In Each Other’s Embrace


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This is my first os in this site and I got the idea of writing by an ff. I was inspired by it so I thought of writing one of mine. Pls don’t mistake me . Hope u all like it
There was a man standing at the water’s edge.

Abhi, a spirited man of remarkable acheivement, stood alone on the beach, gazing over the ocean-colored water with his passionate blonde windows to his soul. His flaxen hair rustled lightly in the ocean breeze. He tried to keep still despite his impatient excitement as he discreetly patted at his sheathed dagger. He wore a fuchsia shirt that left his alabaster arms bare and a pair of sunny formal pants. His honey-colored hair was trimmed short around his head, complementing his daring silvery visage. An elaborate tattoo snaked its way around his visible skin. A prominent scar stood out on his light-colored skin. He stood, awaiting his love.

One fateful day, Abhi had found her near death’s door, and in a striking display of bravery, saved her very life. From then on, they were inseparable. They shared every part of their life with each other. That was how it was to this very day.
Abhi’s tawny globes spotted Pragya further down on the beach, closer to the roaring sea. Her lovely hair rippled behind her in a ebon wave. Her depths were turned toward the ocean, hidden from Abhi’s sight, but he knew and loved their kind-natured raven hue. She was dressed in her usual everyday clothes. She had a generously curvaceous light-colored, tinted with henna, form. As Abhi drew nearer, he caught a note of her familiar perfume: sandalwood, earthy and spicy. He smiled to himself. It always reminded him of the time they shared. “Suniye,” he called, walking towards her.

She jumped a bit before turning around, smiling shyly. “Oh, Fuggy! I-It’s nice to see you.”

Abhi smirked. “Good to see you. C’mon.” They began their leisurely walk along the ocean’s edge.
So,” he began, “how’ve you been lately? Anyone giving you trouble?”

“Oh, n-no,” Pragya stammered, “not at all, Abhi. Everything’s been going well, and, um….” She blushed. “I missed you… that’s all.”

Abhi let his hand fall across her back, muttering quickly as if almost embarrassed, “Yeah, I missed you too.” Pragya was silent in response, only leaning toward Abhi’s warmth. “You’re a good person. You know?”

“Why do you say that all of a sudden…?” she murmured. “Especially for a person like… like me.”

“I figured you should know.” He glanced at her before placing his hands behind his head. “Hanging out with a rascal like me hasn’t changed you a bit.”

“You shouldn’t say that about yourself,” Pragya whispered. “If there’s anything I’ve ever done right, it’s all thanks to you.” He laughed at himself and looked up into the sky, dropping his arms and thinking about the simple feeling that he was corrupting something pure whenever he hung around Pragya. “Not really. But if you say so.”

Pragya slipped her soft hand into his. With a little smile, she stated, “You’re so good to me, Abhi. I can never tell you enough how much you mean to me.” Abhi held her hand and thought to himself that that was enough — that if he meant something good to this one person, nothing the rest of the world said mattered.

After a few moments, they found themselves walking down the beach again. Something was bothering him, although Abhi didn’t want to admit it. He didn’t want to burden Pragya with it anyway — he was supposed to be the stronger one! Still, his worst memory wouldn’t leave him alone.
Pragya listened silently and solemnly. At last, when all the words had left him and he was at a loss for words, she reached out to him and took a deep breath to whisper back, “I… Abhi, that’s… that’s something I’ve felt too. My worst memory… sometimes, sometimes I remember it again, and it hurts… just like that. …You’re not alone, Abhi.” Pragya brushed her fingertips against Abhi’s arm. Abhi’s eyes began to burn, and he abruptly pulled her into a fierce embrace. Her crystals widened at first, but then she too felt overwhelmed by emotion and succumbed to the warmth of his touch.

“You,” Abhi whispered, his breath hot on her ear. “As long as you’re here, I’ll be all right.”

“Abhi…” Pragya laid a hand on his shoulder, pushing him lightly so that they parted enough to look each other in the eye. “The truth is, I… feel the same way about you.”

Abhi tilted his head forward, pressing their foreheads together, and whispered, “What is it, Pragya? Have you… been in pain, too?”

“Abhi, it’s…” Pragya took a shuddering breath and whispered, “It’s… it’s my father. Sometimes I can’t believe he’s gone. It’s not just that he’s dead, but when it happened, it… changed so much. Sometimes I wonder about what it’d be like if it all went back…. I don’t even know how I would feel about that. It just… it hurts, Abhi, thinking about it. It just hurts.”

Abhi placed his hands on Pragya’s cheeks, stroking her cheekbone as he soothed, “Pragya… you’re not alone. I know what it’s like — it happened to me too. I know that pain. My father’s death… sometimes it still comes back to haunt me. I know it’s not easy.” Abhi placed his hands on Pragya’s shoulders. They held each other as tears trickled down cheeks and dripped onto the shifting sands to be carried away into the sea. With time and soothing embraces, their pain dissipated into a mist swept out by the ocean breeze and into the setting sun.

They Basked in sun with each others company for a few mins
The sunset is so beautiful, isn’t it?”

Abhi lifted his head at Pragya’s words to behold the dying sun’s tangerine radiance. “It’s nice.”

After a moment of silence, she took Abhi’s hands in hers and said quietly and seriously, “Abhi… I need to tell you how much you mean to me. How special you are to me. Without you, I would be the sea without the moon — the moon without the sun — I… I mean, umm…you’re, you’re really…”

“Pragya,” he intoned in response. “I can’t believe you’d say something so syrupy. For me. But… if I had to tell the truth… I feel the same way about you.”

“Fuggy… Let’s be together forever, then.” Pragya squeezed his hand and sidled closer.

Abhi sighed with contentment and brought her closer. He gazed at the beautiful blonde rays of the falling sun, thinking about everything that had transpired on this day and all that would pass between them.

“I love you, Pragya.”

“I love you too, Abhi.”

Their lips met, and lemon-colored strands met raven ones, aflame in the dying light. The sand was their witness and the rumbling ocean their approving audience, and Pragya, his eternally faithful lover. Abhi thought to himself that nothing could be more perfect in the world.

hope u loved it guys!

Credit to: Mishel

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