My impossible love sdcah- episode 9

Ayaan was trying to trace kanchi location but soon he got help from Aditya and they traced their location they went their and as soon as ayaan moved around he shouted kanchi! He runs to her and patted her cheeks he says kanchi wake up please he noticed that her blood has been really flown much
Ayaan- adi we have to take her hospital as fast we could and her bleeding oh God why isn't stopping
Aditya noticed pain in ayaan's eyes

Ayaan carried kanchi and placed her on the car and told adi to drive the car he kept his handkerchief on her hand she was on his chest soon they reached hospital ayaan carried her out and took her kabir and saachi were shocked seeing kanchi in this condition soon she was taken to ot after 30 min dr came out

Dr- we need o- blood
K- but she is the one who have o- blood in our family
Ayaan came and says I will donate her my blood kabir thanks him he says  sir please she is my lo…..I mean friend..
Kanchi was shifted to ward ayaan was with her he slept with her only next morning her hand moved ayaan relaised her hand on his head
Kanchi in a very low tone- ayaan main idhar
He keeps his fingers on her lips and said ek dum chup samji and who attack u and how u reached there

Kanchi- bas ayaan itne questions
Ayaan- I am sorry kanchi u need rest and I am asking you so many questions
He holds her hand and she too holds her hand ??? both are looking at each others  they were looking at each other until disturbed by her parents both of them saw them and coughed they came back to their senses and move away
Ayaan – ahh…. sir mam aap lok kanchi ke.sath rahi ye I just go and get her medicines he turned to her and said take care and smiles she also smiles he goes
Saachi goes and hugs her and says are u fine kabir I told you na something wrong is to going happen
Kanchi- mama I am fine see please stop crying I love only smiles on your face so now smile
Saachi smiles suddenly a nurse came
N- saachi mam an emergency please come

S- please take some else here my daughter is there I want to spend time with her
Kan- no mama u are going don't forget patients are our first priority
S- but
Kab- no buts and ifs here i am there with my daughter u always spent time with her now it's Papa and princess time
S- okk fine KKK
Kanchi confusingly looks at them she goes
Kabir- so  ayaan ke liye tum kuch feel karti hoon

Kanchi- papa
Kabir- beta I know that you and ayaan feel something for each other
Kanchi- but that's a really strange feeling if he is hurt i feel the pain if he is sad than I am sad why Papa
Kabir smiled at her and said u will understand very soon and goes leaving her very confused ???

Precap a camp in which kayan had to live in one room and kanchi drunk!!

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  1. Riyarocks

    awwww….ayaan so caring………I really enjoyed this prachi dear…….I’m eagerly waiting for ur nxt update……..luv u loads sweetuuuuuuuu………….

  2. Aww…..Ayaan is such a cute & caring person…..amazing….precap is awesome….kanchi are drunk…..can’t wait for next part… update soon sweetie….lots of love to u swetie….how was ur health now dear….hope u are feeling good…..take care.

  3. Wowwww ????????? loved it dear

  4. Nice …… Update soon

  5. Dhruti

    superb ff i enjoyed it………aww ayaan is so caring person………amazing nut precap is interesting…………kanchi is drunk…………can’t wait for next one update soon………….how are you now?….i hope you are fine………….love you a lot sis………

  6. Priyanshipp

    Superb episode dear. Precap seems interesting kaanchi drunk. Waiting for ur next episode.

  7. Jessicca

    Amazing .. Outstanding… Brilliant

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