In love with angel – Ragsan- Part 5

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Gandharva Raj’s wife(amrita Singh): wat u did? U r her father. How can a father curse her own daughter? (Crying)

Gandharva Raj: (after a pause) it’s her fate. Everything is done by God. M just a pawn. After all m her father.

Wife: wat Wil we do now? Our daughter became idol on earth.

Gandharva Raj: she wanted to live a human life. She’s unaware that human life is very tough. Human can do anything for himself. Human is very selfish. I can’t let her harm also. So when a human treats her gud by pure heart without any bad intention then she’ll come in her original form. And if she get hurt, whether it’s directly or indirectly, she’ll again turns into idol.

(When sanskar praises idol, he praised by heart. Evryword of his were true and Ragini got happy so she turned into human form. Sanskar doesn’t know anything about this)

After listening her story, few of goons scared by her. And few made fun, few still luking dangerous.

Guy2: stop this nonsense. Wat u think? U’ll tell any story and we’ll believe ha?

He’s abt to touch her, one hand stops his hand. It was sanskar.

San: m still here. U have to go through me to reach her, which u can’t.

He started to fight with goons. All goons ran away.

Rag: I knew u wud come.

San: where’s ur home?

Rag silent.

San: come and stay with us till u find ur home. Roaming alone is not good for you.

Jai to San: wat an idea bro.

San: shut up.

Ragini agrees and goes with them. It was a single room in terrace. Only one bed was there.

San: u sleep on bed. We’ll b sleeping outside.

Rag: innocently. Ok.

Jaisan goes out and sleeps on terrace outside. Ragini sleeps on bed. But she was not getting sleep. After sometime she comes out and sees both jaisan sleeping. She looks at sanskar. He was smiling widely in sleep. Ragini laughs seeing him. She goes in between them. Jaisan were sleeping in vertically, Ragini sleeps horizontally between them. She kept her head on sanskar and legs on jai. She gets into sleep. After while jai opened his eyes and saw Ragini’s leg on him. He saw her anklets.

Jai: wow. Thanku god. I had dreaming of this. I think if I sell them atleast I’ll get some lakhs.

He tried to take it slowly from her leg so that she should not wake up. She suddenly pushed her leg in sleep. Jai goes far and fell.

Jai: ouch. Is she girl or a fighter.? So much strong.

Again he tried and again he fall down. He kept on trying and slept getting tired.

Mrng when jai opened his eyes, he saw Ragini sitting on wall of terrace. He sees that her all jewelry is not on her body.

Jai: how’s this happened,? Who took all jewelry. In one night only. I cudnt do it, then who did this? And she’s not tensed abt her jewelry. Strange. I can’t ask also.

He went near her sits in wall beside her.

Jai: so how was ur sleep? Did u get or not?

Rag: smilingly. Ya. I got very gud sleep.

Jai remembered how she pushed her. Again came in sense.

Jai: where’s sanskar?

San: m here.

He came with bag in hand.

Sanskar gives it to Ragini. Ragini happily takes it and went inside. Sanskar sits on wall humming a song.

Jai: wat was that?

san: wat?

jai: wat u brought?

san: dress. she has wore old fashion. so brought.

jai: wat abt her jewelry?

san: its wit me. from that only i brought

jai: she dint ask anything?

san: no.

ragini came out side wearing mini skirt and top. she was lookin very beautiful. for a minute sanskar got lost in her. he came to sense when jai tapped him.

trio went to restaurant to have food. ragini was observing everything and everyone eating.

jai(audible to san): we are spending so much on her. do u think we will get profit.

san: of course. she may be from very rich family. she lost her adress. obviously her family may b searching for her. when they wil come, we will say that we saved her. they wil give us money. wats say.

jai: right bro. both do hi fi.

ragini saw one child eating icecream. child ask her whether she want in sign. ragini nods no. after few seconds cooking smell comes from kitchen. she feels it. she keeps her hand on her hand on her stomach.

rag: i feel like eating. it means m hungry.

she got happy. she stood and shouts happily.

rag: heyyy.. m hungry. finally m hungry. m feeling hunger. hunger is very sweet.

she started to eat from everyone’s plate. jaisan got shocked seeing her behaviour. they hold her and drags to table and gave her menu card.

san: dont eat like that. order watever u want and eat.

ragini looks at menu and says.

rag: order everything.

san: u’ll eat everyhting.

rag: yes.

they ordered. all dishes came. she started fastly and happily. both jaisan were looking at her only.

jai: if she eats like this, our all money will go in her food only.

san: dont wry. may b from many days she was hungry. we will get money from her parents. dont wry.

they paid bill and went to club. there she drink alcohol of all type and starts dancing.

jai: bro .. she’s girl only na.

san: dont make me nervous. we will get money.

jai: ur this dialog only m hearing. dont know abt her parents.

san: we will find out.


next mrng trio were sitting on terrace.

san: ragini, who is ur father?

rag: gandharva raj.

san: wat is ur surname?

rag: surname? (confused) gandharva raj.

san: wat? both same? ( in mind) may be name is gandharva and surname raj).

san: where is he?

she points finger towards sky.

san thought he’s dead: oh. sry. ur mom?

again she points sky.

san: sry. it means u r orphan. do u have home or any property for u to live?

rag: yes. i hav many things. gold, diamond, silver, pearls etc.

san: happily, where r they?

she again points sky.

san to jai: wat does she mean?

jai: bro , i think she came from mental hospital. no use of spending money on her.


@ mehra godown

foreigner comes to meet mehra. they opened box. they shocked to see different idol. he holds mehra’s collar.

for: where is idol?

meh: it shud b here only.

for: then wher it is? i’ll give u 1 week. within 1 week u shud give me idol, or else i’ll not spare u.

he went from there. mehra got angry.

meh: sanskar i wont leav u.

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