Our impossible love (Part 4)


Let’s make this winter on fire… Only few days left of this year…yesterday I seen mohsin khan aka kartik’s tweet.. He was saying that professionaly 2016 is the best but personally it’s worst… I don’t wanna know what had happened not because m not interested cz I don’t wanna see him sad n remembering those bad memories….
As a fan as human I will pray that he gets duniya jha’s happiness n prosperity cz he deserves that… Bkii u ol know him well…
Let’s come to our story
So dadi had came to singhanias house to say something regarding kartik with her son manidh goienka
Dadi- I don’t wanna waste more time now… U might not that my Kittu is not with us since year…
Manish goienka- perhaps he us not with us.. But he is my son… My eye n heart is with him only.. N we we’re satisfied as he is with you in safe environment..
Dadi- yesterday we came to know about kartik’s affair ….well in our family.. :^)We don’t feel good.. But uh guyzz didn’t have any problem that your daughter roams alone with a guy…. Thts strange
( a girl comes in salwar suit with a stone bindi on forehead… Her smile n posture was clearly saying that she is very homely innocent girl)
Dadi -let’s make them arranged…we are here for marriage proposal
Naitik can clearly see the evil smile on manish n dadi’s face but he was satisfied cz he know what they r seeing is not true…
Naitik – naira u might be hungry just go n eat something beta..
Naira with a smile – yeah mendak!! …..naitik speaks in between yes beta don’t worry in this seasons mendaks usually come out don’t worry…
Naira thinks he is teasing kartik – yes these mendaks n their tar tar tar!!! ?????
Naira, naksh, mishti go inside… Naitik said keerti n kartik u both also go n hv something…
Kartik already had a romantic plan in his mind – yes sir!!
Keerti- no no sir no need of any formalities ….kartik intrupts in between I know you are very hungry I can see your face… So pale so weak
Kartik winking ???- chal na!!!
Naira n naksh under room
Naira -oh bhai!! This mendak didn’t allowed me to ride a bike… Mera itna Mann tha.. ??
Naitik- forget about bike… How come your clothes have changed??.. Has he done something with you??.. You just say ( folding his sleeves) had he hurt you..??
Naira- arey bhai!!! Chillax he is kartik you know na he is a very trustful guy…. He can do anything bad with me
Naksh- I know.. But what do I do?? Bhai ka dil maanta nhi… (Sad look)
Naira- arey bhai!! You don’t know me kya…. If he will break my heart I’ll break his 206 bones…
Kartik n keerti were lisning at door
Kartik- she is my sherni naksh…N you really think I can do anything wrong with her..
Naksh holded kartik’s arms n huged him ( whispering in his ear) don’t you dare to imagine doing anything bad with my sister in your dreams too… My eyes is on you only…
Naitik- naksh naksh beta…..keerti wanna visit the lake side…. If you r free can you go with her..??
Naksh inwardly happy with excitement – yeah yes m free now
( kartik feels their something in naksh’s mind for keerti)
Kartik- yes yes sir me n naira will also go…. It will. Be fun… ( kartik’s one hand on keerti’s shoulder n other on naira’s shoulder)
Keerti n naksh escape room as they have to pack dome eatables… N naksh will help her doing so ???
Naira- yeah it will be fun… But I’ll not come in thus clothes.. Mendak it’s your wish to see me Indian attire but now m changing ….
Kartik – yes m fine you can ….
Naira smiling ohkky …so daafaaa hojaaeiye yha s
Kartik- I am not going anywhere…
Naira- accha ji…. ( holding him tightly) mnyy th ungli d thii tmny haath h pkad Lia..
Kartik- u r my queen n u r mine… M kbhi b kuch nhi pkadd skta hu
Naira -bhaiiiii….!!!! ( in low voice)
Kartik leaves naira n very terrifyingly looks backword…
Kartik- khaa h…. No one at the door…
Naira- yes I know…. I hvnt said bhai on door… I was saying tmny mjko nhi chodaa th bhaiii tmhaara galaa jarorr pkad lngyy…..
Kartik become sad n naira slowelt steadily comes near him n kiss his cheeks…..
Kartik with closed eye- woww!! I can even die for this kiss
Naira holding kartiks hand – come with me….
Kartik- kya hua why we are here near door??
Naira pushed kartik’s back (kartik outside room fallen on fursh) tmko room s bhaar nikaalny k lyy….
( naira close the door)
Kartik- Beta kartik yh sherni km thi Jo iskaa bhai b……sherni iskaa bdlaa th jaroor loonga…

★kartik will take sweet revenge n rescue his romantic plan…
★Kaira naksh n keerti will go to lake side
★new entry in singhania house….

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