In love with angel – Ragsan- Part2

Hi sissy’s. this is 2nd part. I posted this soon to know ur views. After reading leav ur views.

A place is shown where some people r digging. A person got something to his rod while digging. All men started to remove all sand from that place thinking there must be some precious thing. They got an idol of a girl. That idol was very different than others and it was very beautiful. It was of golden color.

One of the man called to the owner of that place and told that they have got some different kind of idol. He sent him pic of that idol.

Mr.mehra owner of that place saw that pic and got amazed seeing such a beautiful idol.
Meh: I’ll only come there. Keep that idol safe.Man: ok sir.
Mehra come to that place with some men who r specialized in checking idols. Those men told.
Spe: sir. It’s a different idol. And its gold is very different. Its very valuable.
Meh: thanku. U can go now. Foreigners wil give gud price for this.
He calls a foreigner.
Meh: this time I have a different thing for u. tell ur cost.
For: 5 lakhs. We normally do this much amount only.
Meh: that is for normal idols. This is different one. I want 5 crores.
For: its very big amount for only one idol.
Meh: I sent u pic. Have a look. Then call me.

He disconnects call. Foreigner saw the pic and got mesmerized seeing the beauty of idol. He calls mehra.

For:m ready to pay. Within one week u shud deliver it to me.
Meh: first payment.
For: ok. I’ll transfer 2 crore now to ur account. Remaining after delivery.
Meh: fine.
Mehra’s PA: sir who’ll do this work. Its very risky. No one shud know abt this. not even police.
Meh: I know one person who can do this work. (he smiles).
Other side one person was practicing boxing. He was sweating. One person came to him.

Per: bhai. We got one work. This time amount is double. Work is simple. We have to deliver a single idol.
That person removes his gloves. He’s revealed to be sanskar.
san to his friend.
San: jai, r u sure? That for delivering a single idol he’ll give double money.
Jai: bhai. Wat does it matter? We just want money. That’s it. Let it be anything.
San: that’s true. Both do hi-fi.
At mehra place.
Meh: welcome my boys. Sanskar , jai. Very nice to see u after long time.
Jaisan: we too.
San: u remember us when u need us badly. Tell wats the work.
Meh: I like ur this style. Well u have to deliver this idol to pune.
He shows him a packed box. Idol is packed inside.
San: ok. That’s not big deal. I’ll do that. Keep money ready.
Meh: how much time u need.?
San: one day enough. Today only we wil leave. Till tmrw we will b in pune.
Meh: how can I trust u?
San: u very wel know that if I take any work I’ll do it fully. I never do any work half. Now its upto u to decide.
Meh: ok ok.
Jaisan kept the idol box in the ambulance.
Meh: y ambulance?
San: to misguide police.
Meh: wat an idea?
San: ok mehra. We will leav.
Meh: ok. Take care of idol.
Both jaisan left for pune.

Precap: sanskar mesmerized by seeing idol

Sissy’s pls do like and comments abt this story. That whether u liked it or not. I dint get 50 likes but I posted for u all. So leav ur views.

Love u all..

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