Our Impossible Love Story (Episode 1)

Karan Bijlani:He is a business tycoon who is rude and arrogant.His age is 26.

Vidya Dhanwani:She is a girl who loves the man who is truthful to her.Her age is 22.

Kartik Bijlani:He is Karan’s father and his friend.His age is 50.

Damini Bijlani:She is Karan’s mother.Her age is 45 years.

Varad Dhanwani:He is Vidya’s father.His age is 49.

Meena Dhanwani:She is Vidya’s mother.Her age is 44 years.

Varsha Dhanwani:She is Vidya’s sister.Her age is 24 years.

Karan is working on his laptop when he listens something breaking sound and goes to the room and sees one of his servent broke the vase.

Karan:Raj u uncle what you did!You are fired

Raju:But sir……

Karan:Just go from my house and never show your face.Go!!!!!!

Raju uncle goes from there.Kratika sees Raju uncle going and he asks

Kartik:Beta why did you fired Raju uncle?

Karan:Papa see what he did.He broke the vase.Kartik:So what happen Karan.Just have patience.

Karan:But what patience?

Kartik:Just chill down.

Karan:Okay dad.

Karan goes from there.

Vidya is drawing and Varsha comes and asks

Varsha:What are you drawing?

Vidya:I am drawing my dream boy’s drawing.


Varsha sees and says

Varsha:Oh very beautiful eyes but how you know he is only your dream boy?

Vidya:Because from many days I am looking my dream boy in my dreams but his eyes are only visible so this eyes only I watch.

Varsha:Oh so when his whole face will come then draw and show me.Okay?

Vidya:Okay di.

Varsha goes from there and Vidya thinks

Vidya:I know my dream boy would be very good by nature who would never talk rudely to anyone and who will respect everyone even if the person is younger.

She smiles.

Karan is sleeping when he sees a girl calling him but her face is not visible.The girl says

Girl:Karan I lover you and don’t want to loose you.You are my and my only.

He smiles but suddenly some noise comes and he wakes up and understands that it was a dream.He smiles and Kartik sees this and asks

Kartik:OMG!Our angry young man smiled.What dream you looked.

Karan:Nothing papa I can’t smile also?

Kartik:No you can smile and you should smile always.

Karan:Papa I am going out for fresh air.I will come in some ours.

He goes out.Vidya comes downstairs when Varad sees her and asks

Varad:So where my princess is going?

Vidya:I am going to get fresh air bye.

Vidya goes from there.

Vidya and Karan comes in same garden.

Karan is walking in garden when he bumps into someone and she is Vidya and she is about to fall when Karan catches her by waist.They have eyelock While Vidya sees his beautiful eyes she remembers and thinks

Vidya:This eyes I have seen this eyes.This eyes I have saw in my dream.

Karan makes her stand and asks

Karan:Are you okay?

Vidya:Yeah I am okay.Thanks for saving me.

Karan:Your welcome and he goes from there.

Vidya thinks

Vidya:That same eyes,that same voice.Is he my dream boy.No he can’t be my dream boy as see he gone from here without uttering a word.

Vidya goes from there.

Karan sits in his car and is thinking about Vidya only.

Karan:Very nice she was by who was she.Anyways I have to go to complete my work.

He goes from there.

Precap:Karan and Vidya’s nok jhok.

Guys this my imagination pls comment.

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