Our impossible love (Part 7)

A nice blissful morning..everyone is indulge in some work mishti was with bua dadi,showing her live temple jhaaaies ,buadadi like mishties tuntuna( tab) now.she knows how worthful it is
Akshara and naitik were at balcony enjoying nice sunbath with coffee…naksh is getting ready to go to Krishna ….seeing black shirt his eyes start visualizing keerti in front of him..he started imagining keerti in front of him helping him to choose shirt ..he opted yellow color shirt indicating keerti …,keerti enlarged her eyes …naksh understood their is a big no from her side …he opted maroon shirt she waved her neck saying no …..she smiled and pointed her fingers towards the white shirt ….naksh saw that shirt like a blissful gift and turn back no one is there in his room ..
He start imagining what is actually happening with him n y his eyes visualize keerti only …there were many questions in his minds
He came downstairs for having breakfast ….
Gaayu and naksh set on dinning table naksh choosed sandwich as he bytes a voice tickles in his heart …his mind and heart started debating …is she keerti ??? No but y she is here ….am I imagining her here too….
Naksh was busy in his own conflicts between brain n heart ..
Gaayu was saying something but its happening like no other voice is going even his ears are tempered for keerti’s voice ….gaayu pinched him as he was not responding ….
Naksh – oooouuuuuchh! !!! Gaayu what r uh up to ?? Uh HV pinched me
Gaayu-bhai u aren’t responding …uh r behaving lyk kartik .
Do uh know whenever he use to see naira .he goes in his own land of dreams than I pinch him lyk this only????
Naksh- oh please kartik is turning joru ka gulaam day by day m not lyk him …….( wore his specs) I m naksh singhania ohkkk…
Naksh had finished with his food and go to naitik regarding Krishna papers …
He can see keerti there also ….he completely ignored her ….he think that he is getting mad n imagining keerti everywhere ….
Keerti- hie naksh
Naksh ignored
Keerti felt bad and,became sad …
Naitik – naksh y r uh not replying to keerti ..see two times she said hello to you
Naksh jumping – whii toh she is here only thank god
Naksh- hello keerti !!! How r uh
Keerti gave a fake smile and said goodbye

Naksh goes besides her only he tried several times but she was not lisning ….
They were outside now Naksh holds her hand .she stops walking n freezed their …
Soon naksh realize that keerti’s facial expression has changed …a little smile is on her face …
He leaves her hand
Naksh – I m sorry …I didn’t mean to hurt you …I CNT even think of hurting you in my very bad dreams too
Keerti- yeahh thts y you were ignoring ….I thought you must be missing me but ( sad look)
Naksh – don’t turn your eyes down …they talk with me too….and this smile I want to become a excuse for it…my portion of time with your smile…will actually make my day ….so please smile and don’t be sad…
Keerti smiled hmmmm naira ‘s brother she killed my brother with her eyes n uh …..( keerti stopped)
Naksh ( enlarging eyes) – and me
Keerti – huzoor baato. K teero s dil p waar krty h …HV to design a helmet for my heart too
Naksh- hahaha don’t do that….kyu meri mehnat p helmet lgaarhi ho
Keerti- hmm boss is flirty too ….be a good boss now your employees must be waiting… Don’t get late…( seats in car and says bye to naksh with a smile)
Naksh – dil ka helmet ..hahaha crazy girl…
(Sets in car and says to driver to go to Krishna)

Kartik enters in singhania house …
Mishti at the door only – bff today In morning only uh started missing naira d …
Kartik- no my little princess missed uh …I m here for your company …my crazy buddy …you know naa I love uh like love those kachories
Mishti- uff bff uh r becoming dramabaaz day by day n those kachories are meant for uh only
Kartik- thankuh ….my kachories muaah
Naitik and family entered with a questioning Look…kartik knows that n prepared for ol this
Kartik – ohkyy without wasting time ..I m here to talk in a very serious issue .mishti can uh go n make me coffee
Mishti-yes bff…my bff spcl
Kartik smiled looking towards her sweet gestures
Kartik- i love you all..and uh r my family ,my priority
Naitik- what happens beta
Kartik – tells everything which happens in goienka villa ..how his dadi n dad is planning to create misunderstanding AND threatening singhanias
He reveled his plan in front of singanias
Naitik- beta we r proud of uh…boys of your age settle at decisions for love which affect their family ..but you r thinking for your family first ….we all are with you
Kartik-thank you all so much ….thanks for believing me trusting me n loving me so much
Naira was at stairs and lisning everything with tearful eyes
Dadi and all the ladies planned to go to mandir to thank God and naitik and other men departure to office ….
Kartik- searching naira everywhere
Naira- no one is there whom youe eyes are searching
Kartik- haaei koi Jaan meri HV uh seen her…
Naira- no but I’ll help uh finding her how she looks
Kartik- oh she is very beautiful …even god will also mesmerized by her beauty …
Naira- accha dhyaan s khii nazar naa lagjaae ussy
Kartik- goienka hu hm thu thu k baarish krdengy uspy…nazar srff hamaari h rhskti h uspyy …pyaar,wali nazary

Naira blushes kartik came close to her and grab her covers his in arms
Kartik- the one who is already longing for you,Why torment him even more?
Naira – I hvnt tormented you …my life evolves around our love only
Kartik- no Your eyes are great,your talks are greatI am crazy for you a hundred times over
Naira – my eyes my heart searches uh only everywhere …..don’t blaim me I am more crazy on your smile…. I can die for this cute innocent smile
Kartik- Why I alone should express my love,You too express your love some tim
Naira- expressing love is your department …I’ll show my love to you
Kartik tightly hugs her and saysIt will definitely kill meThe story of my love Commencedand culminated at you…
Naira-lets make a promise ….
Kartik- what promise
Naira- promise of love ..promise of trust….promise of lyf.
Kartik-If you are a candle, remember thatI am a moth….remember we have to shine in this world n one day we’ll be one….
Naira- kaira is shining see towards mirror
Both started imagining each other in wedding outfit ……..
Kartik- see we r olready one …
Kartik and,naira goes to bedroom and lay on bed naira close her eyes and,like his prince charming kartik kisses her forehead..
Kartik leaves room …naira shouts – don’t go where r uh going and,hugs him
Kartik- I HV to go my boss is waiting …shernies dad n her bhai and their office is waiting
Naira smilingly says to b daamad …kaira’s to be dad …my to be hubby jldi aana m waiting
Kartik- haaaeiiiii nhi jaanaa PR jaanaa hogaa… Otherwise my impression on your family will be affected

Precap – kartik rescued his plan

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