Our impossible love (Part 5)

Kartik waiting for naira to come outside …
He knocked the door saying get ready fast we are getting late
Naira- yeah a minute more …
Naira opens the door …
(Kartik sees naira her bright red color outfit with white spunky shoes were looking brillant.)
Kartik- woww…ohh god hats off to your creativity someone is lookin g damn beautiful today but naira something is missing dear
Naira -what??? Everything is there, my dress ..umm this white scarf and me cute spunky shoes n hairs are also …what is missing??
Kartik touching her cheeks your cute si smile .
.without it you are incomplete..
Naira smiling my smile is with you only ..
Yesterday we fought so it is lost ….mnyy bhot dhoondi nhi mili…
Kartik- ohh my god !!!! Your smile is playing hide n seek with you …wait m dhoondta huh…( touching her back)
Naira smiling pushes kartik backwards – kartik I said,my smile is with you only …you r smiling see yh b meryy pass aagyii…
Kartik- you don’t know ??? How cute you look in with your s*xy smile…. Y you fight with me every time .
Every time you fight with me n make this saddu sa face lyk golgappa
Naira- sorry !! Manufacturing defect …..you are great kartik naa …..jhelo mjko ab lifetime
Kartik – m the great kartik !!!! Don’t worry will repair your all loose nuts n bolts soon …..I can’t wait lifetime
Naira n kartik ( laughing ) n hugging each other kartik set naira ‘s hair which come on her forehead …naira affectionately titliate kartiks face and kisses his forehead …..
Dadi came with keerti – kittu kittu !! Beta we have to go now m not feeling well
Kartik- what happen dadi…??
Keerti- dadi forgot her medicines at home n now she is feeling weak
Kartik- ohky ohky let’s go to goienka villa.

Naksh comes with basket full of eatables – what where all of going …we were going lake side kartik??
Kartik- we would love to go but kartik me,n keerti has to go now as dadi is not feeling well…hugs him n whispers him( don’t worry yh picnic jaroor hogii keerti bhai promise)
Naksh smiling n blushingly says – ohky ohky I’ll wait …n dadi do come with family its pleasure to spend tym with uh
Keerti became sad – yes same here I’ll miss singhania house …people are very cute n lovely here..soon we’ll meet
Kartik with dadi ,manish n keerti came to goienka villa
Kartik- can I go to my room ?? I m very tired dadi
Keerti- yes bhai I hv to complete some work too….dadi m going
Dadi – yes both of you go….I’ll also go n rest
Kartik quickly runs to room n calls naira
Kartik- hello
Naira- yes my to be hubby ….pohchh gy ghrr
Kartik- haaeiii love your voice ..muaah muuah meraa bass chltaa th tmko b leaataa
Naira- aaungi aaungi taaro wali raat m lal joddy m Dolli m
Kartik- when we will marry ???? I miss your everything… U are not with me this is worst thing happened to me
Naira- who said I m not with you….close your eyes…you will find me near you ..
Kartik closed his eyes n says yes naira in pink Saree you are looking so pretty but y r uh so durr durr.
Come near me ….plz plz

Naira- naaaaah….mendak I’ll not come …my mendak is very mischevious ptaa nhi uchlty uchlty khaa pohchh jaae ….naa baba m nhi aao
Kartik – acchaa wait. M coming ab kon bachaaega ….(kartik dancing imagining naira )
Naira- ohoooo ab th ho so ho….udayyyy khwaaaboo k pariendyy.with you I feel safe I feel loved please be with me in next lives too
Kartik- areyy don’t run ….come near me .( hides her in his arms )
Naira-Draw me close,Closer than before,Closer than I’ve ever been..Wrap me in your Arms…kartik wrap me in your arms and take me with you …to the place where no one can depart us
Kartik- hide me in your heart naira ..in our hearts we r one darling no one can depart us don’t worry …I’ll be with uh forever
Kartik blushes on goes to his bed take a pillow n hug it – naira uh know what m dreaming
Naira on the couch near window seeing moon- what kartik
Kartik- I hv wraped uh in my arms Hold you close to me Oh sherni I wanna taste your lips…
Naira- arey mendak KO th finger d thi yhaa th pooraaa haath h pkdd liaa,huh
Kartik – ohkkyy I don’t hv any rights on you …I CNT love uh okkky fine
Naira- arey arey m.not saying lyk that accha When m laying in you arms And you do the things you doYou can see it in my eyes
I can feel it in your touch
Kartik- acchaa what do you see in my eyes???
Naira- my mendaks eyes r so innocent like a divinely blessing…. These eyes are always flooded with lots of love for me
Kartik – I love uh ms rishikesh
Naira- I love uh more much much more mendak
Acchaa don’t cry know …..we’ll meet n I’ll try to rescue your dreams …sojaaao ab bubyee goodnight mendak
Kartik- kaira dreams …..woww

Precap – kartik to talk with dadi about marriage

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    Wow!! Awsum …so cute romantic kaira moments ??….loved it so much??….waiting so eagerly for next one!!??

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    Soo romantic.
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