My impossible love sdcah- episode 6

All the interns were in the general ward all were doing duties while sabir was busy in his phone his patient says excuse me nurse I don't want this doc sabir said why am I your servant that whatever you want me to Do I will now just shut your mouth. Kanchi came and said Dr sabir this is not a way to talk to your patients he said he is my patient what's your problem she said 4 hrs record room duty for you as a punishment he said u know na that I am son of dr saachi and dr kabir who are half owner of this hospital. All started laughing kanchi said ohh sorry dr sabir I forget that you are their son than I am Their daughter and a senior doctor here got it and yes do not use our parents name from next time I think so this was the first lesson that I taught u now apologies to sir I mean ur patient. He hesitantly apologies to him and said okk kanchi mam main apni record room duty karne jaa raha hoon she said go there only.

He left let see what ishitya are doing Aditya just stop calling me siyapaa queen he said hehe agar u will always Do siyapaa than what I will call you see what have you done she said you prankster malhotra and runs behind him (really missing kunj and twinkle) now what kanchi is doing she is in her cabin doing her work than suddenly she heard a knock she said come in a lady entered with ayaan she stood up and said ahh bebe please come na have sit. So she was ayaan's bebe she comes and sits and says kanchi putar how are you 

ayaan is taking care of u na she looked at ayaan she said haa bebe he is and how are you she said fine ayaan said kanchi prescription she said ohh haa thanks she sees and checked bebe and said very good bebe your nerves are becoming stronger only just one MRA and I will be do surgery properly bebe said okk putar but tell to tillu him to marry than only I will do surgery kanchi was laughing she said ayaan tumne bataye nahi that ur name is tillu he said bebe she said oye maine aur shewta ne ye naam itne pyar se rakha Hain she said okk baba now u both stop fighting and ayaan marry na for bebe he said kanchi she said tillu for bebe see so many beautiful girls are here he said acha so should I marry you she started coughing and said what now bebe must be tired so take her bebe said putar I am fine main chali jao gi bye…she wents away and closed the door ayaan came close to kanchi she said ahh ayaan tumne mujhe wo……

he said woh….she said ahh nothing he pulled closer to him he said kanchi I did not kissed u intentialy u were unable to breathe so she said shh I know ayaan u will never do wrong with me they relaised and move apart. Abheer was scolding a man and said how us she alive after blast can't you do one work properly now go to her car and lose her brake got it.

Precap kanchi car is going to fall down a cliff

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  1. Nice but short

  2. Riyarocks

    nice one Prachi dear………hope ayaan saves kanchi this time from the accident……….luv u loads sweetuuuuuu……….

  3. Amazing, awesome prachi….love it to the corree….do update soon & lots of love to u sweetie

  4. Dhruti

    superb ff prachi dear………..but little short………….hope ayaan will save kanchi… you dear……….

  5. awesome super

  6. Jessicca

    Nice epi Prachi… Amazing

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