An incident that Changed our lives (Part 11)

Hi! Hola guys I am back with the 11th part. I am sorry for the delay was busy with studies. Hope you understand.

So let’s start
Recap : Shweta’s evil plan and Swara crying….

In midnight

Sanskar came, Swara heard the sound of the door opening. Sanskar immediately fell on bed and slept. Swara removed his shoes she opened his shirt’s first , two buttons as he was breathing heavily. Tears were continuously making way from her big doe eyes.

Swara remembered her past

San: Swara you have to study (while running behind her in his room)

Swara (while running was standing on the bed): no sanskar ! I don’t want to study I have not come here to study I have came here to spend some time with you and go out with you? Please (puppy eyes) (while keeping her hands on his neck)

Sanskar holds her waist

San: fine

Swa: Yahoo !

San: but

Swa: oof your if’s and but’s keep it with yourself

San: and you are a resemblance to me only Na (touches her cheeks and tucks the hair strands behind her) I love you Swara but I don’t want your studies to get affected see I have done my studies and I am a successful Businessman I want you to be the same I want U to fulfill your dreams first, your ambition , your goal in life and then if you want we can marry. What’s say ?

Swara squeezed her eyes such that her eyes become small and she looked angry on Sanskar .

Swa: (in a cute voice) only if I want you would get married to me how rude Mr. Dhanraj I thought that you love me and want to get married to me (saying this she went to the window)

Sanskar back hugged her and kept his lips on her back. Swara shivered when her skin came in contact with his lips.

San: its nothing like that shona…. I love you a lot but first I want you to complete your studies and I don’t want to force you in any marriage stuff and u have loads to go marriage stuff is much much later and yup why  the hell are you calling me Mr. Dhanraj mr. Dhanraj again and again ?

Swa: why you hate this name ?

San: no baby of course not but I don’t want my shona to call me with this name…..

Swa: then what name you want me to call you ?

San: by any name but not this one got it ? It sounds too too formal. Fine ?

Swa: I will call you ‘BF’

San: what’s this bf ?

Swa: boy friend

San: am I your boyfriend beautiful ?

Swa: yes hottie

San: you are going naughty day by day Swara

Swa: you too hottie

Swara giggles and Sanskar smiles……

Flashback ends

Swara sleeps while thinking all her flashes with Sanskar

Next day
Sun rays came peeping through the room of swasan Sanskar woke up first and saw Swara who was looking angel , divine and what not in her bridal attire sleeping on the floor the sun rays enhanced her beauty but his view got disturbed he smile a bit in seeing her sleeping like a cute baby not aware of the surroundings he walked to her and tucked her hair stands behind her ear but his smile got vanished on seeing blood from her lips which had dried he got panicked and rushed to the door and took out a first aid kit but while opening the first aid in a hurry the lid of the first-aid box fell and cause disturbance in her sleep but she never bothered as she was tired of crying in the night…. She again slep while Sanskar put dettol on the cotton and paced the cotton below her lips he felt a shiver ran down through his spine when his finger tips came in contact t with her lips.

Swara woke up with a jerk…..

Swa: ouch that hurts (she realised that Sanskar was sitting beside her) what happened Sanskar you here everything is OK ? You need something you could have wake me up ? (She observes his hand which had cotton)

San: (stammers) n…no I ww..was just putting cotton on your lips as blood was coming from your lips ( he gave her the cotton )

Swara: hmmm go get ready you have to do your work also Na…..

San: fine pit this cotton on your lips it will get healed

Swa: hmm (monologue) Sanskar this pain will get healed but what about the pain in my heart that I am getting by seeing you like this today I will go to Temple and pray for Sanskar and his memory…..


Guys there are a lot of things in the story shweta’s evil plan will be posted in the next part


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