My impossible love sdcah- episode 4

They all left for hospital and kanchi was still depressed she did the surgery of her first heart patient with ayaan they came out ayaan noticed kanchi he asked her she said about the blast incident he said see blast bhi tumse dar gya she said it wasn't funny he said ok now we have to meet interns in classroom she said haa let go he said seriously kanchi are you going in ur surgeon dress she said ohh I am going to check he haa than meet me in 15 minutes she said okk.
Let's see what interns are doing especially sabir every one said sabir would get special attention and opportunities he said of course I will than a voice came saying no one is going to get special attention and opportunities she was kanchi and ayaan also came they were set to their place while sabir was not listening to kayan ayaan noticed and said Dr kapoor no not kapoor you don't deserve this surname dr sabir he was looking at him in full anger you know what dr are not like this. he said so interns I am dr ayaan khanna all girls started saying kaash main inhe date kar sakti and she is dr kanchi kapoor all boys were just looking at her opening their mouth rather than sabir kanchi said we will your teachers but please don't regard us as teachers but friends you all can share any thing and now I all assign ur duties and do it carefully they both leaves sabir says so meri kanchi di ap I am here than of course troubles will be there he smirks. Kanchi is in morgue testing a body and sabir locks her she didn't noticed but felt that coldness was increasing and temperature was getting at a low level. While Aditya finished consoling other man and said take care and do not take this pills he nodded and went while ishani came to his cabin and he said main aaj koi bhi prank nahi kiya she said dumbo I have came to ask that have you seen kanchi he said no but she should be here in 15 minutes she said I hope that she might be fine ayaan heard all conversations and got worried he just hope she must be fine and remembered that she was going to morgue for testing a body for cops and he went to morgue. Their kanchi fainted as the temperature was low and was unable to breathe ayaan saw that someone had lowered the temperature he soon opened the door and screamed kanchi…he saw her on floor he went to her and patted her cheeks he relaised that her breath had been stopped and she needs some air so he decided to give her mouth breath he kept her hand on his lap bg of ae dil hai mushkil he kissed her and she gained couisness and hugged her tightly as she was afraid he helped her to get up and took out she said ayaan thanks she was still shivering he gave her his jacket she smiled suddenly kabir and saachi came hurriedly to her and asked whether she was fine saachi hugged her and she said bacha are are you fine how were you locked she said haa mama I am suddenly a nurse came and said mam surgery ke liye 15 minutes Hain aur kanchi said okk I am coming mama papa I have to leave now kabir said but you need rest she said Papa I can't compromise with my patients she left kanchi (couple) thanks to him he said no sir mam she is my friend and sometimes more than a friend they looked at him he says ahhhh….I mean she is best doctor of sdcah they nodded and left ayaan thought what am I feeling for kanchi this feeling is very strange which I felt for juhi ………
Precap kanchi teach sabir a lesson

I know that you all are thinking about juhi she is his past which I will reveal soon and a big wala thanks to all????

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  1. Dhruti

    prachi dear today ff was superb,awesome, you nailed it.
    update next one soon……..

  2. So so beautiful episode

    1. Prachi

      Thanks dhruti

    2. Prachi

      Thanks anu

  3. Riyarocks

    Prachi, kya tum naamkaran ko iss show ke saath merge karnewali ho????juhi drama & all………..btw, yeh sabir……..he needs to be taught a lesson…………luv u sweetuuuuuu………

    1. Prachi

      No riyu Di it won’t be like that only sabir would be like aman

  4. Sajnana900

    Hey prachi that was sprbb mindblowing fabbb……
    But a request is that
    Plz write like that
    its a confuesion that who ll teach sabir a lesson couple kanchi or daughter kanchi???

    1. Prachi

      Daughter kanchi will teach him and yes sorry for confusion and thanks sanjana

    1. Prachi

      Thank you alia???

  5. Amazing

    1. Prachi

      Thanks amnaa????

  6. Jessicca

    Amazing Prachi… Loved it… Awesome..

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