Our impossible love (Part 9)

Kaira was still in fighting mode…kartik was thinking how can naira even think off sepration and on the other side naira was sad cz kartik hvnt talked with her politely ……
Kartik had a cute cat furry whenever he gets sad he talked with his cute friend ..
Kartik – furry yh girls r ol same !! Naira loves me but so easily she is saying of separation .she didn’t even think of me before saying….. How I will feel .
( hugging his cat n pampering him)
Kartik- furry if you want to live happy don’t love …I loved her but she didn’t take a sec to broke my heart
Keerti entered

..keerti -what happened?? y r uh in anger mode….
Listen bhai I don’t know what had happened but olws trust your girl n understands her feeling…
When a girl look at her man , she sees two things . First, a best friend . Second a good man who will always be there, no matter how hard life gets for her n love her till last breath
After lisning to keerti kartik cools down
Kartik- I understands but she was talking about separation
Keerti – she is just giving example to make uh understand bhai…how naksh would be feeling ..
Kartik – so she could give some other example olso ….y she olws give terrifying heart attack to me only

Keerti- oh bhai!!!! I don’t know about naira but definetly your anger mode gives us goose bums…
Kartik laugh- seriously is that so…. After all hum goienkaa h har kaam bumper krty h ????
Keerti- my stupid bro . You give us a heart attack worrying about your heart attack, which you didn’t even have the decency to have…
Kartik- m sorry sis….n m glad that uh r in my lyf to guide me love me
Keerti – yeapp if naira became sad cz of uh I’ll beat uh too…
Kartik- yes yes m going to her place only…. Uh wanaaa join us

Keerti think for a minute and said I think I should join uh I know your gussaa …you will start fight instead of apologizing…. Will their to control uh..
Kartik- m blessed god had given me a sister lyk uh
Keerti- I miss you when you’re away, I hate you when you hurt me, I love you when you’re just yourself, but don’t forget m your elder sister I HV rights on uh
Kartik- yes my girl…Chlo chltyy h ..sherni gussy m hogi usko shaant krnaa islyk mountain uthaalenaa
..AGR or derii k th mera murder pkkaa
Keerti – ohky common ready fast

Kartik drives the car….
Kartik- d should we brought something for naira …will help us in cooling her temper
Keerti- umm roses ,some chockates will be perfect and a cute sorry card
Kartik stops the car at gift corner n buys a big buckey of 55 roses ….a heart shaped chocolate box and a cute sorry card …sorry card had a frog with a sorry band
They sit in car and quickly drives to Naira’s place
Naira was in her room making paper frogs n squeezing it in anger
Naira- uh say uh love me but can’t understand this simple thing….
Kartik came to his room .naira sees him he closed the door …he goes downstairs n told everything to keerti…keerti indicates him towards the pipe which goes through her window ….

Kartik- Krishna give me power
Keerti was their with a ladder
Kartik- luv uh sister ..
He hold the ladder n keep one step and after that another n easily climb the window
Kartik- see see naira mendak is here for uh ….m sorry
Naira see him n anger throw the magzines on him
Kartik loses his balance and naira sees that n quickly come Run towards him and hold his hand tightely …

Naira- r uh mad ….you r mendak ….its not a film n you r not hero…
He jump in, held her hand and pulled her towards him . She lost her balance and they both fell on sofa…they were lost in each other eyes only as they found their whole world in each others eyes only.. After few minutes naira slips her eye from him and kartik realized his mistake n released her from his grip.
Kartik – I m sorry naira …..please forgive your mendak
Naira- I don’t wanna talk kartik please go n eave me alone
Kartik on his knees – this mendak can bear anything but your neglance and rude behavior gives me heart ache ……
Naira- do you love me
Kartik- more than me

Naira- so y don’t uh understand …..kartik interrupts in between
Kartik- cz uh r my world, my life ….I can’t even think to live my life without uh …..
Naira- ohkky …….apology accepted …
Kartik offered her his hand and for a dance,she accepted his proposal and they started to dance. It was the most romantic evening that they had ever spent. Kartik pointed his eyes towards the tree outside window ..naira look their and kartik kissed her cheeks …..naira leave him immediately
Kartik- that was a sorry kiss
Naira hugged him and started crying
Naira-It’s not a gameTo love someone

Don’t forget me once you love me….I am your queen n want to be with uh onlyy
Kartik started singing
you have become (my) laughter
,you have become the wetness (of my eyes),
you have become my skyand my earth..
I began to change,
began to fall, and be steady..
since I have known you,
I have started to move toward you..
every journey, every place,
everywhere you became.
.I thought of you as god,
and you have become god only..
now people don’t recognize me when I am alone,
they look for you even in my eyes..t
he one I used to search,
you have become that lacking in my life,
you have become the territory of my love..
Naira kissed his forehead and sing

I’ll give this life,
lose every victory,
whatever be the price,
I’ll give you limitless love..
you have become (my) laughter,
you have become the wetness (of my eyes),
you have become my sky and my earth..
what a wonder god has done,
has given me so much without even asking,
otherwise where do unbelievers like us get god..
I love you mendak ….
Kartik- I love you more much much more
Naira- I’ll get mad now…
Kartik- no darling being mad is actually manufacturing defect
Naira- y HV uh loved this defective peice than
Kartik ( blink his eyes) .- love is blind
Naira- oh yeah……just go n find yourself a perfect girl ,m defective peice
Kartik- m goienka …the perfection king….will repair uh don’t worry
Nairaa- oh really and how uh gonna do that
Kartik -will make you Mrs kartik goienka
Naira started blushing…

Naira- ismyyy bhot tym first bhai will marry than only I will think of marriage…..
Keerti knocks the door
Kartik- another haddi ….CNT we romance without disturbance
They opened the door
Keerti – naksh n I decided to go to lake side with naira n uh kartik will go to office ….your clients are waiting
Kartik murmemrd – naksh kaa kuchh krna pdegaa…I HV to make him busy …(seeing towards keerti) perfect bhai k shaadi with meri bhen sounds so interesting

Precap- naksh n keerti ‘s heart is blooming feelings for each other….

Kartik will help naksh to set his sister
Naira ‘s dance is coming stay tuned….

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