My impossible love sdcah- episode 11

In khanna mansion
Ayaan his mom dad and his bebe was having dinner
B- ayaan putar what did you think about her
A- kaun bebe
B- are kanchi
He chokes his food
A- ahh kal main kashmir jaa raha hoon subha
B- is she also coming
A- hmmm
M- than obviously go ayaan
Ayaan went to his room shyly
Next morning
In airPort
Kanchi was wearing a cute dress and just looking like a princess ayaan was mesmerised to see her he than proceeded to her she also both clash each other ayaan looked at her she looked at him
Bg music enna sona

They came back to their senses and move towards the plane all the interns were ready kayan sat near each other While rubir also sabir was damn irritated from ruhani’s hair so he moved it lil apart she looked at him they shared a cute wala eyelock than both broke it. Here ayaan wanted to talk to kanchi but she was busy in her phone
A- kanchi I wanted to talk u
K- hmm say ???
A- ahh u know actually
He saw her and she was not paying attention to him so he took her phone and switched it off
K- hooo ayaan how dare you give my phone back
A- acha u are so much busy in it that I want to talk u but u are not listening
K- okk sorry baba
And suddenly both started laughing
They reached to kashmir
K- such a beautiful scenery
Ruhani- yes mam like you
K- common ruhani it’s like you
They had chit chat and went to their cars
In hotel
A- what do u have any sense
Receptist- sorry sir but we thought u are a couple
K- ohh really couple
R- yes mam please share the room it do not have any more rooms and it would be safe for u both to stay here

Finally after a long argument they agreed sabir saw it and smirked he went and mixed drugs in water and gave it to kanchi
S- Di u might be thirsty after ur dinner
K- what
S- Di I mean u have water na so I brought for your
K- okk thank u now go and sleep
He went she drinks it and went to her room
She changed into her shorts and crop tops as their room was heated due to heater forgetting ayaan is staying with her she started feeling dizzy and started dance just than ayaan entered he was shocked and widen his eyes
She sees him and goes to him she can’t handle her so ayaan helped her
A- kanchi what happened

Suddenly he smells strange and says are u drunk
K- naiii……she shakes her heads and hugged him u are so cool just stay like this..
Ayaan wanted her but never wanted to cross their limits she pulls his cheeks and kissed his neck and fall on bed with ayaan he tried to move but she stopped him they stand together
A- kanchi u need rest so sleep
K- no!I want to enjoy
Ayaan was trying his best but could not handle her she slowly moved towards him and he could not control his feelings soon their lips met and she hugged him.
K- aa..ya..n u ver leave me na
A- never
He found her resting on his chest and slept he carried her and placed her on the bed and covered her with blanket he sat beside her feeling guilty about kissing her …….

Precap- ruhani slapped sabir for misbehaving with girls

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  1. So so beautiful episode

  2. Riyarocks

    sweetu……very nice episode…….kayan scenes……ek dum kamaal ke the & precap dekhkar, I mean padhkar, meri hasi ruk hi nehi rahi……..luv u a lot dear…..have a nice weekend……

  3. It’s awesome episode Prachi……..loved it… update soon….luv u a lot…

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