An incident that Changed our lives (Part 10)

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So let’s start
Recap: Swara in Sanskar’s office

Swara’s POV (continues)

I went to college though I decide to go to Sanskar’s office but then I decided to attend the classes of that day because I knew how strict was Sanskar in case of studies.

I completed my work in the college and went to Sanskar’s office directly. When I entered his office. Omg ! Was this a office like such well-decorated ,neat suffosticated office , his employees were working continuously on files and projects I could see some of them in their hand..

I went to the receptionist to enquire about Sanskar and I was dead sure he is going to make another execuse for not meeting me….

Oof ! This man was a big trouble in my head…

And as usual the receptionist called Sanskar and he said that he was busy in a meeting and my heart was saying that he was alone and had taken a break of 15min from work but still I decided to wait for him. I waited and waited now it was evening I hadn’t had anything since morning. I was feeling a bit weak but I shrugged my thoughts of and decided to concentrate on Sanskar. Like how was I supposed to talk to him because whenever i meet him I am lost in his deep brown eyes….. Oh my god what magic does he create in me then I started to blabber the things I was going to tell him……

Now slowly the time passed and it was 8 at night i was waiting in the lounge near Sanskar’s cabin, his cabin was located on the top most floor of the building.

The receptionist came many times to ask me for snacks and all but I denied how can I have my dinner without my Sanskar beside me. Mom dad called me home but I refused saying that I was waiting for Sanskar and would not go from his office until I confess him and I told them to have dinner and sleep I would return with Sanskar so they did not need to worry. My parents agreed and told me to take care if myself I cut the call.

It was night 11 and Sanskar was still working now I was pissed off… And angry too yaar I was waiting for si many hours and he did not bother to call me once in his cabin to talk to me or to ask me why I had paid a surprise visit to his office.

I rushed to his cabin like a storm… Pushe dhis door open and came

San: dint you know Swara you should knock and come

Me: shut up Mr. Dhanraj your rules and regulations don’t apply to me. Fine ? (Smirks) vaise I must say that you work a lot (saying this I started to trace my finger from his forehead to jawline and I sat on his lap)

I could easily read that he was shocked at that moment. Suddenly I pulled his coller and our lips were inches apart

Me (in a low dangerous tone): how dare you make me wait for so long Mr. Sanskar Dhanraj now you have to bear the punishment saying this I smashed my lips on his , Sanskar many times tried to break the kiss but he was unable to as I had pulled him with a strong force….

After about five minutes we broke the kiss not due to lack of oxygen but it was due to Sanskar he pressed my arm so hard that I had to break the kiss as it was paining me alot.

After I broke the kiss CHATAAAAK !!!!!

One tight slap from Sanskar landed on my face.

San: have you gone mad Swara ? Really have you lost your mind…

Me: (teary eyes) yeah I have gone mad in your Love and you are right I have lost my mind in you you Mr. Sanskar  Dhanraj. I love you

San: no Swara it’s just attraction (Sanskar turned himself in order to avoid an eye contact)

Me: kk ! Fine it’s an attraction Na (I saw a knife there placed with the bucket of fruits I took the knife) and pointed at my hand fine Sanskar if you are not in my destiny Na then there is no meaning to live a life without you did you here that I will GIVE MY LIFE.

Sanskar turned but he was already late I had cutted my hand with the knife and blood was oozing out from my hand. The last thing I remembered was he was crying and had took me to the hospital immediately.
In hospital

I woke up and my vision was a bit dizzy than I saw Sanskar holding my hand and keeping his head on the side of the bed tear marks were clearly visible on Sanskar’s face. On feeling movement in my hand. He woke up with a jerk.

San: Swara are you OK ? (He cupped my face)

Love was clearly visible in his eyes for me but the problem was still he took love as an attraction

But I remained silent I remembered his slap and how he called my love an attraction.

Me (avoiding eye contact):  why didn’t u let me die ?

San: have you gone mad ? You will have another slap from me…. Why did you do this thing ?

Swa; why ? What wrong did I said ? U never thought before saying that my love for you was an attraction than why should I have thought before doing such a thing….

This was it for Sanskar he smashed his lips on hers and bitted her lip making it bleed. He poured all his love, anger and obsession for me.

First I was shocked but when Sanskar bitted my lip I came into my senses and I too participated in the kiss equally. We kissed for a long time. It was a passionate kiss pouring our love in it. We broke it due to loss if oxygen.

San: I love you , Swara and I am sorry for whatever I did please forgive me, let’s start a new beginning…..

Me: I love you too, please don’t do this with me again I will dii… (My sentence left incomplete as Sanskar has put his finger on my lips).

San: nothing jaan, tum mujhein chod ke kabhi nahi jaungi Na

Me: kabhi nahi aur tum ?

San: dekhna padenga

Me:hawww! ( slapped playfully on his shoulder)

They both hugged each other smilingly….
Swara’s flashback was broken by a door sound she saw Sanskar entering inside and Swara got shocked Sanskar came in a full drunken state

Swa: Sanskar you told that you are going to take a stroll in the garden than what is all this ?

San: what ? What ?am I a small child that has to catch your hand and walk no Na. Then ? And This this is called getting talli you know I get talli very rarely and you know my cause for getting talli is you (while telling this Sanskar moves around Swara in a circular manner)

Suddenly Sanskar stumbles

Swaa went to help him

San ( in a low dangerous tone): dont you dare touch me miss. Swara kapoor no, no Mrs. Swara Sanskar Dhanraj right Na ? Absolutely right you know my destiny has played a big game with me usually the groom knows who is his bride? In my case I only did not know who my bride is and my sweet bride did not even bother to tell me who am I going to marry ? ( says this while touching her cheek)

Sanskar pushes her through her cheek such that swara crashes on the sharp edge of the glass table which was covered with flowers for their first night. Swara crashes on the edge of the table and her lips started to bleed.

San: keep one thing in your mind you might be the daughter-in-law of this house, the daughter of Shekhar kapoor but you can never become my wife, you have hurted me a lot Swara I will never ever forgive you

Saying this Sanskar leaves

Swara cries harder and then takes a sheet and was seen sleeping on the floor.

Swara (monologue): I know Sanskar you are very angry on me but this was important to save you from that monster. Sanskar plz. Get your memory back it’s getting difficult for me to live without my old Sanskar even for a minute… She cries and sleeps
On the other side
Shweta and Laksh entered the room

And Laksh locked the door.

Shwe: dd..don’t  come near me Laksh

Laksh smirks and walks towards her and shweta keeps on moving till she hits the wall

Lak: kya hua dar gayi shweta ?

Shwe: nahi nahi toh !

Lak: accha toh peeche kyun Jaa rahi thi ?

Shwe: voh nothing I am tired let’s go to sleep

Lak: hmm you are right so let me first go to freshen up you have a heavy jewellery so till that time you remove your jewellery bhabhi ji

Shwe: get lost

Lak: where would I be lost ? I am here only in Dhanraj Mansion

Shwe: oof ! Arguing with U is a waste of time

Lak: so when did I tell it is useful


Lak: I am going

Shweta (monologue): how much does he argue ? Fine I will think of my next plan ! Hmm got it ???? now wait and watch Mr. Laksh Dhanraj and Mrs. Swara Dhanraj…….. I will make you face hell ?
Hi ! Guys I know the part is short and I am really sorry if the kissing part went a bit ahead or was a bit inappropriate but I just thought ki it would add more spice to the story  I will add more swasan scenes in the next episode till that time stay tuned to An_Incident_that_changed_our_lives

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