IN THOSE SOULFUL EYES ,let it be a dream….part 1

Hi friends ..iam back after a gap…now this is not an ff but something else……Be ready to read a thahan story …here we go….

It was a wet rainy day…..
Wind was turning all over around….those beautiful white curtains flew on the hands of turning wind……misty water drops start to sprinkle from the window as the wind goes stronger…….silky black hair strands overflow from the bed in which she was lying….it moved on wind ,short hairs anoited her mesmerising face………
THAPKIIII…………softly poonam called her standing beside her bed….

Poonam: Thapki beta…come on get up…its time for u to go collage…

She touches her hands and shakes her..our was still sleeping….

Poonam: arey if u are not in aplan to get up
then why do u say us to wake u at early?? This is the fifth time iam calling you..this is the last get up…her voice became louder….u have to wake up now….poonam pulls out the blanket.,and shakes thapki with more force….Thapkiii …..she called more louderly…
Lines of discomfort appeared thapkis forhead in a cute way….eye lashes disagreed to get seperated ,still on closing her eyes thapki murmered..,;No ma today is leave…

Poonam; leave ?? Today monday hena?? Then what??

Thapki: is leave..but only for me…..
Poonam; acha!! She raises her eyebrows..,..” my girl u r too smart i know..get up!!”she scolds smiling…

Thapki raises from bed opens her eyes and rubb with hands

Thapki; m…maa i said tr..truth, Iam not going to collage today..

Poonam: i know beta….tommorow u are going to mumbay for exam ..u r taking leave for there is noo need to wake up early as u do on collage days..i know all your plans to sleep..but today iam not going to allow…go nd prepare….

Thapki making a cute face…; ….iam …p.,prepared maaaa ..

Poonam; smiles … this your prepratiion ?? You lazy one…..She pinches on thapkis eaar….
Thapki relives herself from poonam and manages not to be caught by her again…They both laughs….
Aditi comes in…

Aditi; what is this didi…shame on you…iam your small sister naa ..iam ready for collage nd u still on bed….shaame shame….

Thapki:hello wh..whats going on here? Iam late today only..why r u saying lke this? J..just like iam always late in waking up…

Aditi; who said ? U aare always like this….

Thapki gets up….; Is it so aditi…tell me one more time….

Aditi understood that thapki is going to kill her if she said soo ..thapki was approching aditi…

Aditi: Didi stop there…

Thapki: say it…let me see….thapki strechez her hand to hold aditi …..but she runs before thapki could grab her…thapki follows her…
The two girls sound form a beautiful harmony……

Some where on mumbay,
A man gets fall on a mud pool with great force such that some one hit him …muddy water splashed to all sides ….
Another man ran towards a image…with a sharp wepon on his hands…A bone breaking sound accompanied with a hit sound is heared …..the weapon fell down to earth…and the man is also thrown to a distance…
A grop of men watching this gets scared as He approching them…muddy dusty brown shoes approchez them by taking step by their heartbeats becoming faster they all are throwed to different directions….
Image of the man becomes more clear,
His eyebrows elivated inside stylish partly transparant big coolers, he with his index finger make it place on his high forhead where his dry unmanagable frizzy hair covers it in a cool way…….

YOU all get exhousted in this little time..i expected a little serious attack but..what type of goons u all are?? Not even a good fighter amoung u!! Soo pity….And do u all know something …..! these type of wepons are out of fashion today…you have to learn to use wepons like..( he takes out a black new pistol from back ) THIS!!!!! he aims one of them …..

Goons get frightened they gets up and run faster….. His coolers automatically land on its position from his forhead
He puts his pistol back to position,tatoomarks on his hand became visible as he made his loose sleaves up……he took out a ciger nd place it in bw lips..where black beared nd mostache is drimmed as to suit his looks……(.its our hero)

“BIHAAN!! “some one calls him from behind..
He turn back with full body and hits the man who was about to attack him from behind…nd that man falls down near to bihans feet…
Bihan takez the pistol with hurry nd shoot neaar the goon but not to injure him…

Goon: pls dont kill me…

Bihan: Dont ever dare to play with me…go and tell to your bose….

The goon get up nd ran away… ..
Bihan looks at pan who was waving at him and he waves back …
Pan comes near….

Pan; it was amaizing bhai…they will never dare to play with u any more…
Bihan smiles at paan nd they both hits their palms nd make sound..

Pandey nivas was shown .
Vasundhara standing in front of a big picture..she is looking the picture with tears on her eyes…

Vasu: are you seeing this or not??
Everyone said everything becomecback to normal in time being but….how can it possible…my guilty consince is killing me day by day…..i lost everything because of my ego nd evrything happened only because of me…she sobbs…..”.jii…say something…”she touches the photo which is decorated with flower garland…it was the photo of Balvander….

Thapki comes into the pandey nivas..
Preethi nd suman was on the kitchen. Nd cooking something…Thapki enters into kitchen..
Preethi: arey thapki..come did you eat some thing??

Thapki: h..ha bhabhi….what r u cooking?? Nice smell…

Preethi: is it?? Its a special dish thapki….

Suman: ha thapki ….this preethi naaa …i am fed up with her new new dishes…she giggles..

Preethi: hmmm…then u wont eat..ok..!!
Thapki will eat…

Thapki; suman bhabi….why are u doing this to meee…oh no….

Preethi; which means u too thapki….teasing me …..not fare!!!

Thapki: not like that p..preethi bhabi..i was just kidding….

Preethi takes the dish on a plate nd gives to thapki

Preethi ; now u eat this…

Thapki tastes it..; mmmmm….bhabi…osum vali dish…..i know u always make such ousum preprations…

Preethi : r u kiddding or not…??

Suman: is it thapki……let me taste..she also tastes it..mmmm its not so bad….!!! They laughs…

Preethi: hmmm never mind!!! If it is ok for means it is perfect…i know…nd who values ur comments …she smriks at suman….

Suman: by the way thapki….r u not going to collage today?

Thapki: i took leave today..have to attend exam naa…

Preethi; oh i forgot…nd how is
your preprations….??

Thapki; p..preprations..

Suman: why are u asking such silly questions..our thapki is always first in all xams naaa!!

Thapkis face expression turns into a painfull one such that she remembers something…
Preethi grasp sumans hand with a grip…

Preethi; haa thapki tell me when r u going??

Thapki: b..bhabi actually today night such that reach on morning.,.nd where is vasu maa..??

Suman: she is on room…

Thapki; as usual???

Preethi: haa …..
her head become down

Thapki enters vasus room.she was still standing in front of photo and crying….thapki slowly reaches her back and suddenly hugs her from back. ……and places her head slanding on vasus shoulder…
Vasu gets shoked …..
Vasu: Thapki beta tum!!! She said even without looking who hugged her…

Thapki; maa . ..stop this i cant see this any more. …..vasu wipes her tears …and turns back.with a smile….thapki loosens her grip…vasu holds her hands in her hand….

Vasu: are nt u going to ur xam? Did u paked everything??

Thapki; perfect … u are all right … int it….otherwise always cr…. cry like little baby….she looks her in a naughty way.

Vasu: beta …i forget all my sorrows when i see you.. .

Thapki: Thats why iam with u always…..
They smiles at each other….

Vasu: accha batavo…poonam kese hei?? How is poonam?

Thapki: she iz fine ma….where is dhruv bhai does he gone to office…??

Vasu; haa beta…it have been years he talked to me…properly

Thapki : everything will change maa lets wait…..

Vasu: Thank god i got you…!! Nd Thank god for Krishnkanth ji and balvander ji s frndship …..!!!!! When will your papa come back from US??

Thapki: he says more time willtake to finish his work…!!probably next month…

Vasu; then who will come with you ??

Thapki: for what maa…i willmanage ..

Vasu: its a new place naa?

Thapki: what ma….!!

Vasu smiles and put her hands over thapkis shoulder…:” But…”
Thapki; what but but…maa i come to take blessings from you…
she touches her feet…
Vasu make her stand straight…..

Vasu: my all blessings will always accompany you my dear…she hugs thapki…

Thapki gets into the train on night …
Poonam;take care beta…

Thapki: dont worry ma …your smart girl know how to tackle problems…

Aditi: thats why we are sending u alone…!!!..di……dont elope with any one ok…we trust u…okey!!!!

Thapki; hmm let me think…!!

Poonam: smiles, you both sisters naa ….!! Thapki be safe..nd do ur best on xamss ……

Train moves…..thapki waves her hand nd says bye to all..
She rest on her seat..nd waited for the train to reach its destination…
The next morning blooms thapkis train reached its destination…
Thapki moves on from the train..she reaches on the platform., was a tottaly a rush on the plat form , thapki manages to walk and come out suddenly her hand bag is pulled out from shoulder by someone..and he runs…thapki get shoked” THIEF.”…..!!!!! She yelled…!! SOME ONE HELP !!! She ran behind the thief .but the thief dissapear on the crowd.
Thapki become shoked, dissapointed,emberassed,and confused…
She stands shokingly on the platform in the midst of a crowd…where no one cares about any one!!

Thapki says to herself hitting her forhead..”.Oh my God….what shall i do now?? My money,phone,certificates everything is lost!!! What is going on..?? Whats happening to me…?? Now how should i write xam?? How i go back to home…?? In this unknown city what shall i do…?? Iam …..Oh God please save me…..!! Her head became dizzy by these thoughts…suddenly an idea strike on her head..she roams all around the station and find out a police man

Thapki: sir ..p..pls do help …s..some one theft my hand bag ..iam new here…i dont have anything with me.. lost my all m…money..pls do help..i have to go to attend an xam on noon..
Policemen: ok did u seen his face?

Thapki: no s…sir

Pm; do u know his dress colour?
Thapki: blue shirt i think..

Police man; madam you have to take care about your properties..its usual here and how could we find a thief in such a big crowd?? Some people like u are alwaays creating headache to us!! We try to find out..

Thapki gets anger ; sir some thing w..wrong had happened to me ..and u r b..blaming me?? Is it right?? Police de… department is for the protection of layman..then why are u behaving like this?

Pm; hey ladki ,are u questioning me eh?? How dare u?? He rises his voice…

Thapki; i said the truth sir…where should we go when something like this happens to us??

Pm: i said we try to find the thief..ok u may go… He said harshly…

Thapki: sir but what …..
Pm; i said u …did u understand??

Thapki get more disappoinment…
On turning back ……she felt everything droping from her…….everything is flowing out of her….felt a great voidness inside her….she looked on her handswhichwas empty….her eyes turn reddish……..
She felt difficultly even to walk….

Thoughts start tourtering her….she sit on platform bench…lost herself
“What a fool iammm…what over confidence i had!!! Iam so Stupid ….”.Tears roll out from her eyes….cheeks get wet………
Suddenly she look around an become conscious nd wipes her tears……felt her vision is being fade…amoung the rushing flowing crowd she saw that blue shirt…..get up suddenly and ran towards him…….reaches behind him and clutches his shirt coller tightly from back…
That man turns back his neck with a shock ….He is disclosed as Bihan!!
He get utter shok and tries to free his shirt from her grasp….and force fully remove her hands off,

Thapki grasp his hand forcefully…; You thief…!! Give my bag back!!!
Bihan gets supershoked he gets emberrased…
Bihan; THIEF?? WHO?? ….WHICH BAG!!! WHO R U???
Thapki:…. Thapki looks on his face and get confused….(mind voice) is this is the real thief or not…?? Yes this is him i think…this was the shirt..

Bihan: hello iam talking to you…hei girl who are you..?? Nd what you want??
Thapki become little nervous..she found the roaring crowd s eyes fall on them..
Bihan: Arey are you mad…??

Thapki; d..dont try to fool me…give my b..bag back…otherwise

Bihan: otherwise?? O hello who are u madam?? Nd what r u talking about?? R u coming from any mental hospital…?? His voice became louder..

Thapki; you!! How dare!! You thief… Give back my money!!

Bihan; Iam not a thief!! Whats wrong whith u? When i robbed u ehh??
Thapki; arey dont play with me give back my money now !!!

Bihan: Achha..its the matter…pata nahi
Ajj kal ki ladki kyo itnni besharam hoti hei. I dont know why nowadays girls become tottaly shameless ……cooking up stories only for money…. These dramas are being common now! sounds more louder…

Thapki gets anger: hei , first u teft my belongings now putting a blame on me…ajj kal ka ladka hei shameless…..her voice also raises…..flowing crowd stops for a while
“Looking like a gentle men…but activitys are of trained criminals……looking healthy person why shouldnt u earn by doing job than robbing others..shameless!!!”

Bihan fumes on anger; :STOP!!! Thapki get shoked by his high voice filled with anger
CHUP KAR LADKI…VARNA…..!!! IF NOT…He warns her with warning guesture by his index finger….
Thapki: Nice you are thretening me??
Bihan: i dont have any need to threten a small little creature like you..after all a girl he na…!! He smriks at her…and about to move..
Thapki; i will show what a girl can do…you thief….She tightly holds on his collar nd screams…POLICE….POLICE….PLS SOME BODY HELP….I GOT THE THIEF….!!
Crowd surrounds them and that policemen also came

Thapki: sir see i caught the thief…
Policevman sweats…; Everyone plz disperse… The crowd dizpersed…
Pm; madamjii …u are missunderstanding this persion.
Thapki: ( mind voice) now why this pm showing respect to me!!
Pm : leave him madam ……i know him he is not a thief….

Thapki leaves his collar…
Pm; ( frightened) salam jii… Bihan waves at him also
Thapki wonders by seeing all these; But he was…this shirt. ……
Pm; you said u didnt see the face….with a shirt how could u conform it…?? This is not a thief….
Pm goes….
Thapki ; but…but….

Bihan: o girl…now its clear he na…that u cant do anything …..!!
Thapki walks away from himwith out saying anything..embarrased with her own actions..and..with a bit of shock.
Bihan stops her by blocking her by overtaking her……: Stop…!! Are u going this much easily…
Thapki; voo …i think i misunderstood i…iam sorry!!
Bihan: ohh then u know this word !!!

Thapki; SO..SORRY ,i m..misunderstood you thats w….why i behaved so…

Bihan;so do u think this meare word will wipe out the actions u did minutes ago?

Thapki: Really i…iam sorry for what happened!! I know i i..insulted u but w…what i can do is only apolagise to you!!

Bihan; Accha ….Then u mean i have to forgive you for your crazyness??ehh??

Thapki: I..said sorry ,then what do u expect more than this….her voice rised than normal tone,her pathetic condition and frustration made her voice rise unknowingly

Bihan; Hei what do u think about yourself?? Insulting a person and saying sorry sooo normally and walking out ….strange!!!& in which culture u are brought up?? And now too after being proved yourself is wrong rising voice against me?? Arey ladki you dont know who iam!! Dont ever dare to play such dramas to me…

Thapki was in a shock that she had rised her voice and by hearing his reaction..she felt the situvation is going to be worsen as if he is quarelling to her like this…
Thapki; I am sorry ….!! Everything is my fault she replied by joining her hands and her gaize to downward as to hide her reddish eyes in which tear drops are at the brim and tempt to overwhelm…
Bihan notices it …she continues..
” I just dont have any intentions to insult you…

Actually my situvation made me to do so” a tear drop quikly escaped out from her eyes nd with a hurry she wipes it and pretained to show she was just rubbing her face.
Bihan; its every girls defencive mechanism…i just hate it…!! His voice goes to a harsh manner..
Thapki looks on him with wonder: what? What r u saying?
Bihan; saing about what u have done now…why did u bloked it let the tears flow and by that wet my mind nd take my forgiveness!!

Thapki; o hello!! Pls stop……i asked sorry for my fault and its over!! Pls do leave me alone ..

Bihan;Say one more time!!

Thapki: with a sort of anger” i said leave me alone”
Bihan: okey cry a littile more with out hiding just like u did before such that i can enjoy it!!! And thiz is the punishment for your acts

Thapki: what!! I didnt cried!!! And not going to cry as u demands to me!! And how cruel u are to watch someones tears and enjoy it. Just before this very second i felt i had done a big mistake,but now i realised that u desreved that insult!!
Bihan gets anger…
Bihan; STOP YOUR NONSENCE!! He roared…You are crossing the limits,just shut up , he warns her with more anger. she also gets anger but moves away from him..
She murmered while walking: ” whats happening ! This is tottaly irritating me!!”
Bihan : Madamji you are being irritation to others…!

She turns and stares at him ” Iam not talking to you,, so plz…..”she wanted to tell leave her alone but dont dare to speak out it again in front of him..she gave a fullstop to her sentence abruptly . ” If u are a human pls do understant..i have lost my bag and i dont even have a single penny to even go back to home ” her voice was shaking and pathetic.she just dont wanted to say it but it happened to come out of her,miscerable feeling spread on her face which was fuming with anger just before..

Her sudden change made an amusement on him.(.may the jenuinity of her words touched his heart..his anger melted down and even he could feel that..but mr B for Bihan was never like this before ….but cannot say suerly that if he is never like this before or not ..may be he…but who knows??)
Bihan: Then you r saying true ….!! Thats fine!!

Thapki: for the last and final time…isay sorry for what i have done…nw plz.,..stop this arguement….i even dont know what to do next…you said absolutely right thqt being a girl i cant do anything..only thing i can do is to cry……
Bihan looks on her and understands that she got hurt very badly by these incidents and felt a sort of apology..but his ego never allowed him to show it.he took some money from his poket and forward it towards her..
Bihan; you can take this..and go back to home.

Thapki got amused by this and she shook her head with the sign of negation.
Bihan: Dont think too much..if my assumption is right you are alone here and new at this place..and its not safe for a girl to wander here even with out money.the dawn will quikly change to dust then what will u do?? Do u understand what am saying? Just go home safely.
Thapki: Thank u and sorry
Bihan: Thank u or sorry? What u mean?

Thapki; both!! Thank u for understanding and rendering help..and sorry for what i did and said.
A small smile appeared on his face.thapki also simles back ( how could they smile on looking each other? They where fighting since now but…,…..??) Bihan looks on her for taking the money he forwarded
” but…but… can i”
“Why dont u??” he interupted

” Take this ” he odered.but she was still relectent.” What are u thinking?” He asked
She was still in a dilemma that what she do now.”Actually ..i came here to attend an xam it was my dream..and i lost my certificates and hall ticket now..and a most valuable thing!! I cannot go back i need it..”she was telling this to him as if they where knowing each other for years.she manages not to cry and it was just like suffocating herself by herown..
Bihan: Then take this money and go to ur xam center and tell them ,may they help u
” They cant help it” she replied even not thinking twice. ” How can u determine that..? Why dont u make a try?” He winked.
” I dont know the x am center”

” Even dont know this ,. Then what are u going to write ?” His Sarcasmic tone made her irritate again!
Two strangers met on a strange way what life is going to give them??

Precap; back to home but home is new now!!

Dear frnds iam writting after a long time there will be mistakes pls forgive me and support.
Pls do comment everyone
Target- just 5 comments.
Iam doing this for u all so pls support.

I know day by day the intrest on thaha n is loosing…but what to mind still sticks on them!! Pls support as u have done on my previous ff Thahan the real love.
Silent readers too comment pls…

Thahan forever
Love u dearones

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