Our impossible love promo 2+important news

Hi guys this is Ayushi and I am back home HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY .thankyou everyone for ur lovely comments here is the link for the previous promo:

Guys I will not specify who is the girl whom jairaj wants to marry
Jairaj will misbehave with aru which will anger Aryan……….now guys they will also try to find the truth behind their families enimity and will also try to make them friends
Aara will try many tricks to stop the marriage but all in vain……..
Jairaj will find out the truth behind aara and will blackmail aru but his plan will backfire and everyone will get to know his real face and will throw him out of krishnawati but ofcourse he will not stop

They will return to clg Some cute aara moments and then one day……………………………..the whole family will get to know of aara they will be called home and aru will get house arrest and Aryan could not bear it he will barge into rao house but kumu would drag him and they both will get to know the truth behind their families hatred
Aryan:I hate u arardhya pradyumn vidhyadhar rao
Aru:I hate u Aryan yashwant chimaji
Guys what do u think will they hate each other or just pretending like before lete me know ur guesses and do u want another promo or episode lemme know via comments and plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do comment

Guys I saw a video on insta in which aru is pushing Aryan badly and he falls (video in slowmotion)if u r then plz watch it Is posted by shravan reddy too
And I also saw this plzz check this out:
I guess this Is done by kumu and shravani everybody is behaving so rudely with Aryan plzz lemme know if u know something about this plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Guys you want another promo or episode plzz tell me I will try to post it on Friday Saturday or maybe sunday

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  1. Ayushiii..I watch dz video from insta…Really but dz video z too nyc naa..Yes ofcourse i think dz hate z due to shravani & kummu..In that video Aarayn z too hurted?
    Okie..u just post the episode..
    Happy independence day to all..?

    1. Manya

      Thanks for commenting and yes Aryan was hurt???

  2. I think that they will really start hating each other. I AM SO EXCITED. Post the next epi Asap ????? good job

    1. Manya

      Thanks elaf??

      1. ??

  3. Do you know? Krishndasi is going to take a leap after separation of aara

    1. Manya


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