go to office I hope you understand (fakely smiles)

Dp: beta tell us the project also Na I also want to know

Swa: bade Papa voh (hesitates)

Lak(while coming full cheerful tone) : good morning everyone we I mean me and Swara are dealing a project with goenka industries we yesterday made all the presentation required and I am sure we will win t but only one percent I am doubtful but that’s kk ? Right haha how stupid I am Na chalo mom give me my breakfast I need to rush to the office

All smiles (except sujju and shweta)

Dp: haha my son seem to be rushing not bad Swara by coming to the office you have started to make my lazy son work thank you so much

Lak (whins like a child and pouts) Papa you are telling as if I do not do any work

Dp: no son you do but I am really happy seeing a smile on your face my heart is feeling as if an unknown burden from my heart has got lighten chalo we are also getting late….

All have their breakfast and goes

Precap: Laksh in ragini’s office , swasan engagement
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