An incident that Changed our lives (Part 1)

Hi ! Arshiya here. Thanks a lot for liking my ff . Here I am with the 1st Part of An Incident That changed our Lives . If you have any question regarding any part of the ff you are free to ask in the comment box and even if you want to bash me you are welcome to do so . Suggestions are always welcomed.

Let’s start
If you have not guessed the two persons . No problem I am here to clear all your doubts.

Part 1
The boy who was slapped was Laksh and the person who had slapped Laksh was none other than our Sanskar .

San : (Looks at Laksh with blood shot eyes) How dare you Laksh ???? You should Respect Girls. Who the hell gave you the Right to touch a girl without her permission ??

By that time Laksh’s Grip on the girls hand had loosened.

The girl removed her hand , Thanked Sanskaar and went from there in a hurry.

Laksh : How dare you Bhai ? ???? How Can you Insult me infront of my friends.

(While his friends were shirking thinking about their plan ,
Somewhere they were also happy seeing Laksh being scolded by Sanskar)

San : You are talking about your Insult ? What about the insult that the girl had faced because of you and your stupid Dhamkees.

Laksh : Why are you getting over-possessive about that girl . It’s okay it was just for fun . Chill bro.

Sans : I very well know you Lucky ! You want to take revenge from her but I want to know why so ? What that girl has done to you? That you are telling her like this ? You flirt with girls I very well know that but you never told that she is gonna see the worst side of you etc. To the girls with whom you flirt! What is your problem with that girl ? Tell me Lucky, Maybe I can solve your problem, Please !
(by saying this he touches Lucky’s face)
Lucky jerks his hand. Sanskar becomes sad seeing his brother’s cold behaviour.

Lucky : You are a brother stay like a brother no need to interfere in my personal matters.

San : (screams) Laksh be in your limits . Don’t cross them l don’t want to be your brother for name sake . I want to be a brother who understands you and knows how to make you understand things which you cannot understand or are not capable of understanding I want to be a brother who knows how to make you under control.

Laksh : (angry) what brother brother ? ? You are just a brother for name sake nothing else.

(During their convo Sir comes)
Sir : What happened ? Why are you both shouting go back to your classes.

Sir : (to Sanskar) Sanskar be careful next time I will punish him for his offence I had heard the whole conversation between you too. Don’t worry Laksh will not get that severe p TCunishment but Laksh has to understand what he has done and how much wrong is it . (to Laksh) Laksh I need to talk to you come inside my cabin as soon as possible.

Laksh : Yeah ! I mean yes sir.
Inside the cabin

Sir : Laksh , Sanskaar is your brother how can you talk to him like that, don’t you have manners and moreover it is a college not your home.

Laksh : For me college is my second home and speaking about manners I don’t have manners what will you do I am besharam . You cannot remove me from school because my dad is a trustee of this college. The day you remove me from this college it will be your last day in this college (says this while keeping his legs on the table). Haan but if I want to leave this college I can surely do but I know my dad he will not allow me to leave this college .Dad has told me to stay in this college till I complete my graduation but frankly speaking I love this college because I have so many friends who are just like me. Chalo ! ?? I am getting late for my class. Bye ! Sir and please I am requesting you in a very Polite manner do not call me in this disgusting cabin of yours my precious time gets wasted bbye !
(Laksh Leaves)

Sir : Oh God ! What a nonsense boy on this Earth , so much of attitude, his friends are also like him a bunch of Rotten apples. What does Laksh’s parents teach him DD ji looks very educated person but his son chii ! Sanskar is much better than laksh. I cannot believe they belong to the same family.

(This was heared by two pairs of ears) I will reveal it later.
Outside the cabin
Laksh’s phone Rings
Laksh : Hello
o.s: Hi Laksh Listen I am not going to come to college today.
Laksh: Why ?

o.s: Arrey you forgot !?? Bad boy today is my favourite film’s release.

Laksh: Oh ha ! Dangal Na oh god ! Now don’t tell me you are missing your college just to see that film.

o.s: Yes ! it has been said that it is a good film. I will watch it at any cost and will come tomorrow to college. Fine ????

Laksh: Kk ,baby doll Love you ! ?

o.s: Shut up ! idiot

Laksh: Accha tomorrow we have to teach a guy a lesson . Kk ??

o.s: Hahahah Lol !???

Laksh:Why are you Laughing ? It’s not funny.

o.s: okay ,Okay! who is the victim ? who is the guy who interfered with the great LAKSH DHANRAJ . because nobody in the college dares to interfere with Laksh Dhanraj in any sort of fight ! koi bhi panga nahi leta hai tumse ! heheehe????

Laksh: stop joking it’s serious. and I can’t tell his details on phone we both will make his worst scenario in the college Zara college mein tashan dikhaane ka time aa gaya hai kk? Enjoy your film bye.

o.s: Bye and tomorrow. we will make his day hell !!!

Hi ! how was this part shower your lovely comments and bashings in the comment box I know Sanskaar’s part was very less but more parts are left THE SUSPENSE STILL NEEDS TO BE REVILED more it’s just the first part so you guys don’t need to worry.
Precap-who is the guy listening to sir’s talk ? What will happen to Sanskar ? What is Laksh and the other person planning ? Will they really make Sanskar’s day hell?To know more stay tune to the ff an incident that changed our Lives and keep reading , liking and commenting on the page of THE WORLD OF FAN FICTIONS.


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