An Impossible Story Of Love (FanFic) -Niki645: Chapter 1

Hi guys! Anyone remembers me? Niki645? Or maybe you know me as @devakshi_girl from Wattpad. Well anyways, I’m back on TU with a book after a long time. This is on Wattpad, even if you’ve read it, read it again and share your views. Thanks! Let’s get on with the story.

“Oh, please, spare everything!” The poor man at the stall in the canteen begged, but the young man paid no heed, and continued thrashing the wounded boys. “Dev! Just forgive them now!” Rohan, his best friend finally said to him. Dev rested his hand on his shoulder, “Ok dude, as you say!” He gave them a last kick, and him and his pal walked away, leaving the poor boys bruised all over.

Dev Dixit was a famous guy in his college, the man whom the other guys looked upon as cool, and the girls had a crush on. He was a Casanova, and every girl was crazy about him. Even his touch was lucky for the women, and he was the coolest ever guy in their college. The female teachers hardly ever punished or scolded Dev, but he was a real trouble to the males. He would play pranks on them, tease them, or sometimes even talk back, and hundreds of complaints were issued against him, all of which failed, of course.

Ishwari Dixit was his mother, a woman who simply loved her son’s nature, rather than teaching him that it was wrong, but what could she tell him anyways, for she herself adored this behaviour. He belonged to a rich family, and in some ways, he was a spoilt brat, the pampered son of his parents, Ishwari and Raghuvar Dixit.

His friend, Rohan, was a disgusting boy, he did all the bad things that you could think of. Dev was spoilt, but he wasn’t like his friend. He was only a fighter, a crazy boy, who loved pranking people, and talking back, annoying them, and all that, but nothing like Rohan, who was seriously very villainous.
Dev was strolling in the canteen, with a group of other boys, when an beautiful girl came up to them. Dev was almost lost in her beauty, she was like an angel, the most attractive girl he had ever seen.

“Could you tell me where’s my class?” she asked them politely, holding up a card. “Hey, that’s my class,” Dev exclaimed, looking at the card she was showing. “Come along.” He took her by the arm, and led her to the class, where she thankfully sat with a group of other girls.

Dev took his seat beside Rohan, and said, “She’s a new girl.” “Cool.” They both went mum at once, as the professor entered the class, and introduced the pretty, young girl as Sonakshi Bose. ‘She is as heavenly as her name,’ Dev thought to himself, as he watched Sonakshi return back to her seat and write something, as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

As the lunch period neared, Dev invited her to sit with them. As they opened their lunch boxes, Rohan pointed to a girl, and tapped Dev on the arm, “Dude, look at her! Hot, isn’t she?” One of his other friends said, “I dare you to spend a night with her.” “Oh, with pleasure!” All of them giggled, but Dev could see that Sonakshi was looking a little uncomfortable. As they continued such talks, Dev was stunned as his new friend got up, and went to another table.

“Too decent, isn’t she?” Rohan said, and they continued talking, except Dev, who left the conversation, thinking about Sonakshi.

There! That was the intro chapter. Please do comment if you like it. Thanks, and I hope you enjoyed.

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    nice nikki!!!
    it is fimiliar to story of zINDAGI GULZAR HAI the HUM tv drama.right?
    eagerly waiting!!!1’pls post as fast as possible..

    1. Niki645

      Tysm!! I haven’t watched that show… what was the story?? I will post asap?

  2. HarSHaN

    Nycc Nikki..Create the next one Soon Sissy?

    1. Niki645

      Thanks bro! I’ll post asap!

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