My impossible love sdcah- episode 10

Kanchi was discharged in few days while ayaan was taking care of her they both started feeling even more for each other. One morning veer called all the first year internship ( sabir batch) in which one new intern ruhanika was there she taught sabir many lessons during kanchi’s absence for which he hated her so let’s see why veer called all the interns as well as seniors doctors
V- gm guys I know u all must be wondering why I called you wait! You all might get ur answers
He showed a presentation showing the condition of people in kashmir.
V- in kashmir many people needs our help they can’t get all the facilities.
Kanchi was sad at looking the condition
He continued so I dr kabir and dr saachi this time for the medical camp our first year internship are going and ayaan and kanchi to guide them so pack ur bags u all are going tomorrow early morning.
All cheer up

In evening
Kayan came out of OT
A- kanchi how can u overcome all the complications at a single min
K- common ayaan aise baat nahi Hain I just remembered once Papa told me about the epithelial nerves in stomach ayaan raises his eyebrows she says ahhhh.. I meant dr kabir
And now ayaan was in crazy nature not in sadoo one so he wanted to tease her
A- ohh I forget that you are their combinations of 2 best doctors in SDCAH
K- ayaan tum bhi na she punches him slightly he acts he really got hurt
Bg music shayad yahi Hain pyaar
They went to change but kanchi was unable to open the knot of her apron he came and opened it she shivered with his touch than he looks at her he slowly removes the apron than gloves her mask and slowly makes her wash her hand in other words he was washing her hands his chin was on her shoulder he was done and than whispered u don’t want to go ur home she came back to senses and leaves blushingly.

In night
Kapoor mansion
Sabir kanchi kabir saachi and Kusum were having dinner
San- sabir beta have you packed ur bags
Sab- yes mom no need to worry I can manage now
Kabir murmurs – usi baat kar to dar Hain
Kanchi (daughter of kabir and saachi) both father and daughter were signing and talking without sound ( we have like this relationship with Papa na)
San- aap dono baap beti ke beech kya khusur pusur ho rahi hain
Kabir at same time kuch nahi
San- main bewakoof dikh to hoon
Kan- no mama aashiq Mrs hitler ke baare main main asi baate kaise kar sakti hoon
Kabir glares at her and she makes puppy faces and says bechari main sab lok mujhe ghoor te rehta Hain
Kanchi (couple) – kisne Ghoora tumhe
Kusum- an chup chap apna khana Khao
They ate and spend some family time but sabir didn’t participated……
Phew complete and dear ashnita yaar get well soon and riyu Di please an os on sahil and kavya and vrusti Di one more os niyati Di great ff continue please and one os sakash update soon ruhi u also yaar please update soon and palak please post the episode u just left away like a suspense. Rushi I love ur ff and premamoham you write very very interesting miss golgapa start ur ff soon and ur other ff is mind vowing maisrah u are awesome ruch ur writing skills are great I want one os if u are free priyanship I like ur panchayati haha just joking update soon na and yes ur another ff also riru update soon na ziyarashid u are mindblowing khamoshi please update soon neha7873 yaara u are so amazing update soon shivani waiting for ur ff

Sorry if I missed anyone but thinking about trishu Di she did not posted from many days
Acha let me tell u all a secret that episode 6 and 5 of faukts in my starswas being posted by esha so sorry if you didn’t like it but now I will post
Have a nice day

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