Our impossible love (Part 8)

Naitiks office is a very freedom owned space…it was on 12 floor and had a big balcony both of its side… Akshara treats her office and employees like her family only…The officeb enterance is very well decorated with rajasthani puppets dolls and mirror painting …..a nice fragrance of jesmine flowers can be sniffed from there as the pillars of balcony are coverd with jasmine bushes…
Kartik loves his workplace its full of everything he wanted…his cabin is in between naksh and naitiks cabin ……
Bell rings
Kartik- come in
Mr bhalla ( manager) had came with dozen of files in his hand
Kartik leaves his chair and help him with files and keep it on table
Mr bhalla- thank you sir and sorry!!!!
Kartik seats on his table and place one hand on those files and other on his hairs scrathing his hwad said well bhalla ji I understand in return of help you r giving me thanks and it’s my pleasure but y r uh saying sorry????
Mr bhalla- sir this sorry is from naksh sir side …
Kartik( smiling)ohkky but y aaj th mnyy kuchh nhi kiaa
Naksh enters in cabin
Naksh- nhi kia th ab krlo….this is your todays work …..common without wasting much tym kaam p lgjaao
Kartik- but sir 12 files and I HV some other important works to and those meetings ….
Naksh- yes do everything …..and yeapp after completing only you will go home
Kartik gets angry but within seconds he has the devily smile on his face
Kartik smiling and raising one eyebrow- sir actually my sister keerti she want to go to lake side with naira but without me dadi will not allow her to go… Ohkky I’ll inform her that naksh sir and I had some important work at office so we can’t come ( take out his cell and start dialing)
Naksh stops him between wait – these files can wait for day more and those meetings we will
Do tomorrow…. Uh go first I don’t wanna break heart
Kartik in between sir whose heart??
Naksh- kee wh nhi na-a-aaaira heart …I love my sis she wanna go to lakeside
Naira enters at kartik’s office with lunch – bhai I hvnt said….uh know naa it’s so cold outside and m not mad ….oh shoot I forget keerti is olso with me actually kartik today keerti had prepared gaajar halwa for uh
Hearing keerti name naksh had a big ? smile
Keerti enters at Kartik’s office
Keerti was in white suit with a stone bindi on her forehead she was blushing ….her long straight hairs were flying in air some hairs were on her face disturbing her eyes naksh settled them
Naksh- uh look beautiful in this suit…this colour suits uh
Naira- uh know,naira bhai dreams of girl now days n she wears a white suit like you only
Keerti seeing towards naksh ( blushing and smiling) accha!!!
Kartik – keerti my love I love you ….I was feeling very hungry and this gaajr halwa will HV it now first ….
Kartik sees towards naksh ….( naksh think kartik will offer him) but he had take permission…
Naksh( with fake smile and angry looks) – yes
Naira staring kartik eating gaajr halwa like a child kartik sees him and wink naira winks back
Keerti- kartik that’s bad ….he is lyk this from childhood only …
Kartik- arey what I did …m eating silently
Naksh feel bad keerti was noticing him ..
Keerti grab the bowl of halwa n start feeding maksh with her hands only as didn’t find any spoon ….naksh was in so much of that movement that he forget that kaira were their and seeing them….
Kartik- ahm ahm ahm ahm…..( grabs the bowl and say I dont share my part with anyone whether its food or anything ( he means keerti there)
Perhaps kartik didnt like their closeness
Hearing this comment naksh goes out of the room
Naira become sad and angry too and said Kartik what do you think my bhai is chasing keerti d…?? He respects her alot and seriously uh don’t HV to say lyk ths for my bhai….uh don’t know about them about his past… If he is love or like someone thts a very big happy news for me..
Kartik- naira keerti is my sis n its my duty to be her saviour
Naira -uh don’t anything …..my family wants that he move on and start new lyf n your reviews about him are so shocking
Kartik- arey what had happened I don’t know anything
Naksh- bhai use to be very funny and jolly person until he met a girl e day a bhai standing near a temple. He was looking at a girl. That girl was so sweet and she was walking towards the temple. At that time bhai was looking at her badly. Like he never saw a girl before. He was laughing at her. He thought she didn’t saw him. But the girl came to that boy and asked why are you laughing at me and looking me like this. You are an idiot. Bhai remains silent. Girl went to temple and while she came back she saw that boy standing there. That was not first meeting they started meeting more coincidentally …..bhai was mad for her ….family also allowed them to marry but at the time of pheras she refused to marry him and my bhai was alone from that tym only…. Kartik just think how you feel if your behalf refuse to marry at the time of pheras
Kartik shocked- m sorry naira I didn’t know that…
Keerti was lisninig everything she feel pitty for naksh…keerti didn’t say a word there and both of them leave the cabin
.At 10 am night
Naira called kartik but he was not responding…she tried many times but no reply she message too
At 12:30 kartik calls back
Naira- hello ( from her voice it was clear that she had cold)
Kartik- hy what happened …morning tk th thkk th ab cold kese???
Naira- haan jessy you care for me… Mendak just see from your eyes how many times I call you…uh HV changed …uh don’t love me now
Kartik- arey I was,tired …was slept early only n that cell us on silent mode …N uh HV change wese b I dont wannaa talk with uh …
Naira – y mnyy kya KIA
Kartik- baat smjhaany ka yh konsa tareeka hua ..uh know na I am so possessive for us
Naira- was just saying I don’t HV any such in tensions …
Kartik- whatever !! Uh HV olws taken me for granted only….m tmhaari lyf m aaya h q
Naira cuts the call in anger
Naira- mendak what he thinks of himself mendak k tar tar kl batati hu

Precaps – naira kartik fighting
Keerti naksh romance bloomine

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