Our Impossible Love – Prologue (Repost)


Am so sorry guys I’ve posted it yesterday.. But due to my browser problem it got only half posted.. So here is whole Prologue..enjoy and leave ur precious comments below!


-“I wanna say u something ”

A boy said standing opposite to a beautiful girl.. Who was looking at him..

-“Yes say ”
Said the girl smilingly.. Who was wearing a beautiful pink lengha with yellow border and mimal make up.. Loose curls at end of her hairs.. And partition had a beautiful mang teeka of stone..

-“Actually I wanted to say u that ”
Boy was nervous..

Girl -“What happened y are u so nervous ”

Boy -“Actually I want .. I want to say u is I .. I love u.. ”
The boy finally said with lots of difficulties..

Girl was a bit startled by his confession..

Girl -“What are u Saying .. Its my engagement today and ” she was shocked..!!

Boy -“I .. I know but I really do love u.. From long back but I was afraid to confess.. I know its late but.. But I can’t live without u.. Pls pls accept me ” said the boy pleasing her.

Girl -“But what what about my family.. All guests have came..”
Said the girl Turing other side having tears in eyes.. !!

Boy made her turn..

-“I love u a lot and I know u also do.. Ur moist are the proof.. If u love me then don’t think of anything I’ll manage but one thing I can’t live without u .. ”

Said the boy holding her shoulders..

Girl -“Its not so easy.. My family reputation.. Everything will be finished.. I can’t.. I have to do this engagement.. ”

Said the girl cryingly !!

Boy had tears in eyes -“Y are u thinking of every one we love each other a lot.. And we both know we can’t live without each other.. Pls think about Us.. If u marry someone else neither u will be happy nor that guy.. Nor me.. It will spoil 3 lives.. ”

Girl -“But.. ”

Boy -“Pls think about us.. U have to spend ur life not ur parents..!! ”

After a lot of argument..

Boy hugs the girl crying..

Boy -“Come we will tell all that we love each other.. ”

Said boy holding girls hand and dragging her..

Girl -“Everything will be fine na ”
Girl won’t move from the place.

Boy hugs her -“Trust me I’ll make everything alright !! ”

Girl hugs boy.. They had tears in eyes.. !!

They come back to the sence when they hears a loud voice shouting..

“CUT” !!

They apart..

-“Perfect shot Swara and Laksh.. It ws like a real scene.. U guys are very good actors.. In one shot u Gave a OK Scene.. ”

Swara -“Thank u Sir.. ” said to the man.. Who were director of the movie in which she was casted..

Laksh does the same..

Director -“Prepare the set for next scene ” shouted he !!

Laksh -“It’s nice working with u miss Swara.. U are really a versatile actress..”

Swara -“Thank u.. ”

By time a small fan of her comes..
She loves his cuteness.. Laksh stands der staring at her.. Her love towards children’s !!

Lil boy -“Autograph please ”

Swara sit on her knees -“How cute… Y autograph.. Wait we will take a selfiee. ”

Swara takes out her phone and clicked a selfiee With him.. Her smile ws more beautiful than any diamond !!

Director shouted -“Pack Up !!! ”

Laksh -” Shall v go together for coffee ?? ”

Swara -“Actually laksh I’ve to go home today will go later ” with a formal smile !!

Laksh -“OK no problem ”

She left in her car..

-“With A small cute fan on set after the shot !! ”

Posted she on her official fan page on Friendsbook with the selfiee..

When she was about to go back.. She saw the very first comment in 2 seconds !!

She smiled and read that..

-” Mere Jine k lie Tere armaan hi kafi Hain
Dil Ki Kalam Se liki ye dastan hi kafi hain
Tir – E – Talwar Ki tuje Kya jaroorat aye Nazneen
Qatl krne ke liye, Teri Muskaan hi kaafi hain ”

After reading she was blushing… Her Cheeks became red.. And her lips slowly whispered the commentator’s name -“Sanskaar Maheshwari ”

She then kept the phone aside and drove to home..

Swara thinks -“He always comments first.. And that to unique!! ” she smiled and concentrated on her driving..

It was true that she was a beautiful Bollywood diva and der are lots of her admirers and fans.. For them she maintained a fan page on Friends book.. Where she update about her life and ppl do comments in bulks but the name “Sanskaar Maheshwari” always used to be first in the list with the unique words.. Let’s see was he only one of her fan or become more than it ??


She used to live alone in Mumbai with her servant as her mom n Dad lives in thier home town !!

@12 am

Swara just completed reading her dialogues for the next day shooting.. Laying on bed she was reading the scene and her dialogues..

She was so dedicated to Her work.. Acting was Her passion.. And with that god gifted her the beauty with success.. At the very young age she did many films and won awards too..

Her practice got disturbed by the beep on her phone..

She took it.. A msg in page inbox flashed..

She muttered -‘I forgot to log out !! ”

She opened it by chance and saw the msg..

-“Just now saw ur movie.. U did splendid work.. U are really a very talented actress !! ”

She smiled and thought to reply this tym..

Swara -“Thank u Mr Sanskaar.. For praising me !! ”

Sanskaar was Shocked yet happy cz for first time The Great diva replied him..

-“No need of Thank u Mam u really deserve it 🙂 ”

He replied politely..

-“Well Which movie u Saw ? ” she asked with curiosity !!

-“Aur Pyaar ho Gaya .. Its a amazing movie !! ” he replied to her question !!

(I dunno any movie name I can’t create so I wrote my FF name :p )

A smiled appeared on her face .. -“Which movies u liked ? ” she asked just for review.. Yes she was a busy star but dunno what made her chat with him..

-“Well every movie of u.. I really watched them all..p And loved ur work..well which is upcoming one ?” He texted behaving normal not showing that he so much her big fan and is on cloud 9 after her reply..

-“Our Impossible Love.. Am shooting for it.. Hope that ppl like that movie ” she Answered !!

-“Of course mam they will do like it y they don’t.. Ppl loves u a lot.. We are waiting for the realise.. All the best.. ” replied he making her more confident !!

His eyes pops out to see her reply -“Am I a teacher u are calling mam ?? Pls don’t call me that !! ”

Sanskaar thinks while laying on bed -“But u are such a great actress then what can I call u ?? ” replied he..

-“Am also a human no need to call me mam.. U can call by name I feel awkward by this word !! ” Swara replied !!

-“But how can I ” replied he !!

-“Swara!! like this ” texted back !

-“OK Swara.. !! ” texted he

-“That’s good !! ” replied Swara ..

Sanskaar -“What are u doing ?”

-“Just rehearsals for tomorrow .. K have to sleep now bye ” she texted !!

-“bye gn ” after replying back he sleeps !!


Next day.. In a nursing home

Nurse -“Doctor room number 3 patient is having some problem pls chk ” said the nurse !!

-“Ha wait sister am coming.. Give him this injection and tell doc mehra to chk bed no 6 patient tell him doctor Maheshwari said ” said the doctor !!

-“OK sir ” said nurse !!

Doc leaves to his cabin !!

Nurse to other nurse -“He is so hot.. Yaar u tries a lot but every time he calls me sister only.. Nurse is better BT y sister !! ”

Other nurse -“Leave it yaar he is not that type .. Doc Sanskaar is totally different !! ”

By then third nurse comes -“Ya totally different he is so handsome.. ”


In Sanskaa’s cabin he was taking his morning break coffee.. And surfing her phone..

A curve appears on his face by reading his and swara’s chat..

He thinks a lot.. Lot.. Weather to sent her a friend request or not..

He thinks -“Will she accpet ? Yaar what will she think of ?? ”

After a long conflict he finally sends her a request !!

Precap -“Depends on response !!”

Will it be a start of a story of a bolly princess and a common person ?? Or its just a simple interaction with any person like happens ?? !!
To know comment and read the story by Me !!
Ppl wanted a #APHG like so I wrote so don’t make me feel disheartened now !!


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  1. Yes she ll swasan

  2. Its amzing and lovely
    I am a silent reader but loved your ff
    And advanced sorry I am may sound selfish to you
    Actually we have to give our hindi project and in that we have to write a self made small poem or story or paragraph
    If you could write a small one for me in hindi and definetly a self made
    Then I would be highle grateful to you and would remember you.
    And I am sorry if I hurt you
    But if you help me it wouls mean a. Lot lot lot

    1. ZuZu_28

      Umm am not a writer .. I just write SwaSan Fictions Cz I love them a lot.. Well my Hindi isn’t so good am so bad at poems.. Well on what matter u want poem ?

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  4. Awesome and pls start their love story.

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    Loved it

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    Zuzu !! it’s soo cute … love it dear ..
    Doctor Sanskar n Bollywood Diva Swara ,, nice combo… *i should also send her a frnd request…
    waiting for next .. thnk u…

  9. it was a good concept really loved it excited for how will they meet
    i have a small request to u it would be good if u just made a small difference in ur title like adding swasan to it or any other word bz there is a krishnadasi ff of the same name and later it would become difficult to find ur ff
    just my request sorry if u feel bad

  10. Mica

    waaaa…. finally the long one… update soon Zuzu…

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    I loved it from the core!!!! Awsm. Please let Swara accept his request…..

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