In love with angel – Ragsan- Part 4

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Pune comes.
San: where shall I leave u?

Ragini just smiled. Sanskar waved at her.

San: hello madam. Where is ur home?

Rag: Pune.

San: in Pune where?

Rag: (innocent smiles) Pune.

San: whom u know in Pune?

Rag: u both.

San audible to jai: I think she’s crack.

Sanskar stopped jeep.

San: get down.

Rag: why?

San: our destination is this only. U go where ur home is.

Sanskar gave her some money.

San: take auto and go.

He left Ragini there and went.

Jai: wat Yaar. Y u left her mid way. I think she’s new here.

San: already we a problem of this idol. I don want another prob rite now.

Jai: alright.
Jai found ragini’s nose ring fell on seat.

Jai: sanskar. If we sell this then atleast we may get 3 to 4 thousand.

San: try it. Now we are reaching mehra’s godown.

Both reached there. Mehra was already waiting for them. He got happy seeing them.

San: jai he seems so happy now. Wat if he comes to know abt idol.

Jai: think Idea if escaping.

Meh: welcome boys. U have done it. Come I’ll show u how precious thing u delivered to me.

San: no no. It’s ok. No need. Our work was to deliver and we did. Now do our payment. We have to go.

Meh: u shud see boys. Pandit ji open it and do pooja of idol.

San: but it’s Rahu kaal. Not gud time. Tmrw is auspicious day.

Pandit: I too think same.

San: thank God. We saved.

Meh: ok. I’ll transfer money to ur account. U may leave now.

Jaisan went from there. They go to shop to sell that nose ring. Shop owner was seeing it again and again.

San: jai it’s not fake na.

Jai: seeing that girl, I don’t think so.

Own: ok. Here take ur money. It’s different one.

He gave them 1 lakh. Jaisan mouth was opened. They got shocked.

Own looks at them like wat?

They just leave taking money.

San: jai. Just think. Only nose ring cost is 1 lakh. She was wearing so many ornaments. They may nearly 1 crore I think.

Jai: let’s search her.

San glares at him. Where u’ll search her.?
His face fell.

Otherside Ragini was going on road. She was luking at money gave by sanskar. Some guys saw her and goes to her.

Boy1: hey dear. I think u r new to this city.

Rag: yes how do u know?

Boy2: we r gud boys. we help others. So we guessed. Come we will give u lift. Ragini went with them in car.

Here jaisan were doing party with that money.

They were thinking abt ragini’s jewelry.

Here boys took Ragini to a unknown place far from city. Ragini get down from car and runs from one place to other happily.

Rag: wow. How beautiful it is. Really earth is very beautiful.

Boy2: u r also not less. U r also beautiful.

Rag: really?

Boy4: yes. Ur lips, ur waist, ur eyes. Everything is beautiful.

Rag: u r also not less. Ur curly hair, this tattoo and this one earring also beautiful.

Boy3: we brought u to do rape.

Rag sits on a big stone there.

Rag: but environment is not like raping.

Boy1: environment? Do u need any band baaja for creating environment? Don’t u scare by seeing us?

Rag: no.

Boy2 to others: I think she’s undercover cop. Now a days police became smart. Don’t know in which way they trap us.

Boy4: stop Ragini: hey from where u r?

Rag: heaven.

Boy1: which language u know?

Rag: all.

Boy3: all?

Rag: yes.

They test her talking in different languages. And she answered.

Boy1: who’s ur father? Where’s ur city?

Rag: my father is gandarv Raj. My city is heaven.
She points towards sky.

FB shown

Ragini was walking lost in some thinking. Just then naradmuni arrived. He sees us.

Naradmuni: hey gandharva daughter Ragini. Where u lost?

Ragini: naradji. I want to know abt earth. How it is?

Naradmuni: it’s very different than heaven. They live luxurious life. Here m alone who transfer msg from one God to other. But in earth, a single watsapp send MSG’s to many in a second. Here we have only ‘madira’ to drink. There different kinds like rum, beer, whiskey. Here only rambha, urvashi and menka to entertain. but there deepika, Katrina, Aliya and many more. We don’t get words to describe earth.

Ragini got excited and went to her father.

Rag: dad. I want to go earth and live like human.

Gandharva Raj (Ronit Roy): wat? U r angel. U forgot that? U want to go earth? There selfish people live. They are cruel. They r greedy. They have only few years to live. But u r angel. Immortal. U live in heaven where only happiness is there. And u want to go that earth?

Rag: without sorrow how we come to know abt value of happiness. I want to feel that dad. I want to live like human.

Dad: I don’t permit u.

Rag: I’ll go. It’s my final decision.

Dad angrily: I curse u. be an Idol on earth.

Suddenly Ragini turns into idol and fell in earth.

Precap: FB continues.

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