Our impossible love (Part 6)

Good morning tym…our kaira r in their dreams now…kartik is dreaming about their daughter …in a dream he is playing with her …naira is preparing breakfast ….( tring tring) a sudden voice came up {naira had gifted him a alarm clock which had a picture of chiiti maharaja ( her cook) }…kartik wakes up n finds it was ol in dreams …
He sees the alarm n gived angry gestures n switch off it
Kartik- oh Krishna !! M your little poor child….sapnyy itnyy suhaany deekhata ho or reality m chiiti mahraaj k darshan detee ho not fair …

He quickly gets up and get ready as he had to talk to dadi regarding their wedding
Kartik get shocked n was in. Anger as he sees manish goienka with her..kartik was at the door n waiting for him to go…
Dadi- beta you are my son..I cnt see uh lyk this …believe me trust your mother ….naira thinks she can turn kitty against us ….she don’t know me then ….I have taken kartik as a challenge know…n whole world knows once I accept the challenge after winning only I take the breath of satisfaction
Manish – I love my son ..mom he is the only reason I am excisiting …I know he don’t understand me my son is my power n my weakness too…I can’t bear his anger ….it kills me everyday but that naira if she thinks that she can pull away kartik from me ….I will not let that happen
Dadi- don’t worry either by hook or crook I’ll stuck kartik here only…. Kartik is very innocent n loves me too ….he don’t know this goienka mention is a web ..wh aa th gyaa par jaaa nhi skta …or naira k pass th kbhi nhi ..
Manish- these r blood relationship ….kartik is my blood , one day he will be on our side don’t worry mom…n jhaa tak baat us naira or uski family k h I’ll threat them so much k wh khud h kartik KO choddengy…arey mom jaaan sbko pyaari hoti h

Dadi n manish laughed deviley
Kartik was at the door only he listened everything he step inside but than think of singhania family …
Kartik murmering with himself – I’ll have to take each n every step very carefully n I’ll not let that happen, nothing wrong gonna happen …..dadi yes I m your blood only now see how your grandson changes the whole game ….
Kartik knocked at door – dadi ….may I come in
Dadi n mg got tensed.

Mg- I HV to make a important call m going ….
Kartik- no papa don’t go …..
Mg was mesmerized after so many years kartik had talked with him so politely
Mg with tearful eyes – yes beta say
Kartik touches his feet n say dad I m sorry I hvnt understand your love …but now when I m in love with a girl I can understand your stage bless me dad …bless me with. Duniyaa jhaa’s khushiyaa
Mg was so happy he didn’t know how to express his emotions today he set down n huged kartik
Mg- arey beta my blessings r with uh only yes world happiness prosperity will come…I’ll give uh. ..
Kartik – really dad you will give me what I want
Mg- yes beta

Kartik- my happiness is with naira only ….meri duniya b naira h meri har Khushi had gam ussy h ….AGR usyy kuchh b hotaa th m rotaa hu…udkyy aankho m ek aansu b nhi sh skta…..dad uh know last year one of my business man friend threatened them n today he is my biggest enemy
Papa I want naira I wanna marry naira
Mg looks,towards Dadi
Kartik- don’t look towards her dad …she is with me only …even she loves naira…. Ryt Dadi???
Dadi – yes yes beta rmhaari Khushi m h hamaari Khushi….
Kartik- ohkyy I wannaa maary naira ??
Mg n Dadi – yessss yes beta ….
Kartik gets out of room n call naira n tells her everything which happened at Dadi’s room n the plan too..
Naira- see kartik I know they r wrong …but thy r doing in your love …in the fear to loose uh… Tmhyy h khty thy everything is fair in love n war
Kartik- can’t uh see they r so selfish …they r not doing in my love …actually their attitude is being hurt…n they r blaming uh for it..
Naira- ohkyu they r wrong that doesn’t means uh will do the same …tm bhi dhokaa h derhyy ho
Kartik- naira listen I don’t wanna fight cz of those selfish people

Precap – kartik will revel his plan in front of singhanias ….

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  1. Hales

    Wow!! Amazing m so excited for kartik’s plan!! Ab dadi n manish ko pata chalega kaira se panga lene ka result!! Loved it!! Ab kartik jo bhi karega mazza aa jayega!! Waiting for ur next eagerly ?☺?❤?

  2. Vrushy

    Nice one !!

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