Inamorata’s Sweetheart (Episode 1~Shreya)

INAMORATA’S SWEETHEART#Raglak&Twinj (Episode 1)
[Raglakians today there’s less Ragini and no raglak as Laksh’s entry will be in next part…if possible read of Twinj too to understand all the characters coz it is a combined novel every character compliments the other]

Come let’s enter to the beautiful Mountai city of Kalimpong..
“Have a happy Rose day”..two girls shouted in a chirpy voice to the customers sitting in their open area cafe..all raised their cups or cakes greeting back…One girl is seen with a bowl and a whipping spoon wearing a cute apron above her pink and white frock dress with a brown belt…she is seen glazing doughnuts with different glazes and flavors.. “Are the doughnuts ready Twinkie??”.. Another girl said who was wearing a short blue-purple jumpsuit till her thighs.. Yes the girl baking is our sweetie pie Twinkle.. “Of course Ragu”.. She said placing them on a big serve tray the girl in jumpsuit is our gorgeous girl Ragini.. Both of them went for serving… so to clear Twinkle is an amazing baker..and Ragini.. A coffee specialist and a coffee artist..Ragini se ache coffee arts and Twinkle ke cakes se acha flavour… They have no comparison in whole Kalimpong!..

They went to the sitting area to serve the orders.. Ragini was done so she went inside for some other cuppacino and latte orders..
Twinkle served a set of doughnuts where a guy was sitting with some red roses.. “So..waiting for her..miss. Someone special??”.. Twinkle said like normally how she communicates with everyone…”yeah..just waiting for a yes”..he said and turned to Twinkle… He was a good-looking guy..nicely built..he sat on his knees and forwarded Twinkle that bouquet.. Twinkle was shocked!.. Just then she heard a noise of fighting.. “ sorry”.. She said to that guy and rushed to that noise where she found two guys fighting ..”Ragini is mine …you bastard how dare you even think about her? “ guy (imagine Karan tacker) was beating another… “Hey…”..Twinkle ran to stop them..but that guy pushed her..”ah”..she exclaimed in pain on getting hurt on her elbow…

“Stop this nonsense.. I said STOP”.. All heard Ragini shouting ..she motioned to them…that guy stopped.. Ragini made Twinkle get up..she wiped her tear and confronted the guy…”ragini…I am Niel”..that guy said…”the same Neil.. Who likes me..”…Ragini said moving forward to him..”Not Like Ragini.. I love ..” Niel was about to say but she stopped him to speak with her hand gesture.. “The same Niel who is here to propose me today…The same Niel who just fought for me..”..”that’s why I like you so much..”..Niel again spoke but…”Don’t you Dare Mr.Niel Bose..Don’t you dare to speak when I am speaking… You are The same Niel because of whom my Twinkie just cried…” Ragini held his collar..”This much is enough for me to kill you a way that no one would be able to find where you body is….this is not a fight club… Get the hell out of here”..Ragini shouted and pushed him.. She was at the peek of anger..Niel was about to turn..”Niel”..Ragini called.. The moment he looked at her..Ragini punched him hard on his face leaving a mark ..
”what the…”..
“Shut now….”..she ordered and turned.. to walk back but looked at him and said…”that one was for that tear…doobara apni shakl mat dikhaana varna mirror main apni shakal nahi pehchaan paoge “ Ragini warned and went to Twinkle…and did her dressing..

At night..
Ragini and Twinkle slept after a long talk…( both sleep in different rooms )

Next morning ..
“Ragu…coffee “ Twinkle shouted under the blanket but got no reply… Twinkle slid down the bed…”coffee”…Twinkle called again.. She woke up and found a note..”Twinkie.. I am urgently going out..kal Jo do ladke lad rahe the of them is admitted… I’ll be back soon..we have a client for a Valentines Day cake order…attend the meeting at the city street park (that’s my imaginary address ..not real)..See you”..that note read…”ahh coffee ..u know I make the baddest coffee in the world“…

Twinkle woke and got ready in a black-red frock dress ..put dangles and drove off…She stopped at a coffee shop and entered it..

Twinkle went and sat on a seat..a waitress came for an order..
“One ..”
“ One double shot Expresso” a manly voice said and the waitress went.
“Heeeey…” Twinkle turned to that guy but slowly she was lost his brown ocean …his deep handsome eyes.. She looked at him..he was a fair complexion man with a oval style beard (yeah yeah…he is Kunj)…but came back in senses
“That was my order”..Twinkle said with a frown..
“Don’t worry..that’s for you only”.. Kunj said..
“ what…!?… do you know what I want? “ Twinkle asked..

“Its simple…tum Heart love cafe ki co-owner ho…you’re here..means you missed your morning coffee coffee miss karne k baad..tumhe obviously double shot chahiye.. And everybody knows tumhari partner and best friend se achi latte, cuppacino etc. Koi nahi bana subah coffee miss karne wali ladki expresso hi mangegi kisi aur cafe main..”..He explained sitting like a cool dude..Twinkle looked at him from up to down..he was wearing a white jacket with a white T-shirt and denim jeans with cuts on knees..
“Smart…but it didn’t worked much ..bye”…. Twinkle took her bag and stood to go..
“Hey…apni coffee pi k jao..varna jo headache h uski vajah se tumhari meeting miss achi nahi jayegi..”.. Kunj said making her surprised..he sipped his latte
“ how do you….”..Twinkle turned asking when her coffee came..
“Sit ..and have your coffee..yahaan bohot log hain ..main tumhe kuch nahi jar sakta… “…He said sipping his coffee…
Twinkle sat after looking all over…
“Tell me …how do you know that I have a meeting..”.. Twinkle sipped her coffee..


Okay..that’s enough for now…Sorry for being irregular but I have my studies too ..

Next part will have Raglak and Twinj both …
So Kunj’s character is quite mysterious.. Isn’t it???..
Do you guys like Ragini’s bold character… Ragini is strong and Twinkle is innocent..there are reasons behind their characters for this novel…

Stay post asap..?????

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  1. Astra

    shreya dear, you have to keep raglak pic yar.. otherwise people will not understand this as raglak ff.. ok.. i didnt read the update yet, i will read and review shortly..

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Ohkay..I’ll see that ?

  2. It. Was. Awesome. Shreya

    Pls post. Soon

    Post. Yeh hai ishq. Also

  3. Presha

    Hey shreya…
    Its awesome…
    Just loved it..

  4. IQRA222

    It was really awesome shreya di
    Loved the twingini bond
    And the mysterious kunch is superb
    Waiting for the next part
    Lots of love

  5. Amazing dear …..

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    I rehe lol tu yyyyy yyyyy loved it so much yr so interesting and amazing plot plz update soon

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    it’s amazing dear….loved it alot…ohh my poor innocent twinkle…and my brave ragu…love u both dear….eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

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    Amazing awesome fabulous

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    It’s amazing awesome loved it
    D way kunj surprised twinkle was superb
    Love u keep smiling

  12. Lovely7

    Waiting for more raglak scenes

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Of course I would be giving equal amounts of Raglak and Twinj scenes.. Its just now in epi1 I needed to show Twinj…the next part will tell why so…???

  13. Nice one yeah n that bit at cafe is of a movie rt…though its too good to read it for twinkle n kunj keep writing

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Hi..I donno if it matches any movie or not..may be the further conversation will clear it out…well thanks ?????

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    Loved it 🙂 Awesome … Just Loved Twinj meet 🙂
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  15. Interesting and plzzzzzzzzz continue

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    Aah I knw this movie….it’s ek deal aisi bhi right! Wht a movie it is…just like yr ff…amazinggggggg….master minded …love u yaar..but love yr ff more?

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Ritzu…all I wish to say ..I haven’t copied any movie…
      That’s it…????

  17. A.xx

    amazing and loved it xx

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    hahhahaaaa……shreyoo baby yeh koi sch bahar nikaal diya kya ritzi ne hahahaaa…….
    well srsly loved it soooooo cute……….
    uf dis kunj knws everything damn………….♥
    loved it ragini was strong woowwaaa……♥
    love u lods……….♥
    mailed u d nxt episode of our ff………..doo chck…….n post it or tell me to do it.i do chck soon……….☺
    love u lods……….♥
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    1. Jiya_Ani

      Koi raaz nahi…ritzu ne in air guess kiya story is completely mine..

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