An incident that Changed our lives (Part 14)

Hi guys am back with the 14th part

Precap: Sanskar getting flashes of the past and shweta being caught for changing medicines

Let’s start
After saying Swara not to worry Laksh left the room

Slowly all the members started to leave the room

Ap: beta tomorrow is an auspicious day tomorrow is karvachauth so if possible make the Prasad now and give it to kali maa in the home temple… Hmm ?

Swa: ji maa
In kitchen

Swara was remembering Sanskar and his memories and making the Prasad. Soon finishes making the prasad and goes to the home temple….

Home temple
Swara keeps the Prasad infront of Kali maa and says

Swa: Kali maa you are also a maa then how can you see your son suffering like this tomorrow is karvachauth where every wife asks from you their husband’s long life and safety. It’s not that I do not want my husband’s long life and happiness but I also want his memory back now it’s enough by tomorrow I want his memory back… I am keeping this fast for my Sanskar’s long life , safety and also his memory did you hear me maa I am tired each year I pray for Sanskar’s memory and long life. I also kept karvachauth fast but that time I was only his friend but now I am Sanskar’s wife today infront of you I am not standing you as a friend of Sanskar but today I am standing as a wife of Sanskar and today you have to listen to my prayers you have to give me my Sanskar back when I was small till now you have listened my each and every prayer than why not this maa please maa give me my husband back give my suhaag back maa…. (Joins her hand and breaks down infront of the idol since it was late night she was sitting and crying softly)

Swara lights the agarbati’s and the screen was focusing in Kali maa’s idol and on Sanskar’s room where Sanskar was moving left and right where sweat was dripping from forehead continuously in BG the music was playing

Jai Kali maa
Jai jai Kali maa
Jai jai rudra Kalimaa jai kal ratri devi
Jai Kali maa (x2)
(This BG I have heard in kasam Tere pyaar ki which air’s on colors to listen the song watch the starting episode of kasam on voot)

The screen one time focused on the idol and the other time focused on Sanskar

Sanskar was getting flashes of Swara her talks slowly slowly he could hear Swara talking “kya main big boss ke ghar mein aayi hoon Jo mujhein task de rahe ho”
Sanskar remembered everything and woke up with a jerk shouting Swara’s name ( Guys since Swara was down she could not here Sanskar screaming)

Sanskar remembered everything

San: where is my jaan my Swara I don’t know what had happened to me guess I lost my memory and was acting weird oh I got it I was given an injection for sleeping and before that no no no I cannot do this how could I hurt my love…….

Saying this Sanskar rushed outside and saw his Swara doing pooja of Kali maa

Swara came towards him
Swa: kya hua Sanskar ? Tum yahaan kuch chahiye ?

His heart aches to see his love talking to him like that the old chubby, bubbly Swara had gone this Swara was unknown to him and was quite matured enough…

San: nahi

Swa: toh chalo

San: tumhein mujhein battane ki zaroorat nahi hai

Swara’s eyes became glassy

Swa: hmm

Sanskar walks in the garden and was thinking something

San: (mono) I am sorry baby but if I don’t do this how will I surprise you , you have waited for me for so long and if I directly tell you that I have got my memory would be so rukha-sukha Na toh I thought why not to give you a big waala surprise my Swara jaan deserves nothing but the best and I will make sure you would get the best but for that I have to think na hmm got an idea be ready for your hubby’s love jaan…

That night only

Swasan room

Sanskar and Swara both were sleeping in each other’s embrace (how I will tell you)

Sanskar could not sleep as the love of his life was sleeping on the floor he had tears in his eyes he immediately wiped them before Swara could see them then after Swara slept Sanskar came and took her in his arms and made her sleep in bed and he slept peacefully by hugging her Swara was smiling in her sleep as in her sleep she was thinking that she was in Sanskar’s embrace she hid her face in Sanskar’s face which made Sanskar a lot happy Sanskar thought that he was in Swara’s embrace after years
End of flash back

Ap knocked the door and called swara which made Swara to open her eyes and was shocked to see Sanskar sleeping beside her…

Swara (mono) : if he sees me like this He would get hell angry yesterday he cut my wrist what if he does anything dangerous than this…. Chalo I will get up before he wakes up I guess it’s time for sargi that’s why badi maa is calling

Swara.tries to get free from Sanskar’s clutches but Sanskar being Sanskar even caught her wrist during sleep

Swa: uff ! Sanskar leave me I want to go

Ap hears this and smiles a bit and was relieved that the distances between their children had reduced

Ap: it’s ok beta I had just came here to tell you that sujata is calling you to give you your sargi as it is your first karvachauth in this house

Sanskar on hearing karvachauth word was delighted and thought that it would add on to his surprise and thought that he would give his surprise after karvachauth….

Swa: kk mom I will come

San gets up and acts as if getting a shocked

San (acts as if angry) : how dare you Swara you know I don’t like you close to me Na than why the hell did you came here? Who gave you the right to sleep here ? Haww accha now I get it you were trying to take the advantage of the situation ? Too bad very bad Akela Banda dekha nahi ki you started to rape me wait I will call maa mom ?

Swa (mono): Sanskar talk are sounding same of mine means he got his memory back after marriage he never talked with me freely means he got his memory back I want to do an happy dance now but this stupid fellow did not told me also that he got his memory back so I will also do some Masti I will also be with him like before that scary kitten wala….haha but it can be that he has just got some flashes of his memory and not the whole memory but atleast he has got flashes thank you kalimaa today i will keep vrath na so my sanskar will get his whole memory back chalo lets leave all this oh no ! what he is talking about mom I have to shut his trap before something happens

saying this Swara jumps on him and covers his mouth with her palm causing Sanskaar to fall on bed with Swara above him both have a cute eyelock which is broken by swara

Swa: (avoids an eyelock) voh I am sorry don’t tell anything to mom I have not done anything and one more thing I have not tried to take an advantage of the situation so chill kk (teary eyes but hides them before he sees) I have not touched you also and regarding the bed I also don’t know how I came here maybe I came here in sleep I promise I will not come here again in sleep kk ? (Fake smile) chalo you take rest you have to go to office also Na tomorrow…….

Saying this Swara goes to the washroom to wear a saree…..

San (mono) : Aww my cry baby is crying she looks damn cute haa while crying haha but today only tears haa from tomorrow onwards no tears and I have to ask this lucky-chikky what’s the matter with shweta and him no doubt he did a good deed by making me and Swara married because my pyaari si yadaash toh chutti PE this Na but there is something wrong with this person I will ask him this question after I tell all the family members about my memory especially my jaan Swara mere dil ka tukda but how come she take so long in coming from the washroom should I check her no no ! Sanskar otherwise Tere kiye karaaye par paani phir jaayenga you know Na how much smart your better half is she will within 2 minutes get to know that you have got your memory back….. Oof jaan! Yeh naatak karna kitna mushkil hota hai yeh mein hi jaanta hoon especially jab naatak dharm patni ke saamne karna ho ! Hehe….

While Sanskar was busy in his own world Swara in washroom was not changing but remensing something else….
In washroom

Swara takes the saari in her hands and sits down with a thud and remenses Sanskaar’s moments with her…
Flashback (when swasan gone for shopping and after that only that accident took place)

While shopping

Swara was holding Sanskaar’s arm

Swa: Sanskar hum pehle kiski shipping karenge

San: kiski Matlab ?

Swa: oof mere dumbo bf kiski Matlab tumhari shopping pehle karenge yaah Meri shopping pehle karenge ?

San: esa hai toh pehle bolna chahiya Na khaamokhaam mera chhotu SA dimaag dauda diya ! And ladies first toh tumhari shopping pehle hogi phir meri

Swa: tumhaare paas dimaag hai

San: ji haa madam jitna aap samajhti hai usse zyaada

Swa: accha theeke toh mere liye sabse acchi saree chunke batau jisse mein reject Na karun aur hamari shaadi ke baad mein usse hamare karvachauth pe pehnu voh kya hain Na Meri reject karne ki puraani aadat hai aur ooske saath Meri matching jewellery bhi haa !

San: accha ji

Swa: haa ji haar maante ho toh pehle hi bataa do

San: Sanskar Dhanraj kabhi kisi Se haar nahi maanta !

Swa: dekhte hai

San: dekh lena (and both do that kuck kuch hota hai waala pose that touching each others nose with their index fingers)

San: haa par Meri 1 shart hai

Swa: lo mera challenge khatam nahi hua ki tumne shart lagaana chalu kardi. Achha theke what’s the condition ?

San: you have to stay from me away for 20 min and you will meet me in that (points towards a coffee shop in the mall) coffee shop

Swa: only 20min mein ho jaayenga

San: mein tumhari hi shopping karne Jaa raha hoon poore khandan ki nahi ki 3 ghante laga doon

Swa: itna overconfidence

San: yeh overconfidence nahi hai madam yeh confidence hai

Swa: aur kabhi Mene reject kar di toh ?

San: tum reject nahi kar paungi !

Swa: itna bharosa

San: (locks her hair strands behind her ears and looks into her eyes deeply) bharosa apni choice PE aur apni gf PE bhi love you so much baby (hugs her)

Swara feels good from the hug

Swara goes in the coffee shopand starts talking with her friends about the challenge she had given to sanskar  and has a good time meanwhile Sanskar goes in the ladies section to find a beautiful saree for her lady love…..
In the ladies section

San: nahi bhaiya I am telling you from the past 5 min that I want a really good saree

Salesman: sir aap bahot jaldi mein lag rahe hai

San: haa stop gossiping and just show me another saree nonsense sab bakwas saree you are showing me…

Sanskar walks and sees a statue with a beautiful red and golden combo saree with diamond work on it and the blouse was also golden he imagines his Swara instead of the statue he was mesmerized seeinflg the saree….

San: I want this saree

SA: but there are various other collections sir

San: I said Na this means this no further arguments and are you deff I said this means I want this end of discussion…..

Sanskar pays and goes out and goes to find the hjeweller in no time he finds the perfect light gold maangtika with a red stone in it , and a red stone studied necklace with earings , with golden and red bangles he also took golden payal and diamond studied kamarbandh….

He did not leave any chance for his princess to complain and he rushed to his princess before the 20min get over and when he reached he was mesmerized to see his jaan laughing and smiling.
On seeing him Swara’s smile faded and she Shut the calling saying bye she would talk later

Swa: aa gaye tum ?

San: nahi mera bhoot aya hai Na ? Tumhare kapde lekar

Swa (smiles) : toh batao kya laaye ho ?

San: vaise IH tumhare liye dil laaya ho par aaj kapdo Se kaam chalana pafega

Swa (gives him a friendly wack) Sanskar stop flirting with me

San: kyun apni gf ke saath flirting karna buri baat hai kya

Swa: nahi chalo kya kya laye ho batao mujhein

San: tum khud dekh lo (hands over the bag)

Swara looks at him suspiciously and then at the bag

San: it looks like you are diffusing a bomb right ?

Swa: no baba

And then she opens the boxes one by one she was shocked with si many things

San: hai trial room mein try kar li malls mein kayi trial room hain voh shop hai jao try kar lo par usse pehle yeh sab pack karlo ? And hum dono ek saath coffee peete hai . kk?

Swa: kk

San: one coffee with sugar

Swa: same

San: no only one

Swa: why

San: will get to know

Waiter smiles and goes in a short period of time the coffee comes (ESA lag raha tha coffee bhi in dono love birds ke Milne ka intezaar kar rahi thi)

As soon as the coffee comes
Sanskar holds Swara’s wrist and makes her sit on his lap and takes the coffee

Every body were looking at them with their mouths open

San: what ? I can’t sit with my to be wife also nonsense just look ahead all of you and drink coffee and get lost from here

While Swara was taking time to analyse the current situation. Sanskar shake her a little bit

San: what happened Swara baby ? Any problem ? Arrey don’t care for these people who are looking at us they toh don’t have their coffee like this with their loved ones and our not letting us to enjoy ? Vaise tell me where is my kiss ?

Swa: what was that to be wife waala thingy ?

San: oh that thingy ! That thingy is true you are going to be my wife Na after engagement I would tell them that you were my gf their .outh would be all the more open Na that’s why and Jo relationship abhi kuch mahino baad banne waala hai usse advertise karne main kya kharaabi hai ?

Swa: Sanskar you will not improve na ??

San: who the hell told you that I am going to improve also ? I will always remain same for my jaan my Swara (locks her hair strands behind and sips the coffee then gives it to Swara)

Swa: what ? Why are you giving this coffee to me ?

San: obvio to drink

Swa: but its your jhuta Na

San: oldies have told that jhuta khaane aur peene Se love increase Na so that’s why drink it and give it to me fast I also have to drink !

Swa: yeah that’s why you ordered one coffee

San: yup chalo then you have to go to change also Na you have to try that saree which I have brought and show me also haa after wearing I also want to see how my jaan looks in that saree . kk ?

Swa: hmm

And like this both talk and them they both enters the shop from which Sanskar had bought the saree Swara enters the trial room and starts wearing the saree but as usual the Dori of the blouse could not be tied by swara so she messaged Sanskar to come in the trial room and tie the Dori

San (mono): my jaan is calling me good good chalo I will go and answer good chance I will get I see also how magnificent my jaan is looking in that saree ! Chal beta Sanskaar

Sanskar enters the trial room and was startled on seeing Swara looking so beautiful he was lost. Swara blushed like anything

Swa: Sanskar tie the Dori (pouts) jaldi karo mujhein jewellery bhi pehenni hai

San: haa baby doll kar raha hoon.

He ties the dori and kisses her back softly and murmers I love you

Swara also turns behind and kisses his forehead and whispers I love you too…..

Bg song : saiyyan by kailash kher and here is a little mature content kiddos stay away ???

He ties the dori and starts to make her wear necklace and making sure that he gives a love bite and sucks the area over there so that everybody comes to know that she is his and nobody could touch her he males her wear the eating and kisses and butes the earlobes while Swara was just enjoying his touch he makes her wear the pallu and pins the pallu with the blouse and ties the kamar band she shivers with the contact of his cold hands on her waist and she enjoys than he makes her wear the payal and kisses her feet by this act Swara was shocked and surprised and immediately removed her leg

Swa: Sanskar what are you doing haa ? You should not touch my feet  (pouts) I did not do my pedicure also if I would have known that you would kiss my feet I would have done that pedicure Na you should have told me Na Sanskar ? Haa stupid you never inform me

While Swara kept on blabbering Sanskar mashed his lips on hers it was a soft kiss and within a short span of time they pulled out of the kiss (arrey paglo they are in the trial room Na koi aa jayenga toh)

San: you are mine and I can kiss wherever and whenever I want fine you don’t need to do these pedicures and all you are mine and you will be mine (smiles)

Swa: (smiles)

San: (Teases) ab toh iski aadat daal lo to be be Mrs. Dhanraj and 2 times be isliye kyunki tum abhi Meri gf ho jab engagement ho jaayengi tak 1 be hat jaayenga Na (hugs her) love you jaan

Swa: love you too

San: something is missing but what’s it?

Swara looks herself from top to bottom

Swa: nothing is toh missing Sanskar I have worn everything you have given

San: no baby (hugs her from behind and rests his chin on her shoulder) you have not worn the maangtika which I bought for you….

He makes her wear the maangtika and plants a kiss on her forehead

San: ab toh Meri saree approved hai Na ? You liked the saree

Swa: liked? Loved it baby and more than this saree I love you baby and I was wrong sorry baby you have a great choice ! (Hugs him)

San: hmm sshsh Shut up yaar I like to fight with you accha agar itna sad face banaungi than how will I click your photo?

Swa: photo ?

San: yes of course ! I want to to click a photo of yours in Sanskar Dhanraj’s attire I want a pic of yours to keep it with me…

Swa: no I look bad in photos !

San: everybody says that but when their photo comes they look extremely gorgeous and I am sure the same case is with you hai na swara ? Chalo abhi I will not listen from you…
One sec put your pallu on your head yeah ! That’s like my perfect malwari Swara

With this Sanskar takes her out of the trial room by holding her hand and tells her to stand at a corner of the shop

San: chalo smile Swara

Swa: (smiles)

San: ahhan ummmah
And clicks a photo

San: you look too beautiful I cannot take my eyes of you I can’t control myself (takes her in his arms and rotates her in the whole shop and then places her in the trial room safely)

Swa: (mono) uff! Such a mad person he is but I love this mad person I love you sanskar….

Flashback ends

Swara was sitting on the floor and tears were flowing down from her cheeks silently

Swa:(mono) I just wish those days could come back Sanskar I love you so so much my love for you had increased in the past few years….

After getting changed Swara goes out of the washroom unaware that a pair of eyes were watching her madly

And those pair of eyes were none other than Sanskar’s pair of eyes

San (mono): if she would look so gorgeous and mesmerising I would lose my control right here ! This was the same saree I had gifted her she has preserved it yaar means she really loves me a lot but I I don’t do this drama how will I give you a big waala surprise….. Love you baby

Swara was about to wear the mangalsutra

San: wait I will make you wear it

Swara was happy to hear those words

Swa: why what happened today ? Anything special

San: today is karvachauth so I had heard from my friends that if u will be happy on this day and keep fast for me I will get more success I don’t want you to keep the fast with your sullen face… That’s why

Sanskar says all this with an emotionless face as he does not want Swara to have a doubt on him and also to make his Swara ready by his own hands…

Sanskar takes the mangalsutra and ties it around her neck he takes the sindoor and fills her maang while a lone tear escaped Swara eyes.

Sanskar took the necklace and tied it around her neck Swara was just feeling his touch he made her wear the earings , Paagal , maangtika and kamar bandh and at last he made her wear the red sandals which were Swara’s favorite

Sanskar after completing stood up while Swara just murmured a thank you and ran from the room… And stopped at a near pillar

Swa (mono): Sanskar still you have the same magic in your hands as before how can it be ? Means maa is listening to me and giving you flashes thank you so much Kali maa I am so happy maa ab bas aapse 1 hi vinti hai ki give sanskar’s whole memory back maa I felt so good today after so many years Sanskar touched me haha today I will keep the karvachauth fast for Sure kali maa ! I only know how I stopped myself from kissing him and taking him in my embrace
Saying this Swara goes down and takes her sargi from sujata

Sujju: chori yeh lo take this sargi and pray for Sanskar more than us he loves you haa and today is the day where each suhagan gets what she wishes for (touches her cheek)

Swara touches her feet

Sujju: Na Na chhori khush reh aur iss ghar ko bhi khush rakh jaise tooh aur Sanskar Hamesha rakhte hue aaye ho (hugs her) love you beta and take care of my Sanskar

Ram comes at that time

Ram: saara pyaar bahu ko pati ke liye kuch nahi

Sujju: pehle aap koi kaam kar lo ji dhang ka phir baat karenge vrath vath toh rakhte ho nahi aur aajate ho pyaar mangne huh ! Pehle vrath rakho phir baat karenge aur rakhte bhi ho toh todna mat

Ram: theeke I will keep the fast

Sujju: you are not doing a favour on me by keeping a fast

Ram: if I keep a fast than problem if I do not keep the fast than problem what do you want ? what should I do to get your love ?

Swara smiles and sansakar from upstairs was listening the convo and smiling

San (mono): they look so cute hayee I wish my and Swara’s Jodi also remain like this only cute nok-jhok waali today I only know how I have controlled myself from not kissing Swara yaar I love you so much but I have to wait Na love you baby and I will also keep a fast for my jaan what will I do if I get a big life but without you so for that I want yours and mine both of our lives to be long and hence for that we both have to have long lives to spend with each other oh ha ! I have to do the arrangements also….

With this Sanskar goes to make a phone call
In the hall
On hearing RAM sujju’s argument dp and ap came out

Ap: what happened sujata ? Why you and RAM are fighting early in the morning and that too at the time of sargi….

Sujju (fake tears): see Na jiji he tells that I did not love him in the past years

Ap (glares ram): accha ji if she did not love you in the past years then where did your kids come from?

Both sujram blushes

Sujju:jiji (hugs her)

Ap smiles

Ram: bhabisa she told me to keep a fast tomorrow if I want to get her love

Ap: so what’s wrong in it ? Keep it (fake cough) I would also be happy if you would keep it Mr. Attitude

Dp: why did you call me Mr.attitude ?

Ap: so what should I say ? Haa you always tell that I am durga Prasad , durga Prasad do some work also like durga maa keep fast for me I did so many sacrifices for you in the past you should also do something for me Atleast you can keep a fast for me and you have to promise me that not only for this year but for the rest of the years also you will keep the karvachauth ka vrath for me. Promise ?

Sujju: ji you also promise that every year you would keep karvachauth ka vrath for me. Promise ?

Ram: if I do not promise then

Sujju: I will not do any of the household work and will go away from the house. simple !

Ap: me too

Dhanraj brothers except their defeat and sighs

Dp: fine annupurna. Promise !

Ram: yeah sujju. Promise !

Both the brother side hug their partners and all were lost in their hugs when Swara fakely coughs and makes the four people that she was also there in the hall and on the realisation all the Dhanraj started to laugh like hell including Swara.

Screen freezes on the laughing family…
Hi guys ! Did you notice one couple was missing shweta and Laksh would be in the next part…..
Hope you guys liked this part and if it is boring I cannot help it because most of you had asked me for romantic scenes of swasan I gave it more romantic scenes would be coming in the next episodes…. I would be back with the next episodes few days later…
Enjoy your summer break and don’t forget me. Thank you ! For reading likes and comments are always welcomed…..

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