An Impossible love story plot

Hey guys I thought of writing an story on some fictional characters
Well the characters r
Sara- an famous singer who loves her family more than herself
Sophia- Sara’s younger sister
Gets the most attention in the family
Heart of Sara

Alex -again an famous singer
Edward -younger brother of Alex
Both having lost their parents due to an accident

The plot -in London
Sara and Alex were know to b childhood friends studying in the same class
Slowly they started falling for each other
But soon when they were 6 the 2 lovers get separated as Sara’s family leaves the town and shift to Canada
10 years down the line Sara comes back to her hometown to meet Alex
Alex is unaware of Sara’s return
Sara tries finding him and gets an false news of him getting engaged
Sara believing that her love was lost returns back and starts her career in singing
Alex gets to know of Sara’s return from one of his friends
And tries to contact her only to find her marriage fixed with someone else
even Alex turns to becomes an singer
Now the story is all about how the fate plays with their lives and get them back together inspite of their hatred towards each other for their betrayal

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  1. Nce
    Whn ur writing d frst episode

  2. awesome

  3. Start it soon

  4. I’ll start it once am done with my exams
    thanks for ur support

  5. Awesome plot. .

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