An incident that Changed our lives (Part 16)

Hi ! Hola guys Arshiya here with the 16th part. Only a few people wished me for bronze jubilee part (Pouts). Others all forgot it. This part is dedicated to a lot of people first is Atreeye my bestie thanks for guiding me , Harshita I am giving your party a bit late , Rads thanks for your lovely comments and all the tellyupdates readers and Facebook readers whomsoever commented for my bronze jubilee….

Let’s start
Recap: mm reaction

Next morning

Sunrays fell on our lovely couple swasan who were cuddling in each other’s embrace. Swara was the first one to get up and blushed seeing her position remembering her last night…

San: shona don’t blush so much otherwise I will not be able to control myself and will end up doing something which I am not suppose to at this point of time…..

Swa: Shut up Sanskar now get up badi maa will be about to start the pooja

San: hmm

Swa: and today we will tell them that you have got your memory back

San: let’s keep it a suspense for now jaan

Swa: why ?

San: ese hi ? Yaar if I tell them now all will start their emotional drama. I hate to see tears in my loved one’s eyes. Yours was a little cool one you did not cry much but you know Na my mom she is overemotional she will cry and cry… That’s why

Swa: but baby till when we will hide this thing ?

San: kk you want to tell them

Swara nodded like a small kid and her eyes beemed with happiness

San: kk baba but I will tell them

Swa: kk ab chalo
After pooja
(I don’t want to drag the scene so assume that they have done the pooja)

San: I want to tell you all anything and after what I say nobody has to cry. Kk ? Mom take this (passes a tissue box) just for safety purpose in case you cry. Haa

Swara smiled at his gesture

San: (in one breath) I have got my memory back since two days… And I informed about it to Swara yesterday only

Sujata was shocked while all family members were happy and everybody had tears of happiness. The tissue box given to sujata was taken by Ap to wipe her tears and smiles , ap gave it to Laksh , Laksh wiped his tears and smiled , he passes the tissue box to dp , dp wiped his tears and gave a proud smile , dp passed the tissue box to shweta….

Shweta in frustration threw the tissue box making sujata to come in sense…

Sujju: you got your memory back since two days means the argument you did with your dad today was in your conscious mind ! Am I right

Swa: mom please

Sujju: keep quite Swara I am talking with my son not with you it’s between a mother and a son dont you dare come in between !!

Swara was shocked and this made Sanskar angry and shocked

San: mom do you even realise to whom you are talking to ? You are talking to your dil who was with you every time in your happiness as well as sadness then or are you so blind in your Ramji’s love !

Chataaaaaak ! A tight slap landed on Sanskar’s face

Sujju: dare you talk about my ramji like this. He is your father respect him. He just had one wished to see you become a doctor then why didn’t you not you are such a useless son can’t even fulfill your parents dream !!

San: mom but I didn’t wanted to be a doctor I was not interested in science it was not in my passion ,  my passion was being a lawyer…. But still you did not tell me to become a lawyer instead you forced me to take up science and when I did not issues started being created on small matters right dad ? See Dad doesn’t even talk to me he only knows how to taunt me….

Another slap landed by sujju this time it landed on the face of Swara as Swara had came infront of Sanskar….

Swa: thanks aunty for slapping me and bringing me out of my dream land where I used to think you as my mom. You did not let your son become what he wanted ! What type of mother are you he told you that he did not want to be a doctor but still you forced him but not now. Today me SWARA SANSKAR DHANRAJ ORDERS SANSKAR TO COMPLETE HIS STUDIES OF BEING A LAWYER AND INSTEAD OF HIM GOING TO OFFICE I WILL GO TO THE OFFICE IF ANYONE HAS A PROBLEM DIRECTLY COME AND SPEAK TO ME INSTEAD OF TALKING BEHIND MY BACK (stares Ram  angrily) come Sanskar (takes his hand in hers and goes
Swasan room

San: Swara what you said ? Do you have an idea also what words you said there

Swa: yes I know Sanskar I have the idea and clarity of what I spoke down there. I want you to complete your lawyer studies same as you wanted my studies to be completed. Will you not fulfill your Swara’s small wish

San: hmm jaan don’t worry but first I want our engagement and wedding than only all these things would happen got it.

Swa: oh god ! I forgot about it but I want to do the engagement tomorrow

San: ahmm someone is looking too excited what’s the reason ?

Swa: you will get to know later baby. Let’s go down

San: but Swara now only this much happened and still you want to go down

Swa:(caressing his face) I don’t care I just care for my hubby

San: (pulls her waist) not bad wifey

They both goes down

Swa: can I make an announcement

Sujju; hey girl don’t you have any other work rather than announcing things

San: mind your tongue Mrs. Sujata Dhanraj you are speaking to my wife (keeps his hand behind her waist possessively)

Swa: tomorrow we are doing our engagement. Only close family members would be invited if you all want that our engagement happens in this house please tell or otherwise we can do it somewhere else…

Dp: no beta your engagement would happen here only

Swasan: thank you bade Papa (touched his and ap’s feet)

Ap and dp : jeete raho beta

Swasan smiles while sujram and shweta were unhappy with this decision

Lak: dad I want a divorce from shweta I cannot live with her

Shw: then why did you marry me ? (Smirks which is unnoticed as everyone is shock)

Lak: shweta you very well know why did I marry you and don’t you dare test my patience you very well know what I did with you as a punishment so better keep you mouth shut

Dp: Laksh

Swa: bade Papa I will explain you please sit and listen

Swara explains everything how shweta blackmailed sujju , how they made a plan , how Laksh married shweta and the reason behind the marriage

Shweta: uncle believe me I did not blackmail sujju aunty (stares at sujju and sujju understood by her action that the tables had changed)

Swa: oh please ! Shweta you did blackmail sujju aunty when you can change Sanskar’s medicine then why can’t you blackmail sujata aunty haa ?
Laksh also knows that sujata aunty had been blackmailed by shweta

Lak: yeah bhabhi

Swa: see

Sujju: what are you saying girl I was not blackmailed by shweta at all I myself suggested Swara and Laksh’s marriage

Ram: stop it sujata already we have been insulted alot today do you want to be insulted again I definitely do not want to be insulted tell them the truth because I saw shweta dating at you and one person can be wrong but 2 persons can never be wrong never did you get that es bro ! This charaterless girl blackmailed sujju and Swara and Laksh are speaking the truth

Dp: how could you shweta just leave the house. Laksh I am telling you to divorce her. NOW !!

Hearing Dp’s loud voice Laksh immediately runs and brings the divorce documents as he had already made it ready…

Dp: we will now only go to supreme Court I don’t care I don’t want this cheap girl to be in my house as dil.

Swa: ji bade Papa let’s go

San: I will remove the car and come

The car drove at full speed and soon they reached the supreme Court
In the Family Court

Judge: shweta Dhanraj and Laksh Dhanraj do want your divorce

Laksh murmers under his breath : if not for divorce we have come for my  marriage or what

J: did you say something Mr. Laksh ?

Lak: no mam

J: why you want a divorce ?

Dp: madam this girl had changed my elder son I mean my nephew Sanskaar’s medicines and had given sujata a dhamkee to marry Sanskar to shweta but however she got married to LAKSH and now we want to divorce our Laksh. We do not want shweta to be in our house. Please

Like this one by one comes and gives explanation…. (Sujata , Swara , ap , Laksh , Ram)

San: it’s true that I had my memory loss but shweta listen I never loved you.. I loved Swara and am happily married to her and tomorrow is our engagement so please don’t try to come near me and yes I want you to divorce with my bro because I don’t want him to suffer because of me if I wouldn’t liked your company this thing would never had happened. Judge madam I would request you to please divorce my brother….

Judge : since I had listen to everyone’s talk my decision is

Everyone was looking at her with hopeful eyes

Judge : my decision is that Laksh and shweta will have to stay in the same roof till 3 months usually it is up to six months but if all the members are against the dil of the house and want her to go out from the house so I have given the 3 months. Think and again till me your decision after 3 months. The court is adjourned….

San: I am sorry bro Swara explained me everything while we were coming to the court (joins his hands) I am sorry bro because of me your life got spoilt I know you love someone but due to memory loss I just couldn’t help you to marry her I am really sorry

Lak (painful smile) : you know Bhai she hates me…. She really hates me but I am thankful to God that I will soon get to divorce you know these 3 months will be really crucial for me not because of shweta but because of my lady love. I had done a very wrong thing with her. In these 5 years there was not a day where I had not prayed with Swara bhabhi for your health and for the forgiveness of my lady love… I did not meet her in these years because I wanted you to get well and guide me because you are my love guru Na (swasan and laksh chuckles)

Sujju: come on what are you waiting for ?

Swasan n lak : yeah coming

All drove towards home
At night

Swasan room

San: was not getting sleep (while hugging Swara)

Swara notice that

Swa: you are not getting sleep Na ?

San: yup certainly I will get my sleep

Swa: no baby you will not get your sleep until you help Laksh. I know you more than yourself dear just go to him…. With a glass of milk and a project regarding the proposal to goenka industries….

San: why ? And I have not prepared the presentation yet

Swa: I will come with you to Laksh’s room. I will be with you don’t worry

San: but why shona ?

Swa: uff ! You ask so many questions…

San: and you never answer them. Why jaan ?

Swa: I want to tell you and Laksh together that’s why now go take the laptop to his room. I am coming just shut up and go dare you argue…. I am going to take the drinks. Kk ?

San: pati shoshand (husband violence) very bad. Now toh I will pakka give you a punishment

While Sanskar was blabbering swara gave a tight peck on his cheek

Swa: now will you go please ?

San: no for that you have to kiss me tightly on my lips with all your force I know my bold Swara she can do that am I right?

Swa: yup you always right baby !

#Mature content
Saying this she smashes lips on his lips and kissed him with all her might she clutched Sanskaar’s shirt and traced her finger on his jawline. On. Feeling her cold fingers on his jawline. Sanskar growned taking this as an opportunity Swara enterd her tongue in his mouth and started tasting his saliva. She sucked his tongue , both fought with their tongues to dominate each other. After about 15 minutes… Swasan broke the kiss due to lack of oxygen…….

Swa: chalo now go yaar

San: you go and take drinks come soon (gave a tight peck on her cheeks)

Swara giggled

On the other hand

While swasan were talking and kissing in shwe_lak room

Lak: get lost from this room and go in that blo*dy guest room and dare you again came in this room

Shwe: I am getting list from her only I don’t want to live in the filthy room of yours

Laksh grabs her neck and chocked her neck

Lak (blood red eyes) : how dare you to call this room filthy

Shwe: leave me I am SS…so…rry le..eave me

Lak: much better I swear I will take your life if you enter my room. I would never mind killing you and going I jail I would really be happy if I kill the evil of this house and go to jail but if I am getting freedom and my family is getting chutkara from you legally than why should I kill you… So just get list from here it would be much better for you ?

Shwe: and what if the family asks?

Lak:(angrily) do you have shame or not ? Or you have sold your shame in the court itself. Not even a single person in this house gave a word for you to keep you in this house and even the one who you loved also Gave a word against you… And if they gave their word against you why they would bother about you and even if they ask you just tell them that I have told you to live in the guest room… And if further questions tell them to ask me. Got it ? Now pack your luggage and leave and no further questions to be asked..

Shweta packs her luggage and leaves them hurriedly….

Shwe: (mono) today I have got saved from that Ravana. Huh ! Devil ,khadoos now a new mission awaits you dear shweta (smirks) I would be happy if the judge would have given me 6 months to live in this house but ok I just have to do the work faster and be careful
On the other side

Laksh removes a photo from the dressing table ka door

Tears trickle from Laksh’s eyes

Lak: I am really sorry jaan please forgive me even if you want me to be your servant for the lifetime I will be but plz. Forgive me this separation killed me badly I was just alive for my brother and you because he supported me in our tough times and if I would have tried any stunts my bro would have killed me for sure. Hey bhagwaan ji bas mujhein ek baar yeh kabi door Se bhi sahi salaamat bhi dilh jaaye Na toh mein I will spend my whole life. You know I am very bad because I don’t know about your whereabouts leave about yu whereabouts I don’t know where you are living also ? (Cries hugging the photo)
Hayee! I will not tell you the suspense easily I have given you hints in the whole episode… Readers do comment otherwise forget the other part where Laksh’s past will be revealed. Swasan will be there but mostly I will concentrate on Laksh…. Hope you liked the part. Like and comment to know the rest of the story.

Thank you


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