An incident that Changed our lives (Part 12)

Hi guys am back with the 12th part. Since most of you asked me for a long part this is the part……
I hope it goes according to your expectations
Swasan room

Sanskar came out of the washroom..

Swa: take this (gives him a casual pant shirt)

San: I don’t need anybody’s help please do your work and let me do mine and dare you touch my things this is the first and the last time you are touching my things

Swara remembers flashback
Swa: hahaha Sanskar stop it hahahah bas karo (Sanskar is tickling her) office nahi jaana hai kya!!! Aur tumhein mujhein college bhi drop karna hai chalo jaldi see hahah tumne apne kapde bhi change nahi kiye

Sanskar stops tickling and sits on the bed making Swara sit on his lap

San: kya mein apni gf ke saath thoda time bhi spend nahi kar sakta hoon…
(Kisses on her cheek sensually)

Swara blushes

Swa: sans… Sanskar (gets up from his lap and sits with a pout) tum bade ajeeb ho jab mujhein tumhaare saath time spend karna hota hai tab tum kaam leke baith jaate hai aaj jao mujhein bhi bahot Saar kaam hai aaj college ki project details Milne waali hai tumhari punishment yeh hi hai ki tumhein abhi mere saath time spend karne nahi milenga the great Sanskar dhanraj ko uski gf ke saath time spend karne nahi milenga yes ! Bahot akad ke satyavadi harish Chandra ki aulad bante the Na ab mein batati hoon nahi nahi mera college batata hai haha mujhein tumhara aane waale Dino ke liye bahot mazaa aayenga….

San: aha dekhna main bhi 1 din tumhein punishment dunga accha chalo main tumhein 1 task deta hoon (interrupted)

Swa: mein kya bigg boss ke ghar mein hoon kya Jo mujhein task de rahe ho ?

San: nahi Meri maa tumhein mera ek kaam karna hoga..

Swa: haww Sanskar tumne mujhein itni jaldi ek 29 years ke bachhe oops I mean itne bade business man ki maa bana diya too bad very bad mein toh abhi sirf college mein padti hoon mein itni jaldi maa kaise ban Sakti hoon and by the way agar main tumhari maa huyi toh sujju aunty tumhari kaun huyi ? Aunty hahahaha

San: haha very funny you have gone mad

Swa: mad in your Love jaanu

San: Swara don’t make me tempted otherwise I will do those things which I am not supposed to do before marriage….

Swa: ( slightly slaps at his chest ) Hawww sanskar

San: accha chalo choose my clothes Na please I want my gf to choose my clothes and if you will choose my clothes I will get to know your choice also Na (locks her hair strands behind her ear and holds her waist) my heart is saying that I should make you choose my clothes every day……

Swa: aww ! My baby (keeps her hand on his beating heart and the other hand on his neck ) don’t worry you are so desperate and I would not mind by choosing your clothes everyday I would love to choose your clothes everyday…..

Swara opens his wardrobe

Swa: eww what is this Sanskar is this your choice oh god ! Baba Adam’s kapde yucks you seriously need a new change in your wardrobe (Sanskar scratches his head smilingly) next week you are coming with me for shopping after marriage I cannot bear your this wardrobe. Fine ? Did you get it for now wear this babaji ka suit and yup I am sorry I will not meet you this week as I have my projects and other tests. Kk ?

San: jaan you don’t need to be sorry at all I love you and I am really happy that you are concentrating on your studies

Swa: naah I am doing studies only for you you always want me to complete my studies Na and after completing my studies I will do my engagement with you nice plan Na

San (smiles at her childishness) : haha very nice plan come and I am really happy for this change Atleast you are concentrating in your studies otherwise seeing your last term papers in your draw I thought you are average at studies chalo now can I go to change

Swa: one minute

San: yeah baby

Swa: I love you Sanskar (tightly pecks on his cheek)

San: I love you too chalo now let me go to change other wise you will get late for your college and me for office..

Sanskar comes out from the washroom and smiles sheepishly

Swa: what why are you smiling chalo

San: wait my bullet train please tie my tie I want my gf to please tie tie because I am going to miss you for the next seven days. Hai Na? so please proceed

Swa: Sanskar you sometimes behave like child only. give me the tie

San: only for you baby

Swara blushes

San: stop blushing I am getting tempted

Sanskar holds her waist and kisses her on her cheeks

San(whispers in her ear lobe) : I love you baby

Swara shivers with the contact of his lips on her ears and continues to do her work

After completing the tie workswasan have an eyelock which was broken by swara

Swa: chalo

San: hmm

Swara tugs on Sanskar’s arm and both left smilingly
Swara’s flashback was broken by Sanskar

San: why are you smiling Swara ? I am trying to tie this tie from the past 20 mins and you are just smiling tie this tie otherwise don’t tie it I will I without it

Swa (rushes to him) : no no I will tie it give me 2 mins

Swara’s POV
Awww ! I feel that my Sanskar is back I wish that you memory is back as soon as possible I love you  so much Sanskar I want to take you in my embrace and hug you but I know I can’t do because if I hug you or be with you like before post accident your condition might be critical but one thing I also mark that although you have lost your memory there is a same charm on your face my handsome and hotty Sanskar….
Swara POV ends

Swara was tiring the tie while stealing glances from Sanskar when she finished Sanskar was about I leave the room

Swa: San mom has booked an appointment of Dr. Khanna for your eyes and has told me to inform you

San: I don’t want to go any doctor I just hate doctors and wow what a nature Swara first you give me pain (holds her by her arms) and then you cure me also to break me again haa ? I just hate you leave my life and go I would rather stay alone than marrying a girl like you (he leaves the room)

Swara had tears in her eyes listening to Sanskar she messages something to Laksh and sujju
To sujju she messages ” hi sujju aunty Swara here if Sanskar asks you about eye specialist Dr.khanna toh tell him that you have booked him actually I have taken an appointment for Sanskar you know Na Sanskar’s nature towards me he would never ever listen to me so please do this thing thanks a lot for your help.”
Sujju messages ” it’s ok beta and I should say thanks to you beta call me maa not aunty I will surely tell him if he asks meet you at the breakfast table see you.”
Laksh’s message will be disclosed later
On the otherside

Shweta was sleeping peacefully while Laksh had gone to take a bath
Laksh comes out of the washroom

Lak(monologue): dramam Queen is sleeping still chalo let’s wake her up in my style he takes the mug from the bucket in the the washroom he fills the mug with cold water and splashes cold water on shweta

Shweta wakes up with a jerk

Shwe: what the f**** !

Laksh holds her neck and presses a bit

Lak: no abusive words bhabi ji if you use abusive words infront of me or behind me from next time than you will be seen in the hospital lying on the hospital bed chalo (leaves her neck) go and get fresh otherwise maa will come and she will think you as a lazy bahu and I am damn sure you sdont want maa to create a wrong image about you Na toh chalo let’s set go fast fast come on…..

Shweta while going to the washroom

Shw(monologue) : is this the way to wake up a bride on the first day with her in-laws huh duffer, idiot, donkey..

Lak: one more thing from tomorrow if you wake up this late today I just thrown a mug at you tomorrow I will throw a whole jug of water on your face got that ? And the wakeup time here is sharp 7:00 or before 7:00.

Shw: (smiles fakely) ji devarji can I go now ?

Lak: good bhabhi ji you can go

Laksh while checking is phone saw Swara’s message

Hi ! Laksh sorry to disturb you at this time but the work is important Sanskar might be coming to meet shweta toh just tell him that he has to visit Dr. Khanna for his eyes as sujju aunty has took an appointment for him actually I have taken an appointment from the doctor but you toh know Na that Sanskar will never listen to me and will get angry on me for no reason and I have informed about the doctor thing to sujju aunty also. One more thing from today onwards take Sanskar to office with you I don’t want that that shweta to be with you and also if he goes to office he will get some types of  flashes of his work or if nothing his mind would be diverted from the house I have also tookan appointment of a neurologist butit seems that he is out of town till then we have to wait….
Thanks a lot for your help
Message ends
Laksh smiles reading the message thinking how much his swara bhabhi care for Sanskar

Annupurna knocks at the door

Laksh opens the door
Lak: gud morning Mom how are you

Anu: I am good beta where is shweta call her down for aarti

Lak: actually mom she has woken up late as it was her first day but I have told her to get up early from tomorrow

Anu: I understand beta it’s ok tell her to CE first as I want the new bahus to be present during the aarti

Lak: ji maa

Annupurna goes Laksh locks the door.

Laksh knocks the washroom door

Lak: bhabhi ji o bhabiji sunti ho

Shwe: haa sunaye devarji will I get to take my bath peacefully

Lak: ofcource maharni ji do your bath peacefully but be quick everybody is waiting down for you for aarti and from tomorrow wake up early.

Shweta comes out of the washroom (I am not intrested in describing her dress)
Shweta starts to dry her hair with a hairdryer

Lak: o hello madam are we sitting in the garden no Na we don’t have all day chalo ! (By saying this he drags her to the hall where everybody was waiting )

Laksh leaves her hand when they reach the hall

Lak: (whispers in shweta’s ears) this is not your beauty contest where you have to dry hair this is an aarti which is done to calm your mind and body wet hairs are allowed (fake smiles at everyone ) next time dare o be late

By saying this he goes down
Everybody does aarti after aarti

At breakfast table
Lak: Bhai why don’t you join ofuce haa till how much time you will study her and today you have an appointment with Dr.khanna also Na your eye specialist first we will go to the doctor then we will go to the office nice plan Na

San: no laksh I don’t want to go to office I will sit here and study

Lak: till how long will you study with this shweta I mean she is my wife Na she would have been tired from yesterday’s night na so let her take rest and you come with me…

Shw: ( smirks) no laksh I am not tired at all Sanskar come and study with me. Kk?

Dp: bas….. Sanskar ou will join office from today your study time is over its high time that you should join office and work whatever you don’t understand or whatever you need to understand you will ask Laksh…. Laksh will take you to the doctor and from there you both will go to office and Sanskaar from now on you will go office everyday except weekend is that clear to both of you Laksh and Sanskar ?

Sanlak: ji Papa/bade Papa.

Dp: good chalo I have finished my bf we will leave for office take him to the doc all the best Sanskar for your first day

San: thank you bade Papa

Dp nods his head and goes

After that all the Dhanraj people leave from DM

Swara while picking up dishes

Swa: mom can I go to Mandir I need to pray for Sanskar his condition is not good from the past so many months I hope he gets well son

Sujju: beta this is our own house why are you asking permission from us go and pray for Sanskar and this house’s happiness (keeps her hand on Swara’s head)

Swa: ji maa

Sujju: jeeti reh

Swara and sujju’s conversation was heard by shweta who was sitting on sofa doing no work

Swara takes her purse and leaves the room after Swara leaves the house

Shweta comes in swasan room and changes the medicines she replaces Sanskar medicine with those medicines the are harmful for Sanskar and can make him aggressive

Shw: ( monologue) sujju aunty you exchanged the brides Na now I will exchange the medicines hahaha now I will show who shweta is now you wait and watch Mrs. SWARA SANSKAR DHANRAJ you snatched my position in this house and in Sanskar’s life now I will make your position in danger. The game begins hahaha I will go from her otherwise this stupid,idiot , donkey, dumbo Laksh will come and spoil me whole plan

Saying this shweta moves out of the room and bumps into someone

Person: hate mhara khatush raam ji mhari kamar can’t you Se and walk shweta see all my wet clothes have fallen God has given you eyes or button ha vese what were you doing in Swara Sanskar’s room? tell me the truth !
The person is none other than our sujju

Shwe: voh actually aunty ji I wanted to talk to Swara that’s why I went to her room yesterday she had worn beautiful bangles I loved those bangles and I wanted to ask her from which shop did she brought those bangles that’s why !

Sujju: this was only the thing are you sure ? But you were sitting on sofa Na when Swara told that she was going to Mandir.

Shweta: yeah aunty but I was very much busy in checking my phone that’s why I couldn’t here

Sujju; kk go (monologue) kuch toh gadbad hai something is wrong with shweta is she hiding something from me why is she behaving so strange every time she is very brave and today she gave all the answers to my questions strange very strange I guess I am overthinking chalo let’s go to dry the clothes……
To be continued
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