Inamorata’s Sweetheart (Ringing Alarm by Shreya) Character sketch

Hellooooooo Raglakians and Twinjus…

So pehle Raglak fans..let me remind you..I am Lovely (Shreyani) who wrote a two shots ‘my naughty husband’ and an ff ‘In Love#Raglak’…hope you guys haven’t forgotten me..if yes somewhat.. You can click my Name at my wall and see my posts..😃

Ohkay..So I am here with a news (good or bad.. Vo aap sab decide Karlena)

I am here with a combined Ff of Raglak and Twinj.

I know many must be expecting different ffs for both the couples.. But its a thing that you shall understand that My session has just started.. I cut my TV time for writing ffs..I cannot Handel two different Ffs for now..but I have many readers for both the couples…
Moreover you guys know very well that these two months April & May have the least no. of Holidays.. I have so many works to be done!..
I really don’t have time to post many ffs..

Well I’ve a plot for Raglak but that I’ll start towards the end of May..and Yehi hai Ishq (season 2) I’ll carry along with this know once or twice a week…

Hope that’s fine 😇

Now..PLOT- for Inamorata’s Sweetheart
(Means- Lover’s sweetheart)

The story is actually a spy novel!

Female Protagonists- Ragini and Twinkle.. Two childhood besties who live together in an apartment in the city of Kalimpong (west Bengal, India)
These two chirpy best friends met first at the age of an orphanage in Kolkata… (Yes both are orphans).. When they were about 5 ..a lady adopted them both as she didn’t wanted these innocent souls to separate and brought them to the heavenly city of Kalimpong.
Ragini and Twinkle’s relationship is beyond words to be described..whatever they do ..they do that together.. They fight a lot too but cannot live without each other. The Lady who adopted them is Miss.Lara who mostly stays out of station for her cookery shows as she is a professional chef.
Twinkle and Ragini run their Cafe in Kalimpong while both of them are gymnasts…These beauties of the city are the main reason for the male cafe customers (c’mon Ragu aur Twinkie ko dekhne mil raha h..Coffee ke peeche kaun pagal h….right Kalimpong guy???😋😉😉)

Character sketch-
Twinkle- Quite innocent kind of, chirpy, loving and Lovable.
Ragini- Headstrong, bold, chirpy and loving.
Both these girls are quite same and Quite different too!!

How will they get their dream man???????
Would they really be their true dream man or completely different???
Is this love story gonna be so simple??
Akhir heroes kaise hain??
What kind of character they have???

Get the answers when you read further..

Kissi ko gussa aa raha ho toh nikaal dena 😊
and yea I promise to give equal amount of Romantic scenes for both the couples..and yes I may be irregular at forgive me for that.
Comment below …the more comments the faster I would turn up..
Epi1 asap and Yehi hai Ishq asap too

Love you 😘😘😘😘


  1. Ranabulbul


    |Registered Member

    Who r u main to nhi janti aapko
    Kunki meri Shreya se main Ab bhi gussa hun kunki she ended her ff without any notice I am so angry on her tell her to post soon and m waiting

  2. Soni

    Hey Shreya r u frm Darjeeling?…. If so then m also frm Darjeeling……n Kalimpong is indeed a beutiful place admist d beutiful peak of Kanchanjunga…… Coming to the epi it seems intresting….. Post soon

  3. Sohi


    |Registered Member

    Very interesting plot aani
    Liked both of thems character
    Plz post as soon as possible
    Do continue and post soon

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.